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Chapter 100: Divine Tower 10

Nathan was sitting with Harry's group while checking his weapons one by one.

The time to kill all of them was close.

From afar, he could see Harry talking with the leaders of the Asian group.

Looking at them, one would assume that they were only exchanging goods and quick pleasantries before parting ways.

Harry returned to his group and sat beside Nathan.

"No changes to the plans."

"Okay," said Nathan, still checking his weapons.

Harry began to check not only his weapons but also his equipment as well.

The plan was simple.

On Stage 10, when the remaining armored angels reach down to 30, that's when they will attack the other two groups.

"Do you think they're planning the same thing as well?" said Nathan as he inserted two shells inside his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun before putting it down.

Harry was poured a [Grade D] Repair Kit on his [Grade D] Morning Star.

"Most likely. But it doesn't matter. I won't rest until I have my revenge on Red Dust."

Nathan couldn't help but smile.

'Even now, you still haven't mentioned anything about the [Artifact]…'

All of a sudden, some of the remaining members of Harry's team started whistling and catcalling.

"Hey, baby. Are you looking for me?"

"I'm right here, baby. Come sit down on daddy's lap."

Both Nathan and Harry looked at who the members were talking to.

It was Ashleigh.

She had a [Grade D] White and Black equipment on.

She approached Harry's group alone and was looking at Nathan.

"Looks like she wants to have a word with you," said Harry and smiled.

Nathan snorted and continued checking his weapons.

In his mind, there was nothing to talk with her.

There was only one ending for her -- death.

Seeing Nathan ignore her, Ashleigh's face was filled with contradicting emotions.

She cared and felt pity for Nathan because of her relationship with Amir and how he helped her when the zombie apocalypse first began.

But at the same time, she also hated him for killing Brezine and tried to kill her at the beginning of the trial.

To her, this was all of Nathan's fault. If he hadn't been so arrogant, bloodthirsty and unreasonable, this fall out between him and Rose would've never happened.

Still, she didn't walk away.

"Nathan, I wish to speak with you."

Nathan continued to ignore her.

"Excuse me, miss. If you have a message, I can pass it for you."

It was Joseph.

"Thanks, but I wish to speak with Nathan in private. It's about his cousin Amir."

Joseph and the rest of the members looked at Nathan who was still checking his weapons.

Seeing that Nathan was still acting like a child by refusing to talk to her, Ashleigh finally gave up.

"Fine. If that's what you want. But know this despite the fact you tried to kill me. When you left Haven Town, I fought for Amir's safety. I had Rose promise me to ensure his well-being or else I will leave Red Dust."

Nathan stopped checking his weapons and looked at Ashleigh.

"You think too highly of yourself, you pitiful, naive, gold-digging bimbo whore. Leave me alone. People like you make me sick," said Nathan and resumed checking his weapons.

In his mind, so what if she had god-like healing powers? Even if it was a goddess, he would still cut her head off if she annoyed him.

The only reason he helped Ashleigh when the zombie apocalypse began was because she was his cousin's girlfriend.

If it wasn't for the single reason alone, he would've ignored her or used her for his experiments.

But because Red Dust was providing her a good life in this zombie apocalypse, she chose that group over him and Amir?

He could only see her as ungrateful and an opportunist.

Thinking about it, Nathan couldn't help but recall the words of his grandfather.

'Is it a crime to desire safety and comfort?'

He scoffed inwardly.

"Nathan, before you say that I think too highly of myself, take a good look at yourself in the mirror first and think about your actions so far," said Ashleigh.

Nathan stopped checking his weapons.

'This bimbo dares to talk back?'

He gritted his teeth and raised his head.

Before he could even reply, Ashleigh already turned around and walked away.

Looking at Ashleigh's departing figure, he didn't say anything and squinted his eyes.

Dark thoughts began to swirl inside his head.

'I'll make sure to torture you painfully slow…'

Joseph approached Nathan.

"Are you guys in a love triangle or something? I can give --"

"Shut up and mind your own business!" said Nathan coldly.

"Woah, buddy. I was just --"

"Joseph," said Harry.

Joseph looked at Harry who shook his head.

Nathan resumed to checking his weapons.

He started to reflect upon what Ashleigh had said.

'I really thought Amir was already dead…'

'However, I can't assume everything what she said is true…'

Just when he already accepted the fact that Amir was dead, Ashleigh told him this.

He felt torn inside and he had this strong urge to go to Rose's group and wring out the truth from Rose.

He gripped the handle of his [Grade D] Large Axe tightly.

A voice suddenly whispered inside his head.

'Stop pretending as if you care…'

Nathan hissed.

Everyone looked at Nathan.

Realizing what he just did, his face burned in shame and he quickly explained himself.

"I'm sorry. I had some piece of food stuck between my teeth. I don't have a toothpick or floss so I did that."

"Oh," said Harry and he took a bottle of toothpicks inside his bag and tossed it to Nathan.

"Thanks," said Nathan caught it and took out one toothpick.

He pretended to pick his teeth.

'Why the fuck did I do that?! Stupid! Idiot! Shameless!'

As a self-proclaimed lone wolf, before the zombie apocalypse, he disliked going to crowded places.

He also preferred spending most of his time alone doing his hobbies.

The fact that he spends most of his time alone, it wasn't strange for him to ponder about things in life and even debate with himself.

However, this time, he was starting to get a little worried.

He was hearing voices inside his head and he was sure that this wasn't some kind of magic.

And far as he can remember, the first time he started hearing voices inside his head was back when Lester's car toppled over after an N1 zombie slammed its body against it.

There were also other issues that he was concerned with, such as not eating the food offered to him by people in fear of poison, sleeping close to people and controlling his anger.

In the case of food, although he ate the food that Harry's team had given to him, it was a special situation.

Harry and his group went to extra lengths in preventing Red Dust from killing him and having him part of their group.

Of course, Nathan doesn't believe they did it for altruistic reasons.

Aside from Harry's hatred against Red Dust, it was to somehow balance out the power.

Red Dust had 3 Chosen Ones, both the military and Asian group had 2 Chosen Ones, and only them had 1 Chosen One.

With that reason, it would be pointless for Harry and his group to harm him.

But once Red Dust is gone, that's another matter.

The fact that both Harry and him never once mentioned anything about the [Artifact] was already a clear sign of what was to come.

However, if the [Artifact] turns out to be something that's not worth killing or dying for, then perhaps they might not have to kill each other.


The break finally ended…

The first one to enter the red portal was Red Dust and was followed by the military group, Asian group and then Harry's group.

The setting was no different from the previous stages -- the large spacious arena, the ceiling that seemed endless and the gigantic golden orb hovering above serving as a miniature sun.

Everyone finally entered and Nathan was standing close to Harry.


'The final stage will now begin. Kill the Golden Armored Angel to exit the Divine Tower.'

Although everyone was delighted to hear that Stage 10 is the final stage, some couldn't help but notice the difference between the message of this stage and the previous stages, leaving them a little bit confused.

On Stage 1 -9, once everyone enters and before the 100 armored angels appear, the message usually goes like this:

'Stage (?) of the Divine Tower will now begin. Kill all the Armored Angels to proceed to the next stage.'

But now, it mentions about killing only one Golden Armored Angel.

Cracks started to appear on the gigantic golden orb hovering in the sky that was serving as a miniature sun.




"What's going on?" said a person among the crowd.

When the orb was now filled with cracks, it exploded into a billion pieces.


There, at the center of the explosion was a 5m-tall Golden Armor Angel with a wingspan of more than 8m long descending.

It brandished a golden tower shield and mace proportionate to its towering height.

As for the golden crystal, it had 6 pieces -- the forehead, chest, shoulders and knees.

"So… What's the plan now?" said Nathan to Harry with a smile.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

Hi, sorry for not posting for 2 weeks. I didn't have any proper drafts to post so I postponed them.

Well, I wrote the chapter drafts of 118 and 119 in the first week. But when I wrote 120, I realized I didn't like them so I deleted them.

They just didn't feel right.

So I decided to take a day off to gather my thoughts but that didn't really help because the next thing I knew, it was already Saturday and I still wasn't able to decide how I was going to write it.

I didn't even write a single word...

So the following week, I promised myself I would right 6 chapter drafts and won't care about the quality.

I was able to write 2 but then my job got in the way so I had to postpone.

In the end, I finished the other 4 remaining chapters last weekend but was just so mentally exhausted to edit and post chapters 100-105.

Sorry for the delay. I hope you guys understand. Thank you.

And as for the 3 chapters this week, I will post them by the end of the week.

To those people who voted with their power stones, I would like to thank these Power Immortal Voters:

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