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58.28% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 102: Divine Tower 12

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Chapter 102: Divine Tower 12

There were only 18 survivors left.

6 with Rose's group.

5 with the military group.

3 with the Asian group.

4 with Harry's group (including Nathan).

Nathan headed towards the center of the battlefield to join in killing the Golden Armored Angel.

On his way, he threw away his [Grade D] Large Axe and picked up a [Grade D] Morning Star.

His original goal was to pick up a [Grade D] Sword but there wasn't any along his way.

In his mind, although the [Grade D] Large Axe was great in cutting down giants, it was hard to use when his goal was to aim for a specific spot constantly.

Nathan arrived at the center and deactivated [Coward's Way].

The Golden Armored Angel was descending once more along with its summoned armored angels to kill the remaining survivors.

"All Chosen Ones take care of that Golden Armored Angel! The rest kill the armored angels!" commanded Captain Barlow.

There were 7 Chosen Ones remaining and the Golden Armored Angel had 6 Golden Crystals on its body (forehead, chest, shoulders and knees).

Almost everyone nodded…

Nathan looked at Captain Barlow.

'Why the fuck is this useless dog acting like he's calling the shots?'

However, as distasteful it was to him, he recognized that it wasn't the time for that.

"You!" Captain Barlow looked at him. "Use that crossbow of yours to destroy the Golden Crystal on its forehead!"

Nathan gritted his teeth.

"Okay," he said begrudgingly before disappearing and heading towards a corner.

"Rose and Derek, the two of you pin it down."

Rose and Derek nodded.

Captain Barlow then told the other Chosen Ones to attack the other remaining Golden Crystals before ordering the rest of the non-Chosen One survivors to take care of the armored angels that were summoned by the Golden Armored Angel.

"Make sure not to kill all of the armored angels before the Golden Armored Angel is killed!"

Everyone nodded.

Earlier, they noticed that once the cursed and buff spells lost its effect and the summoned armored angels died, the Golden Armored Angel flew away to repeat the series of spells and the crystals on its body regenerated.

With that, Captain Barlow decided to take a chance to not kill all of the summoned armored angels before killing the Golden Armored Angel.

The Golden Armored Angel and the summoned armored angels began firing spells as they landed on the ground.

[Stone Spear].

[Ice Spear].







Tata! Tata!


"Now!" said Rose.

Harry begrudgingly activated his skill [Deceleration] on the Golden Armored Angel.

The Golden Armored Angel's movements decreased by 20%.

Derek and Rose who both had their skills on immediately ran towards the Golden Armored Angel to pin it down.

As for their stats…


Level 23

• STR – 32 (+5) (-7.4)

• VIT – 30 (+30) (-12)

• Agi – 33 (+9) (-8.4)

• INT – 34 (-6.8)

Special effects:

• 1% chance to block any magical attack.

• 1% chance to block any physical attack.

During [Crystal Body] mode, she gets +30 VIT and allows her to alter the shape of her arms and legs. However, she loses the bonus stats given by the gloves, shoes and rings.

And if she were to change the shape of, for example, her right hand into a sharp blade, the glove on her right hand will be destroyed.

Her skill also loses her sense of any physical feeling.

Furthermore, healing potions and spells don't have any effect on her and her regeneration is off.

<Refer to Chapter 71 for more details regarding Rose's skill>


Level 22

• STR - 64 (32) (-12.8)

• VIT - 68 (34) (-13.6)

• AGI - 10.66 (32) (+28) (-7.73)

• INT - 31 (-6.2)

Special effects:

• None

During [Maximize] mode, he transforms into a 2.5m-tall human. His base STR and VIT are multiplied by 2 and his AGI is divided by 3. He's also immune to the zombie virus.

Rose was a bit faster so Derek was left behind.

Because of that, the Golden Armored Angel had its sights on Rose and cast [Lock].

Rose turned back to her human form but she didn't stop charging.

She continued to push forward and pulled out her Magnum.

She aimed for the golden crystal on the Golden Armored Angel's chest.

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It shattered.

The Golden Armored Angel didn't mind it and cast another spell.

It was a spell that they haven't witnessed before.

[Stone Wall].

A wall made of stone that was 2m tall and 4m wide raised from the ground and blocked Derek's path.

However, it was nothing to Derek that he just jumped over it.

The Golden Armored Angel then cast another spell to stop Derek.


It then ordered a Black Armored Angel to hold Derek off before charging towards Rose.

Rose was left alone fighting the Golden Armored Angel.

Seeing the situation, Ashleigh, Cannibal and Harry decided to charged in to help Rose.

"Where is that crossbow guy?!" shouted Cannibal.

But as soon as he said that, a Magic Bolt emitting a blue light flew straight to the Golden Armored Angel's forehead, shattering one of the Golden Crystals.



There were only 4 Golden Crystals left.

As for the summoned armored angels, out of the 20, there were only 8 left.

Nathan, who lost his invisibility from shooting the Magic Bolt, scoffed before disappearing and running to another location.

In his mind, he wasn't tank-type like Rose and Derek, and he doubts if anyone would even help him if the Golden Armored Angel sets its sights on him and attack him so he specifically waited for it to have its full attention on the other Chosen Ones.

The Golden Armored Angel stopped attacking Rose and cast a spell to where it last saw Nathan.


Nathan was already far away from that spot he previously appeared so he wasn't caught by the spell.

Ashleigh, Cannibal and Harry finally arrived near the Golden Armored Angel.

All of them, including Rose, immediately attacked the remaining crystals.

Realizing the situation it was on, the Golden Armored Angel immediately cast a spell.


This spell blows away its opponents. And the closer the opponent is, the greater the damage.



Ashleigh, Cannibal, Harry and Rose were blown away and landed about 10 ft away from the Golden Armored Angel.

All of them suffered great damage and coughed out blood as they tried to get up.

Ashleigh immediately healed Rose before healing herself and the others.

Upon healing Rose with her [Heaven's Treatment] skill, she and Rose realized that it removed the curse of the [Lock] spell.

Rose immediately activated [Crystal Body] before charging towards the Golden Armored Angel.

Cannibal and Harry immediately charged in as well after being healed.

As for Ashleigh, she drank a [Small] Mana Potion first before joining the fight.

But before the four of them were able to get to the Golden Armored Angel, Derek was already only on it.

He tackled the Golden Armored Angel to the ground.


He immediately got on top of it and ripped off its arms.



There were two golden crystals left -- there were on its knees.

The curse and buff spells that were cast by the Golden Armored Angel finally wore off.

However, there were still armored angels.

As Rose was about to help to destroy the remaining crystals, the Golden Armored Angel immediately cast [Shockwave] once again and called upon the remaining summoned armored angels for cover before flying away.


Everyone near was blasted away.

As for Derek, due to his high VIT and there was no longer any curse spells affecting him, although he was blasted away, only a tiny amount of blood trickled on from his mouth as he immediately got up and charged towards the Golden Armored Angel.

Rose, on the other hand, due to her skill that not only crystallizes her body and gives her high VIT but also loses her sense of feeling, after being blasted away, she immediately got up and charged.

Unfortunately for both of them, they were too late.

The summoned armored angels blocked their path and the Golden Armored Angel continued flying away…

Two armored angels, a Black and White, protected the Golden Armored Angel while the rest charged towards remaining survivors.

"Quickly, stop it!" said Captain Barlow.

Everyone threw everything they had.




The Golden Armored Angel threw a couple of spells as well.


[Stone Wall].



The last spell was targeted on Derek.

He immediately lost his skill [Maximize] and was immediately stabbed by one of the armored angels.

Fortunately for him, Rose was nearby to help.

"I'm out of ammo!" said someone among the group of survivors.

"I don't have any mana anymore!" said another survivor.

Seeing the Golden Armored Angel already way above the ground, a sense of loss welled up inside everyone's hearts.

But then…


A Magic Bolt emitting a blue light flew straight to one of the two remaining crystals of the Golden Armored Angel.


The Golden Crystal on its right knee shattered.

Nathan was seen running towards the Golden Armored Angel who was already a couple of meters above the ground and preparing his second shot for the remaining crystal before disappearing.

For the Magic Bolt's tracking feature to be activated, it needs 3 seconds before shooting so he needed time.

The Golden Armored Angel cast [Decrease STR - All].

The skill enveloped the entire arena and caused Nathan to appear.

Seeing Nathan, the Golden Armored Angel cast [Lock] before sending out the two summoned armored angel that was guarding it to kill him.

And before the [Lock] spell was about to land on Nathan, the Magic Bolt was released.


The curse of the [Lock] spell finally landed on Nathan.

The Magic Bolt flew…

However, one of the armored angels that were charging towards Nathan intercepted it.



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