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Chapter 122: Corn Town

10:04 pm.

Nathan followed the convoy and arrived at a town.

He was invisible as he stood in front of the entrance and there was a post on the side that read, Welcome To Corn Town.

The town itself wasn't big, but it had a vast array of fields for different kinds of crops, mainly corn, hence its name.

Some of the walls that circulated around the town were made up of large broken vehicles, concrete, thick logs and other things.

There were also a number of wooden watchtowers being built that he could hear the sound of machinery and the pounding of a hammer from a distance.

The town didn't have a proper source of electricity.

Instead, the people here were using a diesel-fueled generator to light up some parts of the town.

As he stood there, the knot in his stomach that he felt earlier became stronger.

A strong urge to turn away and ran welled up inside of him.

A voice suddenly spoke inside his head.

'Go on. Leave. What are you waiting for?'

Nathan gritted his teeth.

'Weren't you procrastinating all this time because you didn't care about anyone?'

He clenched his fists.

'Aren't you a lone wolf?'

He tried to move his feet forward.

'Oh, come on. Stop forcing yourself. You know that this isn't what you want.'

"Shut up."

'You know that nothing good is waiting for you inside.'


He was finally able to move his feet forward and entered the town.

The voice inside his head stopped as well.

However, he still felt a knot in his stomach.


A few minutes later…

Nathan was headed to the center of the town.

Earlier, he climbed one of the buildings nearby to get a layout of the town.

He noticed there was a large bonfire in the middle and there were people gathered around it as if they were waiting for a spectacle to happen.

After seeing it and climbing down, he consciously didn't run there immediately.

Despite having the courage to enter the town, there were still some things that were gnawing at him so he decided to just walk.

With each step, his feet felt heavier that it was almost like he was dragging them.

He even lost count on how many times he tried to convince himself that Amir wasn't here and was instead somewhere else.

Perhaps in the sewers, perhaps in another town, another city -- anywhere, as long as it wasn't here.

Nevertheless, he continued to head towards the center of the town.


He finally arrived at the center of the town…

A crowd was gathered around a large bonfire.

Inside the circle, there was a Caucasian man in his mid-20s holding a bloodied dagger.

Behind him were four people tied to a post next to the bonfire.

The four people were a Caucasian man in his early 50s, a Caucasian woman in her late 40s, an Asian man in his late teens, and a mixed-race little boy who was no older than 10 years old.

They were barely naked and were covered with many cuts and bruises, and were also missing a few parts of their body.

The man in his early 50s was missing two legs and a nose.

His neck was sliced open and was already dead.

Meanwhile, the other 3 were severely injured and looked like they could die any minute.

The woman had her eyes dug out and her tongue cut off.

The man in his late teens was missing an arm and a leg and had one of his ears cut off.

And lastly, the child had one eye and his teeth removed.

One can only imagine what kind of horrific tortures they've experienced.

Among the crowd, there there were a few that were wearing System items.

"I am your master! Those who choose to disobey me will face death!" said the man holding the bloodied dagger.

No one said a word, while the few people that were wearing System items sneered.

"You!" the man said as he pointed to someone among the crowd.

It was a young Caucasian boy.

The boy's eyes widened in horror and had a strong urge to hide behind his mother but chose not to.

"Do you see me as your master?" the man said.

The boy nodded.

"Then come to me."

The boy looked at his mother behind him.

His mother nodded.

He summoned all of his courage and stepped forward.

The man smiled and offered the dagger to the boy.

"Prove to me your loyalty."

The boy's hand trembled and he slowly took the dagger from the man's hand.

As the boy held the dagger on his trembling hands, he could see his own reflection on the blade.

His face was pale as a ghost.

"Louie! Just do it!" said the woman behind him.

"You heard your mother, boy," said the man.

Louie looked at his mother and then to the man.

His eyes were cold and a sinister smile was plastered on his face.

Louie tightened his gripped around the dagger's handle and approached one of the people tied to the post.

The person he approached was the young boy who was no older than 10 years old.

The bruised and wounded boy tied to post looked at Louie and forced a weak and toothless smile.

Louie looked away.

This boy in front of him was his schoolmate and one of his friends.

"My body hurts… End it…" the young boy pleaded.

Louie tightly shut his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, Cris," before slicing the young boy's neck.


Blood poured down from the young boy's neck and he died after a few seconds.

The man started clapping his hands.




"Very good! Very good!"

The man looked at the people.

The crowd started clapping as well.




The man made a gesture with his hand, ordering the people stopped clapping.

He went over to the boy and took the dagger.

"You have pleased this master. Now, let me present my gift to you for your loyalty."

He snapped his fingers.


On one side of the crowd, people made way for an incoming group.

There were three people and each of them was walking with a human-dog on a leash.

These "human-dogs" had their limbs chopped off but just enough to let them crawl or walk on four legs.

Their eyes were dug out, their teeth pulled out and their hair completely shaved off.

They were also naked. The only piece of clothing they had was the leash on their neck that was attached to a chain.

There were 2 women and 1 man.

The man was a Muwinian.

Meanwhile, the two women, one was Caucasian and the other was black.

The three human-dogs were led in front of the man and Louie.

"Choose one pet. Don't worry, they have been trained. Whatever you want them to do, they will do it," the man said and smiled.

Louie was horrified by the sight.

The human-dogs were literally acting like dogs.

They had their tongues out and showing off their private parts.

Louie gathered up all of his courage and pushed all his fears away.

"I choose that one, master."

He pointed at the black woman.

The man made a signal and the black woman human-dog was brought to Louie.

As soon as the black woman human-dog got next to Louie, it immediately pressed its nose against his groin area and started licking.

"Enjoy your pet. Run along now," the man said and smiled.

Louie returned to his mother's side along with the human-dog pet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Who else here wants to prove their loyalty to this master?" the man said as he swept his gaze over at the crowd.

A black man raised his hand.

"I would like to prove my loyalty to you, master."

The man smiled.

"Then come over here!"


Nathan, who was invisible, stood silently as he watched in horror.

His face was as pale as a ghost.

He recognized two of the human dogs.

One was Amir and the other was the black woman.

When he saw his own cousin crawling and acting like a dog, that imaged burned right through his skull and left him completely aghast.

In Nathan's mind, although he did some sick and sadistic things, what he saw tonight was on a completely different level.

At least with him, he kills his enemies right away once they served their purpose.

But to break someone's spirit, strip them off of their dignity and let them live like that, that was something just too cruel, too diabolical even for him.


Time continued to pass and the gathering finally came to an end…

People returned to their homes to call it a night while a few others patrolled the area.

The flashes of lightning and the sound of thunder became more frequent.

It was going to rain soon.

Nathan continued standing still, staring blankly and still processing what just happened.

'Am I to blame for all of this?'

'But I almost died from the D1 so I had no choice to power up.'

'After that, I was blackmailed by Rose and she tried to kill me.'

'And then the Divine Tower appeared and I couldn't just ignore it.'

'I even almost died inside there twice.'

'There's no way it can be my fault.'

'I'm simply a victim of circumstances here.'

His mind drifted away and he recalled a memory…


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