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Chapter 120: Young Lord Yuhan

Back at the Liu Clan.

Patriarch Fu was chatting with the grand elders and the elders while pointing toward the rare spirit plants and fruits on the table.

When the grand elders and elders learned that only a few of those spirit plants and fruits were for the Clan, they tried to argue and persuade Patriarch Fu to think for the Clan's future.

However, once they discovered all of those spirit plants and fruits were Hou's, they dispelled those thoughts and hid their greediness deep within their hearts.

Even so, one after another, those grand elders and elders chose one spirit plant or fruit suitable for themselves and became satisfied. Afterwards, with one last reluctant glance toward those spirit plants and fruits, they left to complete the order given by Old Patriarch Ning though they didn't understand the need to restrict the entry and exit of the clan to their clan member.

Around that time, a mid-20s young man in a blue robe appeared in front of Patriarch Fu and greeted him.

"Grandpa Fu, is something happening in the clan?" the blue-robed young man asked as he glanced at the spirit plants and fruits on the table before shifting his gaze toward Hou and the girls.

A greedy and lecherous gleam flashed in his eyes as he swept his eyes toward the girls' enchanting bodies and beautiful faces.

The blue-robed young man breathed and exhaled hot air at the rapid rate while covering his crotch with a flush expression on his face.

Just as the blue-robed young man prepared to speak something, Patriarch Fu suddenly spoke, "Hou, come here. Let me introduce you to my grandson."

Patriarch Fu had already detected the lust blooming within his grandson and also knew what he would ask him watching his behaviour. Although he loved and pampered his grandson with everything, he didn't dare this time because he could predict only an ugly outcome.

When the blue-robed young man listened to Patriarch Fu's words, he wore a disdained smile on his face and waited for Hou while thinking his grandpa was the best in the world.

However, in response, Hou stood with his hands on his hips and gazed toward the sky ignoring everything.

Enraged! The blue-robed young man prepared to strike a blow, but Patriarch Fu grabbed his hand and appeared in front of Hou.

Without a hint of displeased expression on his face, Patriarch hung a smile as he motioned the blue-robed young man to give his introduction.

Though the blue-robed young man didn't understand his grandpa's action, he still followed in reluctant, yet he spoke with showing his arrogance demeanour while checking out the girls.

"Everyone calls me young lord Yuhan here. However, you must address me as Master Yuhan."

In slow motion, Hou tilted his head toward the Liu Yuhan before shooting a weird stare at Patriarch Fu who seemed speechless and rooted on the ground with an awkward smile.

Helpless, Patriarch Fu spoke with a fake smile before things could turn worse, "Hou, don't listen to his nonsense. Just call him, Elder Brother Yuhan when you see him."

Then, he glared at Liu Yuhan and said, "brat, don't mess around here. Greet Hou with manners. He's your godmother's 2nd son."

Bang! Instantly, Liu Yuhan fell to the ground on his butt after discovering Hou's identity. All his earlier wishful dreams shattered as his body lost all his strength and his arrogance faded just hearing his godmother. Even if he had thousands of eyes, he wouldn't dare peek toward the girls.

Five years ago, Liu Yuhan had met his godmother and learned she was Empress Bing. That time, he thought with his godmother's backing, he could do anything in the Imperial Palace City. However, things instead turned opposite. When Empress Bing learned that he was using her name to do his shameless deeds, she only sent a letter to his grandpa saying she had considered whether to give the post of vice-chief eunuch to Liu Yuhan.

Furthermore, Liu Yuhan had heard from his grandpa that Empress Bing once broke his father's all limbs because of a nasty remark. Even now she still held that grudge against his father.

From that day, Liu Yuhan never dared to use his godmother's name nor peeked toward any princess with his perverted gaze.

With trembling hands and tears in his eyes, Liu Yuhan crawled toward Hou and begged, "Little brother, please forgive me for my earlier rude remarks. I'll do anything as long as you keep this secret from your mother."

Hou gave a swift kick at Liu Yuhan sending him to his original spot in a bang. He felt disgusted seeing such a sudden reaction and began to question whether Liu Yuhan had inherited it from Patriarch Fu. Furthermore, Hou also became confused, hearing his words because he didn't understand why Liu Yuhan became scared after learning about his lovely and caring mother.

However, Hou discovered a thing that he was struggling and hesitating whether he should do it. Without a delay, he sprinted toward Liu Yuhan and began to stomp on his entire body. Ever since Liu Yuhan had appeared here, Hou wanted to thrash him after seeing arrogance in his face and lecherous gaze toward the girls but stopped because of Patriarch Fu.

Meanwhile, Patriarch Fu stood and watched the sight with a gloomy face. Even though he inwardly wanted to beat both of them, he controlled his emotion. However, he kept talking to himself.

'Hou, I beg you, please give me a face and at least don't trash my grandson in front of me.'

'My idiot grandson Yuhan, why would you provoke him? Did you not see the disciples' tragic appearance before coming here?'

In reality, Liu Yuhan didn't saw nor heard anything about the disciples as he had only woken up after the earlier loud shout. Then, he directly came to meet his grandpa. If he had seen those disciples' appearances, he would at least not dare to appear arrogant in front of him. After all, even after beating around thousands of disciples, Hou and the girls were chilling around Patriarch Fu.

After a short moment, Hou stopped beating Liu Yuhan and wiped his sweats from his forehead.

"From today, you will call me master Hou. If not, I'll take you along with me to meet my mother," said Hou with a sly grin hanging on his mouth as he walked toward the table.

Liu Yuhan instantly stood up ignoring all the pain in his body and bowed toward Hou almost reaching his head to the ground. He spoke without hesitation, "Master Hou, please summon this loyal servant if you need anything. As long as it's in my power, I would complete it."

When Patriarch Fu saw his grandson's action, he almost puked a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot. He had an urge to slap himself for creating a fake letter from Empress Bing and lying to him. He only wanted to scare his grandson Yuhan so he would control himself. However, that fear turned his grandson into a coward. In the end, he has become Hou's servant.

Patriarch sighed in distress and hoped that Hou creates no serious trouble for his grandson. However, he thought he should at least talk with Hou. So, just as he advanced a step, suddenly, out of nowhere, an ominous aura appeared high above the Liu Clan in the sky, shrouding the entire Imperial Palace City in darkness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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