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16.21% The Aquarian Crown / Chapter 18: Arlong

Arlong - The Aquarian Crown - Chapter 18 by Sara_Wilcox full book limited free

Chapter 18: Arlong

Selena was beyond frustrated. She'd been in Senator Arlong's chambers for over an hour now, and was beginning to tire of his inane yammering. He'd said the same thing over and over again the entire time, just phrasing it differently every time she had tried to end the conversation.

Feeling her patience slipping, Selena tried one final time to reason with with him; "Senator, I understand that you are concerned about the rumors, but I tell you that they are unfounded. The Queen was gravely ill for an extended time. Does it really surprise you so much that the people would speculate?"

Senator Arlong popped a bubble bite into his mouth as he firmly replied; "I understand that the people will gossip regardless, but what bothers me is why they chose that particular rumor to swim away with?! You do realize that it under-"

"Undermines the Crown's authority with the other kingdoms, yes! I know!" Selena had lost her patience; "You don't have to tell me that a million times. I understood you perfectly well the first FIFTY!"

"What You seem to not understand is that they Are, in fact, Just Rumors! Queen Iris has never been more powerful, and has not missed a single sermon or ritual since she has been better. What more do you require of your Queen?!"

"What happened to sticking to calm and rational?" Levi quipped from his shrunken state, on the back of her neck.

Straining her face so she didn't look like she was talking, Selena replied; "Be happy I'm still being Rational... This pompous sardine infuriates me to no end.."

Senator Castor Arlong was an entitled, idiotic sycophant that thought nothing of using any means necessary to maintain his power and position. He thought that because Selena was 'merely an Acolyte', that she shouldn't have any hand or say in the government side of their kingdom. When the Queen couldn't make decisions, it should solely up to the Council to run the kingdom.

It was a subject that had no clear guidelines because no one was dumb enough to question their royalty in such a way. It was paramount to questioning their Queen's judgement, which if put the wrong way, could be seen as treason.

Clearing his throat, the senator spoke again; "It is my duty as a member of the Council to disprove or verify such things-"

"It is The Whole Council's duty, Not yours alone. Set a date with the Full Council present, and I shall inform her Majesty. Now, I believe you have kept me long enough," as Selena turned her body to swim away, she gritted her teeth as she hoped that he would stop talking.

"Acolyte! I have not finished with you yet! There is one more subject that we need to discuss.."

Selena stopped, but she didn't turn around right away.. 'Oh, for the love of the Graeae! Must he test me so?!'

"Do I need to step in?" came Levi's tiny voice from near her ear.

Sighing deeply, Selena replied in a nearly inaudible voice; "No, not yet. He hasn't broached the subject I thought he would, but this might be it so shush.."

Selena put her best courtier face on, then turned back around to face the arrogant Undine. He wasn't intimidating in his appearance in any way, but when he got angry, he could be a real piece of work.

All of the males in the Arlong family had always been born some shade of green. Senator Castor Arlong was a particularly grotesque shade that reminded Selena of the algae blooms they dealt with every year. He was average length and build for an Undine, aside from a small bump over his tail lining.

Senator Arlong stared hard at Selena before beginning; "As you know, the Queen is already old enough for her first Spawning-"

"That has NOTHING to Do with the Council, Senator, and you know it. The matching making of the Queen's Mate is Fate's territory, not yours, or anyone else's!"

Senator Arlong stood up from his seat with a scowl as he yelled; "That is the religious side of our system saying that, not the government side! The Queen needs a king for heirs. It will most likely be an Undine anyway. Why can't we-"

Selena openly scoffed now; "There you go with that 'we' business again.. As if you, or the Council are comparable to the gods in any way?!"

"The gods are not here! We Are! And We are the ones who are Suffering!" Senator Arlong retorted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"...And who says that we are not among you?" came a small, almost squeaky voice out of nowhere.

Senator Arlong whipped his head around, looking for the source of the voice. It had sounded like it was coming from Selena, but her mouth hadn't moved. Thinking that someone was playing a joke on him, Castor snapped at the only other being in the room..

"I don't know what you're trying to pull, but mocking the gods is heresy, and-"

"The only heretic here is you, Senator.."

Selena extended her arm with her palm up, allowing Levi to scurry forward. He stopped once he had reached her hand, but didn't sit up or change his size yet. He wanted to see just how deep the arrogant senator would dig his own grave before Levi would bury him in it..

Senator Arlong stared at the tiny creature with a disgruntled appearance. It looked like nothing more than an eel with legs to him, and he hated eels. His signature Undine skin tone began to change to a bright red, he was so angry.

"What is that?! Is this some kind of joke to you?! Get that disgusting thing out of my chambers!" the senator screamed as he gestured to Levi.

Selena wanted to smirk, but decided against it and explained; "Senator Arlong, this is the Great God Leviathan. He was sent to protect the Queen while she was recovering-"

Senator Arlong slammed his hand down on his desk, and spoke with rage in his voice; "What kind of Fool do you take me for, Selena?! The Leviathan is depicted to be the size of the palace! That Thing is No god! Now get it out of my chambers before I smush it for you!"

"Ohh, how I would love to see you try.." Levi stated in a tone that sounded like a sinister purr.

As the creature grew in size, a low growl echoed within the room; growing louder and louder with the creature. Within a minute, it was the size of Selena. Floating upright as it glared at the senator.

"What was that about smushing me?" the Great God Leviathan asked with a sneer.

All color drained from Senator Arlong as he doubled over, and began to grovel for mercy. Levi was known as the God of Wrath, and not known for forgiveness. As he begged for it anyway, tears began to prick at his eyes..

Selena maintained her courtier's appearance, but on the inside, she was laughing hysterically. 'Castor deserves to have his pedestal kicked out from under him! Pompous Charlatan! How dare he try to dictate Anything regarding Iris! And how Stupid is he not to question where the voice was coming from?! Hahahahaha!'

Levi swam over in as 'eel-like' of a manner as he could, right up to the senator's desk. His head was nearly touching it as he apologized and begged for mercy. Levi sighed deeply at the pitiful Undine before him, then lectured him..

"Did you really think that the Gods don't move amongst you? That we would simply ignore our father's creation? This world is not Only meant for the Undines.. You seem to have a particularly hard time grasping that fact."

"The Graeae gifted the Undines with 'Pontus' Legacy', but that doesn't Make any of you him! Or Father! The Fates decide who will be born Queen, just like the Fates will decide Who she will Marry!"

Taking a calming breath, Levi added; "Acolyte Selena speaks the truth on all matters discussed, and you should Always address her with the respect befitting her station! Like it or not, she Is higher in rank than you: address her as such!"

As the senator cowered and sobbed, Levi quickly shot Selena a wink. She was taken aback by his assertion, but adored him for sticking up for her. After a few minutes of listening to his sobs, Levi told him to calm down, and he would explain 'the Queen's situation'.

Selena was shocked he'd admitted to her 'temporary memory loss', but explained that her powers and knowledge were mostly up to par now. Castor had visibly tensed when when he'd said it, but wasn't about to argue with a god..

They almost had him convinced that Queen Iris was nearly back to normal when the entire palace began to shake. Frames fell from walls, and expensive trinkets smashed onto the floor. The senator wailed in the chaos while Selena and Levi shared a worried glance, then took off out the chamber door.

They could hear Senator Arlong calling after them, but the two were too focused on reaching their assumed source of the disturbance. Swimming through the halls at lightning speed, they reached Iris' quarters...

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