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59.42% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 104: Divine Tower 14

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Chapter 104: Divine Tower 14

Seeing that there were two [Gold] Treasure Chests, the people who were originally anticipating for the Golden Armored Angel to drop a treasure chest were divided.

Some continued to head for the one that the Golden Armored Angel dropped, while the others headed to the pyramid located at the northern edge of the arena that had the other chest.

Among those who head for the treasure chest that the Golden Armored Angel dropped were Nathan, Derek, an Asian guy and Captain Barlow along with one soldier and Burning Fighting Fighter.

Meanwhile, those who went the other way were Rose, Harry, Joseph, Cannibal, an Asian woman, Bones and the sergeant.

Nathan was not only the closest but was also the fastest so he got to the [Gold] Treasure Chest first.

As soon as he was about to touch the chest, he disabled [Coward's Way], picked up the chest, activated his skill and then ran off as fast as he could as if he was being chased by the devil himself.

"STOP HIM RIGHT AWAY!" roared Captain Barlow.

Burning Fighting Fighter threw 2 [Fireballs].

The other soldier threw a flash bomb.

After that, both Captain Barlow and the soldier began firing with their handguns.







Unfortunately, almost all of the non-Chosen Ones had no mana and had barely any non-System equipment left.

As soon as the flash bomb landed near where they last saw the [Gold] Treasure Chest, Captain Barlow and his team covered their eyes.


The flash blinded Derek and the Asian guy, causing them to stop on their tracks.

However, Nathan wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, BOY?!" shouted Captain Barlow to the Burning Fighting Fighter.

He knew that this chosen one's skill doesn't require any mana so he was furious that he only threw 2 [Fireballs].

Burning Fighting Fighter activated his skill once more.

Balls of flames manifested on his hands and he threw them.


To the military group's surprise, the [Fireballs] were aimed at Captain Barlow.



"GYAAAAAHHH!!!" cried Captain Barlow as he ran around wailing like a human torch.

He tried to take out that remote control that could activate the bomb around Burning Fighting Fighter's neck but failed to do so due to the intense burning pain he was going through.

Each [Fireball] of Burning Fighting Fighter lasts for 3 seconds.

The other soldier quickly aimed his gun at Burning Fighting Fighter.

Although some of the soldiers felt that it was unjust or just downright evil that the government captured and forced a few Chosen Ones to obey them by placing a remote-controlled bomb around their necks, they couldn't do anything about it because just like them, they too had their own problems to deal with.

And as soldiers, it was their duty to follow the orders of their superiors.

Of course, there were also a few Chosen Ones that willingly joined the government, but they were stationed at another place.

The other soldier began to fire.



Burning Fighting Fighter threw [Fireballs] at the soldier as he tried to evade the bullets.




He too was burned alive.

Meanwhile, Burning Fighting Fighter was shot in the head twice and the third bullet landed on his collar bone.

Being a trained soldier wasn't a joke. They were definitely great shooters.

Even with his sudden betrayal and his attempt to dodge, that soldier still managed to hit him.

Burning Fighting Fighter fell on his knees.


As for Derek and the Asian guy, upon seeing the situation, they immediately headed towards the pyramid for the other [Gold] Treasure Chest.

Burning Fighting Fighter's vision was a little blurry and it felt like his world was swirling a bit.

He could also feel the intense burn coming from his gunshot wounds which was quickly followed by this buzzing feeling and then a severe aching pain.

Unfortunately, for the soldiers, Burning Fighting Fighter was Level 21.

And as a Chosen One, his stats were much higher.

Also, given that his VIT was more than 30 points, despite being shot in the head twice, he didn't die right away.

He still had 10 seconds before he dies.

But had the damage been so severe where it cracked opened his head or chopped off, he would've died immediately.

He quickly took out 4 [Small] Healing Potions from his pockets.

Due to his injuries, the vials fell from his hands to the ground.

He grabbed one and clumsily opened it.


With the [Small] Healing Potion he drank, he felt a little better and his wounds started to heal as well.

He threw the empty vial to the ground and grabbed another one.


He was getting better.

He could feel it.

He needed to survive in order to get revenge for what the government did to him.

Before the zombie apocalypse, he was a troubled teenager who went in and out of juvenile detention centers for crimes like fighting, vandalizing, stealing and selling drugs.

When the zombie apocalypse first began, he was inside a juvenile cell with 3 others.

He turned 18 just a few days ago at that time so he was scheduled the following day to be transferred to an adult correctional center.

Upon learning that he was a Chosen One and receiving the [Burning Fighting Fighter] skill, he burned two of his cellmates but was still unable to escape.

The next day, a group of government agents arrived at the juvenile detention center he was at and took him.

Ever since then, he became the government's lapdog with a metal collar around his neck that could be remotely controlled to explode if he decides to ignore orders.

And if he decides to tamper it, it would automatically explode.

He threw the empty vial and picked up another one.

As he was about to open his third [Small] Healing Potion…



A [Grade D] Morning Star was swung against the side of his head so hard that it separated from the body and landed more than 50ft away.


If it wasn't for the System helmet that Burning Fighting Fighter wore, his head would've burst like a watermelon.


Nathan had a wide smile on his face as he saw the headless body of Burning Fighting Fighter lie on the ground beside him.

"Heh~ Where did the head go?"

He placed his [Grade D] Morning Star over his shoulder as he searched for the head.

He saw it more than 50ft away from where he was standing.

"Hmm~ I wouldn't call it as a home run, but it was satisfying nonetheless."

He chuckled.

He then closed his eyes and raised his head as he made a slurping sound with his mouth, trying to savor the sweet death of the kill.


He slowly opened his eyes and it was filled with warmth.

"Haaa~ Revenge. Such beauty."

He looked over at Burning Fighting Fighter's headless corpse once more.

"To see someone struggle so desperately and have them think that they've succeeded before robbing it from them at the last second. This is art."

He smiled sweetly and then a thought suddenly popped inside his head.

"So killing Chosen Ones doesn't give additional skills or anything. I totally forgot about this experiment when I fought that booty warrior back at the bridge."

His thoughts wandered for a split second.

"Oh well… Nothing I can do about that. At least I got that thing inside the [Gold] Treasure Chest and I need to get the other one."

He looked over at the pyramid that had the other [Gold] Treasure Chest on top of it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He could see Rose, Derek, Harry, Cannibal and Bones fighting.

There was also Joseph and the sergeant there.

Meanwhile, the [Gold] Treasure Chest was still left untouched.

"But first…"

He started humming as he walked over at Captain Barlow who was severely burned.

"Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmmm~ HmHmHmHmHm~ HmHm~ HmHmmm~"

When he got to Captain Barlow, he noticed that he was still alive, albeit barely, a bit similar to the condition that Nathan suffered a couple of hours ago.

However, unlike Nathan who was not only shot but also burned, Captain Barlow couldn't move.

"You still alive?" said Nathan as he stepped on Captain Barlow's hand, slowly crushing it.

Captain Barlow let out a low and painful groan that one could barely hear it.



Nathan raised his [Grade D] Morning Star and swung it downward, smashing Captain Barlow's head.




The morning star dented the helm he was wearing and blood gushed out.

Its spikes penetrated through the helmet and got stuck.

"Ugh! Disgusting…"

Nathan stepped on the helmet as he yanked the [Grade D] Morning Star away.


After successfully removing his weapon from the helmet, he checked his status chart.



Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 38 (+9)

VIT – 36 (+5)

AGI – 33 (+28)

INT – 33 (+6)




[Grade D] Morning Star (9/12)

[Grade D] Mini-crossbow (12/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12)

[Grade D] Black Helm (9/15): +3 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Armor (12/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves (13/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Boots (12/15): +4 Str

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger: +5 to all stats

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

[Grade D] Spatial Bag

Special Effects:

• 2% Chance to block any physical attack.


• Level X [Coward's Way]


Looking at his stats, he couldn't help but smile.

Regarding the [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger, aside from its +5 to all stats bonus, based on the name alone, its function was indeed like the [Grade D] Spatial Bag.

Although he hasn't yet properly investigated all its functions, restrictions and limitations, he already knew about the general ones, thanks to the System and the quick experiment he did.

As far as he knows…

One - Equipping it was painful and nasty. One had to tear off one of his/her fingers and attach the [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger to the spot of his/her hand where the finger was torn off. Once attached, it will automatically transform into the finger it replaced.

The finger that Nathan chose to tear off was the ringer finger of his left hand.

Two - It's also enchanted with a Time-freeze feature like the [Grade D] Spatial Bag. But the real kicker was that the space inside it was as large as a tennis court.

Three - To put an item inside, he had to touch the item with Gold Finger and will it to be absorbed.

Four - To take out an item, he simply had to imagine the item that he wants to take out or the System will provide a list and will it to appear on his left hand.

Five - When [Coward's Way] is activated, absorbing or taking out an item doesn't deactivate his invisibility. In addition to that, the item he takes out remains invisible as well.

With these functions and the bonus stats, he was no doubt extremely satisfied.

He was even looking forward to entering the Eternal Village and ask if he could re-awaken the [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

Putting aside the cost, if it was possible, arranging the stats according to his liking and possibly making it a Second Tier awakened item as well would be a huge boost to his capabilities.

And even if it couldn't be re-awakened, +5 to all stats was already a huge boost, not to mention it also a has a spatial function.

'It was all worth it. System off.'

He looked over at Rose and the others who were still fighting at the pyramid.

He also noticed Ashleigh accompanied by Germaine, Kaija and R.R. heading there to support Rose and Derek.

'Hmm… I wonder what kind of [Artifact] is inside the other [Gold] Treasure Chest…'

Once he gets that item, he could have a total of +10 stats to all of his attributes.

'I just hope it isn't a spellbook though…' A shiver ran down his spine right after he said it.

He also recalled the message that the System sent.

The Divine Tower will close in 10 minutes.

And so far, more than 2 minutes have already passed.

He activated [Coward's Way] and went to the pyramid.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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