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Chapter 88: Divine Tower 2

The arena was in chaos.

And for Rose's group, it was even more chaotic for them because not only did they have to fend themselves from the armored angels and potential backstab from Harry's group despite reaching an agreement of a ceasefire, but there was Nathan who was actively hunting them down.

Nathan, who was currently invisible, moved away from the spot he last appeared with his eyes locked on Ashleigh.


Despite Ashleigh screaming to the top of her lungs, the arena was so noisy from all the fighting going on.

And plus, Nathan didn't bother to hear what Ashleigh was saying.

He placed the handle of his axe between his teeth before taking out two grenades from his [Grade D] Spatial Bag and pulling their pins.

'You can block the Magic Bolt? Let's see if you can block this.'

He waited 2 seconds before tossing the two grenades to Ashleigh.

The moment he the two grenades left his hands, he immediately lost his invisibility and a few people noticed him.

"Grenade!" One member of Rose's group assigned to protect Ashleigh said.


The person was stabbed in the chest by a Black Armored Angel.

The two grenades landed near Ashleigh.

Seeing the grenades on the ground, Ashleigh and the others immediately moved away.

However, not many of them were lucky enough to avoid the upcoming explosions because there were also attacked by the armored angels.



One of the grenades exploded 5ft away from Ashleigh, causing her to be blown away and land flat on the ground.

Her ears were ringing.

Her [Grade D] Mace and Shield lay on the ground a few inches away from her.

As for Brezine, she wasn't hurt badly and immediately went over to Ashleigh to help her get up.


Ashleigh's ears were ringing and she was on a daze.

However, she saw and felt Brezine's hand grabbing and pulling her up.

Two people immediately went forward to come to help them, shielding them from the armored angels and another upcoming attack from Nathan.

One of them was Tyrone (aka Darkness), while the other was just a random-san.

"ASHLEIGH, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!" said Brezine as she dragged her away from the battle.

After about 2 seconds, Ashleigh recovered.

"My mace and shield…"

Hearing what Ashleigh said, Brezine realized that she forgot to pick up Ashleigh's [Grade D] Mace and Shield, causing her to curse.

"Shi--" She wasn't able to finish because a Magic Bolt came out between her brows and it stayed there.

Brezine's grip on Ashleigh loosen as she fell to the ground.

Although she also a Level 20 like Ashleigh, her stats were:

• Str - 21 (+9)

• Vit - 11

• Agi - 22 (+9)

• Int - 22 (+3)

Due to her low VIT, she immediately died when her brain was pierced.

If she had at least 30 VIT, she would've had 10 seconds before dying and Ashleigh could've saved her.

Just like the D1s who had 42 VIT, it takes them 20 seconds to die after their brain is pierced. But of course, if the damage is too severe or their head is cut off, they will immediately die.

Seeing Brezine lying on the ground motionless, Ashliegh's eyes widened.


Hearing no response, she immediately cast [Heaven's Treatment].

However, Brezine remained motionless.

She cast [Heaven's Treatment] once more, making her mana 84/124.

Still no changes.

She grabbed onto Brezine's shoulders. "Brezine! BREZINE! WAKE UP, BREZINE!!!"

She cast [Heaven's Treatment] once again.

Her mana was now 64/124.

Tears started flowing from her eyes.

Brezine was a very kind and supportive friend ever since she joined Red Dust.

"MISS ASHLEIGH, PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOU MANA AND PICK UP YOUR WEAPON AND HEAL THE OTHERS!" shouted Tyrone on the side after he killed a White Armored Angel.

However, he couldn't rest and go to Ashleigh because another armored angel was approaching.

Hearing what Tyrone said, some sense of clarity came to her.

She saw the bolt that pierce through Brezine's skull and remained attached between her forehead.

She also saw her other teammates that got caught in the explosion from the grenades that were thrown earlier.

She had no doubt who did this.

'I failed you once more… I'm really useless.'

She remembered how passive she was when the zombie apocalypse happened, depending on everyone around her.

She remembered how Nathan brutally beat Team 2 right in front of her and she didn't do anything, bringing her extreme guilt and ending up with her promising to herself that she will train hard and become strong.

And when Nathan left the Haven Town, she confronted Rose.

In the end, she demanded to ensure the safety of Amir and convince Nathan to come back or she will leave Red Dust.

Rose agreed.

However, this happened.

Before she even had the chance to talk to Nathan, the armored angels descended and Nathan attacked.

And plus, not only did she became a heavy burden as usual, but she also let Brezine die.

She grabbed Brezine's [Grade D] Sword and Shield before standing up to stop Nathan.

'I must stop him!' Ashleigh thought.

She was already torn in choosing between choosing Red Dust and Amir.

And whether it's the right thing or not, the only thing she could do right now is to stop Nathan from causing even more damage.

She first healed the others that were still alive.


Nathan was invisible and sneering as he stared at Ashleigh who seemed like something changed in her after seeing the death of her friend.

'Heh~ What a very interesting reaction…'

He was initially aiming for Ashleigh's head but changed his mind after he saw how they were desperately prioritizing her safety.

He recalled the group of non-Chosen Ones he killed before entering the Divine Tower and remembered how beautiful it was to see someone struggle desperately as they cling onto life before robbing it from them at the last minute.

And in the case of Ashleigh, given that she chose to side with Rose and betray Amir, it would be too kind and generous of him to kill her right away. It would be more fitting to slowly destroy those she held dearly around her and witness how she slowly breakdown in despair and regret.

Anyway, compared to Derek and Rose, she wasn't that much of a threat to him.

Nathan moved closer to a corpse to pick up a rifle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He didn't bother to deactivate [Coward's Way] before picking it up and moving away.

When he was at a reasonable distance, he began firing at Rose's team, causing him to lose his invisibility.





The bullets fired by Nathan killed 3 members of Red Dust.


Rose, who just finished killing an armored angel, witnessed the bullets being fired on her men.

Far from the battle, she saw the gunner, Nathan, who was shooting freely and with a sadistic smile on his face.

She also saw Brezine's corpse, lying on the ground.

'Damn you, you bastard!'

She pulled out her magnum that was capable of firing 8 rounds.

She aimed for Nathan's head.


The bullet landed on Nathan's left collar bone, causing him to stagger back and stop shooting.

She didn't stop pulling the trigger.



One bullet missed while the other hit Nathan on the shoulder.

Nathan looked right straight at her and sneered before dropping the rifle and disappear.

She continued pulling the trigger.






As she was about to reload, a White Armored Angel came charging towards her, thrusting its spear.

She sidestepped and transformed her other hand into a long and sharp object before piercing it through the head of the White Armored Angel.

After killing the White Armored Angel, she looked towards Ashleigh's group.

She was about to call Tyrone, who was fighting off an armored angel, and give him orders…


He was shot in the head, thrice.

Tyrone fell to the floor and stopped moving.

She looked at where the gunshots came from.

It was Nathan again, fully healed, still shooting from a distance.

He had a wide smile plastered on his face before he disappeared, showing that he was extremely pleased with the headshot he just did.





Another 3 members of Red Dust died in the hands of Nathan.

Rose was starting to lose her focus due to her anger.

If this keeps up, she would have no subordinates left.

The fact that the Black Armored Angels are immune to physical attacks and they don't know how many stages are there, the non-Chosen One members are vital.

And plus, having a larger group gives you more power in the long run.

'How will I kill him? I must first restrict his invisibility.'

She thought about the item she bought back at the Item Shop.

It was Dust of Appearance that could reveal invisible beings.

She specifically bought this because she had a feeling that she would encounter Nathan here.

However, using it is a different matter.

To use it, as explained by the shop owner, one had to throw it at the target. And if the dust touches the target, it will stick with target and shine for 30 seconds.

And at the current situation, Nathan was currently shooting from afar so it was basically useless at the moment.

Nevertheless, she still had to stop him.

"Captain Barlow!"

Rose called out the leader of the military group.

He was a black man with a strong build, about 6'4" tall and in his mid-30s. However, he wasn't a Chosen One.

Barlow and his group were fighting off the armored angels that were attacked them.

"You called, Miss Haven?"

"Help me kill that invisible Chosen One. I need a Chosen One with an AoE skill."

Barlow was silent.

"Captain, remember our agreement," Rose reminded coldly.

Although Red Dust had some connections with the government due to their dealings in the past, their influence wasn't that great.

In the military's eyes, Red Dust was just another organization that they chose to work with for benefits.

There are no eternal friends and enemies, only eternal benefits.

"You, go help them," Barlow ordered a Caucasian man with a metal collar around his neck.

This man was a captured Chosen One who had the skill [Burning Fighting Fighter]. He was about 6ft tall and in his late teens.

As for the metal collar around his neck, it was a bomb that was designed to explode if tampered. The bomb can also be remotely activated. And of course, Barlow has one of the remotes that can activate the bomb.


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