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17.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 31: Bridge (2)

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Chapter 31: Bridge (2)

Nathan, who was standing on top of the bus, just ignored Lester. His eyes were still locked on Derek.

He was thinking about the situation and what he should do.

'Back when that wannabe Ada Wong bitch stole all the loots, this booty warrior told her he was a Chosen One. If I kill one, will I absorb their skill? Hmm... And what's this booty warrior even wearing?'

Derek was wearing a black full bodysuit that covered his arms and legs, and had a utility belt around his waist. He was also equipped with System items. The bodysuit wasn't a System item but instead just a normal bodysuit that stretches whenever he uses his skill [Maximize] so he won't have worry about getting naked. As for the System items, they automatically change shape to perfectly fit the wearer.

Seeing that Nathan wasn't even acknowledging his presence, Lester got pissed.

He was about to order to kill Nathan but Derek quickly stopped him and said, "Nathan, come join us. Ashleigh is also there. She's treated well."

Hearing what Derek said, many were surprised. Even Lester raised an eyebrow.

Ashleigh told Derek about her relationship with Nathan's cousin, Amir, so he mentioned her, hoping that it would convince Nathan and his group to join them.

Right now, he was worried that things may go out of hand because of Lester's attitude. Who knows what sort of traps Nathan and his companions prepared for them. If this could be settled peacefully, it will be a win-win situation for both parties, especially theirs. The last thing he wanted is to attract zombies nearby while they fight.

'Ashleigh? Heh~ That bimbo is still alive and even treated well? God, that bimbo really has [Plot Armor]. Well, I guess it really pays to be beautiful. There's always some white knight to save her. I wonder if that bimbo already slept with that white knight,' Nathan thought and continued, 'Wait a minute... If Derek and Ashleigh are in the same group, does this mean this is the same group of that bitch?'

"Boot-- I mean, Derek, answer me this. Are you guys part of the same group that killed that D1 zombie back at the apartment building?"

"Yes," Derek replied.

Nathan flicked his cigarette away and started tapping the blade of his [Grade D] Sword against his right leg. He looked at Lester and the others. Including Derek, they were a total of 12 people.

Seeing Nathan's reaction, Lester looked at Nathan with contempt. He was sure that Nathan was thinking about his offer and it will definitely agree.

'I guess I can get my revenge earlier than expected,' Nathan thought and a smile formed on his face.

He quickly pulled out his Revolver and aimed it at Lester's head.

Derek's eyes widened.

He pulled the trigger.


Lester fell to the ground but was still obviously alive because he was groaning in pain as he tried to get up.


Unfortunately, Nathan only managed to hit Lester on the right side of his collar bone.

Everyone was caught in surprise and wasn't able to process what just happened. With what Derek had said, they thought it was a done deal.

"Tch!" Nathan made a clicking sound with his tongue because he wasn't able to headshot Lester.

The reason why he targeted Lester first was not because he was the leader. It was simply because he didn't like how he talked and looked at him. Moreover, he also noticed one thing: his face was similar to that bitch!

As he was on top of the bus, he jumped back and hid behind the bus. He immediately activated [Coward's Way] before going to the side.

Lester got up with his left hand palming his wound and roared, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU RETARDS DOING?! SHOOT HIM!!! SHOOT!!!!!"

"Wait! Hold on for a moment!" Derek tried to stop them but the members already started shooting the bus, silencing the sound of his voice.


Seeing the situation, Derek decided to bring Lester behind the black SUV. The driver followed as well.

Nathan, who was currently invisible, was already on the side, far away from the bus. He was waiting for the gunners to reload. Once they reload, that's when he will cut them one by one.

Of course, he planned to leave 2 - 3 survivors for questioning. He wanted to know the location of their base.

As for Derek, he must absolutely die. Given that he was a Chosen One, keeping him alive for interrogation would only be a headache. Plus, he was also curious what would happen if he kills a Chosen One.

But wait... What if Derek isn't the only Chosen One in this group that Nathan is facing right now? Didn't Lester mention that they had three Chosen Ones? Unfortunately, that thought didn't register in Nathan's mind. He was currently blinded by bloodlust. In fact, he was even shivering from excitement and had a big smile plastered on his face.


At the back of the black SUV.

Gunshots could still be heard.

Derek was behind Lester, holding him. Meanwhile, the driver was inserting his fingers inside Lester's wound to remove the bullet.

"Argh! Quickly take it out!" Lester cried out.

After finally removing the bullet, the driver/medic poured a Small Healing Potion on the wound and let Lester drink another one to heal him completely.

The shooting finally stopped and the members were already reloading. However, it was quickly followed by a scream of agony.


Derek looked at what was happening.

A man, one of his team members, was sliced in half. His upper and lower body were separated from the waist.

"Ahhh!" another team member screamed in agony.

The person was also sliced in half. But this time around, he finally saw the culprit, Nathan, who quickly disappeared after cutting down his team member.

Every time Nathan appeared, it was followed a scream of agony with the victim sliced in two.

His team members were panicking and losing morale. Some couldn't even properly reload anymore, while the others started to run.

Derek had a dark expression on his face as he thought, 'He really was a Chosen One.'

As a Chosen One himself, he knew how powerful they can be and the unique skills that each of them has. Sure, it had limitations to counter it just like his skill [Maximize] which multiplies his base strength and vitality by 2 but divides base agility by 3. However, his skill costs no MP and his body is immune to the zombie virus.

He looked at Lester and the driver who had worried faces and said, "You two get in the car and drive away. But sure to contact the nearby teams or the base for reinforcements. I'll cover you both."

"Okay," Lester immediately replied.

In Derek's mind, waiting and defending here was extremely dangerous and suicidal. Not only were they trapped here like sitting ducks, but they also don't know how many of Nathan's companions are lying in wait and the other traps they have prepared. For all he knows, there could be more than one Chosen One on the enemy's side.

As for the other team members, he was going to order them to jump off the bridge and escape while he keeps Nathan busy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

<Author's thoughts: This is the 3rd chapter for June 2 - 8. I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for reading and voting.>

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