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Chapter 42: Zhang Clan

Outside the Auction

The mid-aged woman anxiously ran along with the teen girls on her both hands.

When she reached their inn, she hastily entered the inn.

Once she was inside the room, she took out a pill bottle from her sleeves and fed it to the blue-veiled girl.

It was the Rejuvenate: Mid Rank 6 Origin Mortal Grade Pill.

Once the pill took the effect, her injuries recovered without leaving any scars.

The mid-aged woman sighed in relief and relaxed her breathing before taking the girls out again.

Afterwards, she blew a whistle and a huge Silvery Blue Butterfly dive from the sky before floating above her head. She and the girls hopped on the back before it flew away from the Snow Silk City.

Meanwhile, both girls didn't ask anything to the mid-aged woman. Once they left out of the city, the blue-veiled girl glanced at the mid-aged woman with a confused look before suspiciously asking.

"Aunt Meimei, Why are we leaving in a hurry? Also, why didn't you beat that child for us?"

Aunt Meimei just stared ahead and said in a serious tone.

"Little girls, ask nothing and forget about everything happened today. Both of the child and the lady, the whole auction house, even the Snow Silk City."

"We have never been here if anyone asks you from today."

"However, do remember never overestimate yourself and underestimate others."

Both the girls nodded their head in agreement seeing their aunt's serious expression.

As for aunt Meimei, she deeply pondered about the earlier scenes.

She recognised the lady's sword. However she never expected someone to possesses the sword, and that confused her.

15 years ago, she entered the Royal Treasure Vault with her sister, she had seen the sword there and wanted it for herself. But her sister told only the female genius of the Royal family can receive that sword.

Since then, no one has taken it, not even the genius Princess Cui Ci. However, someone was now wielding that sword to protect a child. She just couldn't recognise the lady nor the child.

She shook her head and stopped her thoughts as enough tension was building at the Imperial Palace City due to news of the supposedly deceased Empress Bing returning alive.

So she could only guess them as Royal prince and princess secretly nurtured by the Royal family.

She just sighed and hope to return her clan safely as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, an old man and a mid-aged man entered the auction house with worried and nervous faces.

They were Zhang Ren and Zhang Guyun from Zhang Clan, grandfather, and father of Zhang Yang.

When they heard someone captured Zhang Yang inside the auction house, they knew Zhang Yang offended a powerful person as even Blood Fang Auction House let them act inside the auction building.

They didn't even need to guess how Zhang Yang offended them as they well knew him as number one lecherous young master in the entire city.

Meanwhile, Hou was leisurely sipping his tea at his spot while glancing around everyone's expression.

As for the rest of the people in the area, they anxiously waited for him to call them over and dismiss them.

The 2 figures entered and glanced around the hall as if searching for something before sprinting toward the VIP area.

When the terrified mummy discovered them, he thought someone received his prayers and sent them as his hope of light for his rescue.

When both the figures entered the seating area no.50, they saw a child sipping tea and everyone else looking at him with a wary expression.

Both of them thought he was the one with the highest authority.

As for these 2 figures, they were Zhang Ren and Zhang Guyun.

Zhang Ren looked at Hou and kneeled on the ground before speaking in a nervous voice.

"Young master, I'd like to apologise to you for my grandson's offences toward you. I beg your forgiveness and ask to let my grandson leave. I promise you from today on I'll discipline him properly."

Hou shifted his sight toward the old man and blinked his eyes.

Seeing that, Zhang Ren thought without paying a high compensation to him, he won't free his grandson. Hence, Zhang Ren offered.

"Young master, As for my grandson's misdeeds, I would compensate you anything within my limit."

Hou blinked his eyes twice while showing his weird smile.

Zhang Ren stared at him intensely for a sec.

His eyes slowly turned red, and misty before he asked in a stuttering voice.

"Young master, Is my grandson still alive?"

When Hou listened to his question, it startled him and he sighed in disappointment since he was expecting to be free meat pie like earlier.

He tilted his head toward Fatty Bo and gave a questioning glare.

Noticing his glare, Fatty Bo helplessly shifted his eyes toward the terrified mummy.

Both Zhang Ren and Zhang Guyun froze when they found a terrified mummy, however, they also felt relieved as it was moving and twitching in pain.

After discovering they came here only for the terrified mummy, Hou lost his interest and sipped his tea again.

Afterwards, he casually said.

"Fatty Bo, that mummy will pay you 10,000,000 gold as he had promised to pay for any of the bid that I win."

This time, his words truly baffled everyone while Zhang Ren and Zhang Guyun stiffed and stared at the terrified mummy with their eyes wide open.

As for the terrified mummy, when he saw his grandfather and father staring at him, he thought they would abandon him here without hesitation.

Zhang Ren quickly recovered and saw his grandson's pleading look with misty eyes.

Zhang Ren shook his head and hurriedly came in front of Hou before fishing out an old tattered scroll map and spoke in an anxious tone.

"Young master, this old tattered scroll map is a treasure map our clan had recently found. I would like to give it to you as remuneration for the auction house."

Hou grabbed the scroll and flipped it.

Once he found few markings around the fruit, he happily nodded his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Zhang Ren sighed in relief and bowed at him.

Afterwards, he grabbed the terrified mummy and speedily left with Zhang Guyun without even looking back.

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