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8.57% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 15: Attack! (2)

Read The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse - Chapter 15 online

Chapter 15: Attack! (2)

Seeing how Derek was ripping apart its companions, the 3m-tall skinless human roared before charging forward in full speed.

Derek noticed the skinless giant charging and charged as well.

"You want some of this? I'll bring it to ya!"

He was very confident with his skill because he was a chosen one!

About 5m from each other, the System informed Derek that the 3m-tall skinless humanoid with bulging muscles in front of him was a D1 zombie.

When both giants finally collided, a large shockwave erupted.


The building shook and the zombies close to them were blown away.

They both started exchanging blows.

"Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora!"




Derek felt that the D1 zombie was slightly stronger than him. However, he didn't care because this was the first time since last night that he could go all out with his strength. All of the zombies he hunted so far were easily ripped apart until he met this guy. He was happy!

Some of the zombies tried to join in, attacking Derek, while the other zombies climbed the stairs.


Nathan was already on his way to the stairs and was currently invisible. The screams and the sound of footsteps were getting louder and louder as he got closer.

When he finally got to the stairs, he was welcomed by a mob of humans who were rushing towards his direction.

He kicked the ones who dared to block his way, losing his invisibility in the process and scaring the tenants when he suddenly appeared out of thin air.



The tenants stopped for a moment, but fear quickly overcame their senses.

"You! What are you doing?! Get out of the way!" one of the tenants shouted and continued running.

"Move out of the way!" another one butted in and continued running also.

The other tenants just didn't mind him and just continued running as well.

It was then that he realized something.

'If these were zombies, I would've been gangbanged already! Dumbass!'

He went back up to the third floor and hid on a corner where he was sure that he won't bump into anyone. He immediately activated [Coward's Way] and waited.

'I should wait till the stampede stops. But the exp…' he couldn't wait to kill.

Less than 5 seconds later, a group of zombies came and spread – some continued climbing to the fourth floor as they could hear the footsteps of those climbing the stairs, while others remained on the 3rd floor.

'Is this awareness? Or are they just confused due to the sounds coming from below?'

He could hear the booming sounds coming from the 1st floor.

'Whoever is fighting below, it must be one hell of a fight.'

He continued to wait until the zombies relaxed.

After a minute or so, the zombies that decided to stay at the 3rd floor calmed down.

'Time to kill,' he sneered.

He started killing the zombies one by one.


It took him about 5 minutes to kill all the zombies on the 3rd floor. They were all level 1 zombies.

After killing the 12 zombies, his exp was now 50%. Just 16 zombies more to go and he will be level 6.

Out of the 12 zombies he killed, two dropped a [White Treasure Chest]. One dropped a [Grade D] Repair Kit which he immediately used on his Short Sword, while the other chest dropped a skill book which was as thick as a 9.7-inch iPad.

He quickly checked the skill book.

As you touched the book, details of the book went his head.


Name of skill: Fireball

Description: Intelligence 10 required. Requires 1 skill point to learn.


"Do you wish to learn Fireball?" The System asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"Error! Not enough skill points! Failed to learn Fireball."

'So this is how one learns. They just have to touch it?'

He was intrigued but at the same time sad as well, knowing that he could never learn other skills aside from his own. He wishes that he could at least learn a night vision skill like most MCs. That way, he could hunt anytime he wants.

He left the skill book because he didn't carry a bag and quickly proceeded to the 2nd floor.


When he finally got to the 2nd floor, he was surprised by the number of zombies. There were more than 30 of them, more than enough for him to reach level 6.

He quickly began his killing spree and was looking forward to the exp waiting for him down below. He could still hear the loud booming sounds and some occasional shakes. However, it wasn't as explosive earlier despite the first floor just below the floor he was standing in.

'Most likely whoever is fighting is already severely injured. I wonder if I could do a kill steal,' he sneered.

After killing 33 zombies, there was no prey left anymore.

This time around, there were 5 [White Treasure Chests]. What he got were 2 pieces of [Grade D] Repair Kit which he immediately use just in case he encounters something unexpected below, 1 small healing potion which was a 3-inch test tube, 1 [Grade D] Gloves that gives +1 Strength which he immediately equipped, and 1 [Grade D] Short Dagger.


Name: [Grade D] Short Dagger

Damage: 4-6

Durability: 11/11

Description: A short dagger created by the god of this world. It's part of the system so it will grant experience points when the user uses it to kill monsters from the system.

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Looking at the dagger, Nathan couldn't help but curse, 'This cheap ass god, would it hurt him to at least provide a sheath?!'

He quickly wore the gloves. As for the Dagger, he hid it on a corner and covered it with a few corpses.

What about the small healing potion? He took the shoelace from the cleanest-looking zombie he could find, wrapped it around the test tube while leaving a bit of an allowance so that he could tie the rest of the shoelace on the belt-loop of his jeans.

Seeing his creation, he felt good about himself.



Level: 6

Experience Points: 26.5625%

Strength: 19 (+1)

Agility: 14

Vitally: 17

Intelligence: 14


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will be increased by 1.


As a level 6, level 1 zombies only gave him 1.5625% each.

'When will I get to meet level 3 or 4 zombies? This is just too slow and a waste of durability. System off.'

He looked at the stairs which lead to the first floor.

'Now for the big boss!'

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