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Chapter 106: Divine Tower 16

"Heh~ What is this? Very interesting!"

Rose was on the broken steps looking at Nathan who had opened the [Gold] Treasure Chest on top of the pyramid.

Harry also stopped and looked at Nathan.

'I was so close…!' Rose thought.

She had lost both of her arms from blocking the shells of Nathan's sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.

She had her skill [Crystal Body] on and her body was already filled with cracks to begin, especially on her arms, thanks to her fight with Harry earlier.

So when Nathan suddenly shot her as she was about to open the chest, it couldn't be helped that she lost her arms when she blocked it.

If she was a half a second late in blocking, perhaps her entire chest would've shattered and she would've died.

Nathan didn't reload his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun and returned it on its holster.

And with the [Grade D] Morning Star on his other hand, he picked up the item inside the [Gold] Treasure Chest with his remaining free hand.

It was a transparent orb similar to the size of a nucleus (which is the size of an infant's fist).

However, compared to the nucleus, this orb was soft, almost like a jello.

And inside it was a tiny drop of gold blood.

The System informed Nathan about its use, causing him to smile widely.

He immediately ingested it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"ARRGGGHHH!!!" Nathan gritted his teeth and dropped his [Grade D] Morning Star as his body made popping sounds all over.








From an outsider's view, it looked like his bones wanted to pop out of his skin.

It also seemed like he was growing.


It was Ashleigh who finally arrived along with Kaija.

It took her a while to get to Rose because she went over to Derek first to heal him because he suffered massive wounds from Cannibal's attacks.

After healing him, Germaine and R.R. stayed behind to provide support for Derek.

"ARE YOU OKAY?!" said Ashleigh as she looked with horror at Rose's state.

"I'm fine," said Rose as she got up.

"Please deactivate your skill so I can heal you!"

When Rose's skill [Crystal Body] is activated, although she loses her sense of physical touch, one of its weaknesses is that healing potions and spells don't work on her and her regeneration is off.

She had to deactivate her skill before she can receive any treatment.

But doing so, given the amount of damage on her body at the moment, she would have to undergo a sudden surge of inexplicable pain that could possibly break a person's mind.

Also, despite humans now having the System which allows them to increase their stats, their sense of pain was still no different from before.

Pain was still pain.

However, if she doesn't deactivate her skill to receive treatment, with the state she's in, she would have no choice but to retreat. And there was no way she was going to choose that option.

She deactivated [Crystal Body].

As soon she did that, a rush of inexplicable pain washed all over her.

And despite her strong-willed spirit, she couldn't help but cry out in pain and fall to the ground.


A huge amount of blood burst out from her wounds.

The pain made her feel like she was going to lose her mind.

Ashleigh immediately cast [Heaven's Treatment] on her.

All of her physical wounds were healed.

However, it took her about a second or two before she could move her body.

Her mind was still suffering from the sudden rush of inexplicable pain that her physical body just felt earlier.

When she got up, she immediately activated [Crystal Body].

"Rose, I'm low on mana and I can only cast my skill one more time. But I will be able to cast again after 12 minutes. I don't have any mana potions left either," said Ashleigh.

It takes 4 minutes to recover 1 mana point.

"No problem," said Rose.

She looked over at Nathan who just finished transforming and noticed the changes on his body after he swallowed that transparent nucleus.

His body became larger and was now 2.2 meters tall or around 7.2ft.

In addition to that, there were also a few visible white spots that could be seen on his body that were not covered by his equipment.

However, their color was slightly different from a Caucasian's skin color.

It was also different from the white scales of the D2.

The white spots were close to greyish or deathly pale as if he was an undead corpse.

Ashleigh and Kaija also noticed the changes in Nathan's body.

They all had a bad feeling…

Aside from changes in his outer appearance, there was something else…

Even Rose who was normally fearless felt a shiver ran down her spine.

"Rose, what should we do?"

"Ashleigh, tell Derek and the others to leave the tower right away. I'll buy you guys some time."

The System did say that the Divine Tower will close in 10 minutes.

And so far, it's already been more than 4 minutes already.

"No, there's also that other guy. You --"

Before she could even finish her sentence, Rose cut her off.

"No! Go now!"

Aside from Nathan, there was also Harry.


It was Harry.

He activated his skill on them.

"GO! NOW!" Rose said to Ashleigh and Kaija.

They finally followed her orders.


Nathan was grinning as he looked at his hand and formed a fist.

"Now this is power!"

The orb that he swallowed earlier was a consumable item called [Artifact] Divine Blood, according to the System.

As for its use, the System informed him that ingesting it will grant +30 stat points to a single attribute to the user's choice and it cannot be reversed.

The attribute he chose to increase was STR.

Regarding the increase of body size, the System didn't mention any of it so it came as a surprise to him that he almost thought he was poisoned.

His clothes felt a little tight right now.

However, he didn't have any problems with his System equipment (except the weapons) because they automatically change size to perfectly fit the wearer's body.

He also hasn't noticed that 20% of his skin's body was covered with deathly pale white spots. If he did, he would've cursed and call himself a dalmatian.



Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 68 (+9)

VIT – 36 (+5)

AGI – 33 (+28)

INT – 33 (+6)




[Grade D] Mini-crossbow (12/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12)

[Grade D] Black Helm (9/15): +3 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Armor (12/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves (13/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Boots (12/15): +4 Str

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger: +5 to all stats

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

[Grade D] Spatial Bag

Special Effects:

• 2% Chance to block any physical attack.


• Level X [Coward's Way]


• 20%


Looking at his stats, his grin became even wider.

'This is getting better and better!'

He also noticed the "Transformation" written on his status chart.

He knitted his brows.

'What the fuck is Transformation 20%?'

He never saw this before in his status chart prior to taking the [Artifact] Divine Blood].

'Was it because of the Divine Blood? What happens if it reaches 100%? Does this also mean that I can only drink Divine Blood 5 times?'

His head ached from thinking and there were more important things he needed to focus right now.

'I'll think about this later... System off.'

He looked over at the remaining survivors as he stood on top of the pyramid.

He saw Rose and Harry fighting.

He saw Ashleigh and Kaija heading towards Derek, Germaine and R.R. who were fighting Cannibal.

He saw the sergeant killing the last remaining non-Chosen One member of the Asian group.

The sergeant was able to kill the other one non-Chosen One member a while ago while Bones and Harry were fighting earlier.

And at the moment, he was heading towards the red portal to exit the Divine Tower.

The sergeant had no desire to enter the Divine Tower to begin with and was only forced by circumstances.

And seeing that all of his companions were already dead and knowing that there was a time limit before the tower closes, he decided to head for the exit.

He prayed that outside the tower his fellow brothers-in-arms are waiting for him or it will be no different from staying here.

'1 trying to escape and 8 people left, huh,' Nathan thought.


He glanced at Harry.

'Heh~ He still thinks we're allies?'

He picked up his [Grade D] Morning Star and placed it inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before activating [Coward's Way] and head towards the red portal.

And as just after two steps, he lost his balance and tripped, causing him to come tumbling down the steps until he reached the bottom of the pyramid.








At the bottom of the pyramid…

'Fuck me sideways!'

Due to his new body size, he wasn't able to properly control it.

Of course, from 6ft (or around 1.82m) to around 7.21 ft (or 2.2m), it was no doubt a big change for him or anyone who was in his position.

'Good thing I was invisible so no one saw that shameful fall!'

However, they all heard his voice…

'Wait! If I can't properly control my body right now, how am I suppose to stop them, let alone kill them?!'

He got up and ran towards the red portal.

The sergeant was already gone.

Ignoring the sergeant, aside from blocking the exit, to Nathan, this run was a quick training course to help him adapt to his new body size.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

Sorry if it took me more than a month to post again. I got so busy dealing with a number of things, work and personal. This effing epidemic just messed up a lot of things. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing fine.

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