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Chapter 14: Attack!

He went to the window to see where the noise was coming from.

What he saw that a horde of zombies was entering the front entrance of the apartment building he was staying at.


"What's going on?" Ashleigh asked as she joined him by the window to see what he was looking at.

When she saw the horde of zombies entering the building, she exclaimed and held onto his right shoulder, "Oh my god! Nathan, what are we going to do?!"

Nathan ignored her and was still looking at the situation below. In his mind was only one thing – experience points! His eyes shined.

He stepped away from the window and went to get something from his backpack.

It was the [Grade D] Repair Kit! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_34752613354364086">!_34752613354364086</a> for visiting.

When he got it, he examined it first.

It was a 2-inch vial with a grey colored liquid inside.

'Should I just pour this on the Training Sword? There should at least be a guide on how to use this. Useless system.'

Thanks to the killing this morning, his [Grade D] Training Sword's durability was 6/10 while his [Grade D] Short Sword was 9/11. With the number of zombies below, he needed his Training Sword to be at its best condition.

Before deciding to open it, he went to his room to wear some clothes first. While he was at it, he also picked up a piece of cloth just in case he needed to wipe the grey liquid when he pours it over the Training Sword.

Ashleigh, on the other hand, was following him around like a lost puppy.

He went back to the living room where he left his backpack, swords and the [Grade D] Repair Kit.

He opened the repair kit and poured the grey liquid on the Training Sword. The moment it touched the blade's surface, it disappeared and the sword glowed for a moment.

'Oh, so I don't need to wipe it with a cloth. Nice.'

He checked the status of the sword.


Name: [Grade D] Training Sword

Damage: 6-8

Durability: 10/10

Description: A training sword created by the god of this world. It's part of the system so it will grant experience points when the user uses it to kill monsters from the system.


'Good as brand new! Now time to farm some zombies!' he was happy.

"Nathan, what are we going to do? There are so many zombies coming inside," Ashleigh's voice entered his ear.

Given that he was in a great mood, he looked at Ashleigh who looked very worried and said with a reassuring tone and big smile, "Don't worry. Just wait here. I'm going down to hunt— I mean check the situation."

He didn't bother to wear his magazine armor. He was confident and had only one thing in his mind – kill all the zombies!


Before the attack.

Derek and a group of people were at the 1st-floor hallway talking when suddenly a 3m-tall skinless human with bulging muscles came crashing at the front entrance.


The 3m-tall skinless human stopped at the entrance and roared. Behind it was a horde of zombies that immediately came rushing in.

"Run!" one of the tenants shouted.

Everyone started running towards the stairs leading to the second floor. Only Derek stood.

In the midst of the chaos, he saw a woman holding a 3-year old child fell to the ground after being shoved by a tenant. A man, who he appeared to be the husband, immediately helped them to stand up.

However, the husband was immediately pinned down to the ground when two zombies lunged towards him and started feasting on his flesh.

The woman carrying her child cried out, "Ben!!!"

The child was crying.

"Ahhh!!!! Help!!!" the husband shouted.

Derek whispered, "[Maximize]," transforming him into a 2.5m-giant, tearing away his shirt in the process while his jeans turned into long fitting shorts that ended just a few inches below his knee.

Aside from that, he still had his shoes and a necklace which were dropped items so it automatically changes size whenever he transforms. The boots gave him +2 agility while the necklace gave him +1 strength.

He immediately dashed towards the mother and child and tore the zombies apart that tried to approach them.

"Go!" he shouted to the mother and child as he was ripping the zombies apart.

The mother got up, carried her child and ran to the stairs.

Derek was one of the chosen ones. His skill transforms him into a 2.5m giant with bulging muscles. It multiplies his base strength and vitality by 2 and gives him immunity to the zombie virus, but divides his base agility by 3.

Right now his current stats are…


Level: 8

Experience Points: 1%

Strength: 36 (18) (+1)

Agility: 6 (18) (+2)

Vitally: 40 (20)

Intelligence: (17)


Level X [Maximize] – Multiplies base strength and vitality by 2 and divides base agility by 3. Immune to zombie virus. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will be increased by 1.


He was currently level 8 because he did a little hunting session himself last night which explains his level. However, he avoided the three 3m-tall zombies last night because he was afraid they might gang up on him and instead just preyed on the level 1 zombies on another area.

As for the reason why he was able to come in and out of the apartment building despite both entrances locked by the guards, he did some "wall climbing" and went in and out through his apartment window with the use of his freakishly strong and thick fingers, thanks to [Maximize].

Moreover, he wasn't a "Booty Warrior". When he saw Nathan carrying the [Grade D] Training Sword a while ago, he immediately suspected that Nathan was one of the chosen ones because he too met a white silhouette and received the same weapon. He even asked a few people about what weapons they received – all of them said it was a [Grade D] Wooden Stick.

His intention at that time when he "saved" Nathan from the crowd and explained things to him was to get into his good side. Who knows, he might get something good by helping a fellow chosen one.


Derek was currently blocking the stairs that lead to the second floor as he killed each zombie that dared to rush to him.

If Nathan was here, he would be furious and vomit blood because Derek was like an unstoppable killing machine taking all the exp! Aside from that, there were about 7 [White Treasure Chests] on the ground!

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

Hello, for those who are wondering why "Training Sword", "Wooden Stick" and "Repair Kit" are now referred to as "[Grade D] Training Sword, [Grade D] Wooden Stick and [Grade D] Repair Kit, this is to balanced the items.

I wrote a comment on the comment section of Chapter 2 yesterday addressing the changes, but I'm not sure if you guys read it so I'm addressing it once again just in case.


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