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Chapter 92: Divine Tower 6

There were 40 survivors remaining.

The four groups didn't stay together. Instead, they distanced themselves from one another and stick with their own circle.

Nathan sat together with Harry's group and ate.

Including Nathan, their total number was 8.

Nathan was given half a sandwich and also half a cup of water by Harry's group.

While they were eating, a man, who wasn't a Chosen One, was talking about how many armored angels he killed and how he killed them with style.

He even brought out his weapons and reenacted the scenes to make his stories even more dramatic.

In the case of Nathan, despite being a Chosen One like Harry, no one paid him that much attention due to the performance he has shown from Stage 2 to Stage 5.

He only maintained to kill 5 to 7 White Armored Angels per stage.

And because of that, the reactions were mixed.

Some of the dimwitted ones asked, "Is he really a Chosen One? We shouldn't waste our food on him."

However, those who were sharp-witted knew exactly what Nathan was doing and didn't comment at all, because they too were doing it as well.

It would be better to let those dimwitted ones brag without realizing that they were doing all the heavy lifting.

And of course, there were others that were just pathological saviors.

And speaking of pathological saviors…

Nathan secretly glanced at Rose's group.

Thanks to Derek's hero complex, they still had 13 members left. No one died ever since Nathan joined Harry's group.

Among them were familiar faces.

So aside from Rose, Derek and Ashleigh, there was also Germaine, Kaija, Crawler, and R.R.

'Well, given that they have two tank-type Chosen Ones and another one with almost god-like healing powers, it's not really a surprise,' Nathan thought.

He looked over at the military group.

Based on what he has seen, they have two Chosen Ones, thanks to the collars around their neck.

One was the Caucasian teenager who barbecued him.

The other one was also Caucasian but in his mid-20s. His power was that he was able to use his own bones as a System weapon.

Although this Chosen One didn't have to worry about picking up weapons and he had unlimited bone-made weapons so he doesn't need to be conscious about durability, the process was painful.

For him to summon a weapon, he had to alter the shape of his bones from any part of his body which would then pierce through his skin due to the unnatural shape and then break it.

In Nathan's mind, he coined them as Burning Fighting Fighter and Bones.

'So, what the bitch told me wasn't exactly a lie. Looks like the government is forcing Chosen Ones to fight for them…'

He wondered for a quick moment about the story behind these two Chosen Ones that led them to this state before tossing it away to the back of his head.

'It doesn't matter if they were forced against their will or not.'

Regardless of whatever the reason, they must die, especially the one that barbecued him.

He looked over at the Asian group.

This group also has two Chosen Ones as well.

One was a man in his late 20s and had the power to transform into a 2m-tall werebat. Aside from flying, he could also spit poisonous acid which was labeled as a magic attack. And although it doesn't require any mana to cast, it required something else -- there must be water inside his stomach. So in a way, it was like him vomiting.

Nathan also noticed that he doesn't wear gloves and boots, and perhaps rings as well, whether it was in human or werebat form.

With that, he concluded that this Chosen One's bonus stats were low.

The other Chosen One was mysterious.

He was a short and chubby man in his early 30s. And so far, he hasn't revealed any of his powers yet or perhaps he had already but those who have no knowledge what his powers are were simply unaware.

Moreover, among the Asian group, there were also two Muwinians.

The man finally ended telling his stories about the many armored angels he killed and how he killed them.

The crowd gave him a few cheers and applause as he sat down to eat his meal.

Another man got up to share his stories.

Harry got up as well and went over to Nathan who already finished eating his meal a long time ago.

He ushered Nathan to follow him and sit beside him just a few feet away from the circle.

When they were finally together…

"I've spoken with one of the leaders of the Asian groups earlier," said Harry.

"Okay," said Nathan as he looked at Harry and thought. 'This guy looks like one of the successful guys before the zombie apocalypse.'

He remembered the file of Harry and his group that was given to him by Twitch back at Haven Manor. However, he only glanced over the pictures and asked what his powers were.

And after observing him, he concluded that Harry could slow down his opponents that are within his peripheral vision.

As for how slow, he wasn't sure, but it was probably about 20%.

And as for the range of his skill, probably about 20 meters.

Harry was a native of Womania -- Caucasian with black hair.

In terms of looks, despite not being close to the level of the handsomeness of Derek, he was still good-looking. But what made him really attractive was his confidence, thanks to the success he acquired as a lawyer before the zombie apocalypse.

"They believe that there are only 10 stages," said Harry.

Nathan knitted his brows, trying to decipher where did they get such information to reach such a conclusion.

'Perhaps back at the Eternal Village?'

"Let me explain why. In fact, it makes sense. When the zombie apocalypse first began, there were Level 1 normal zombies and the Rank 1 types which were basically Level 11 zombies. And before the normal zombies reached Level 11, the Second Phase occurred and now there are Rank 2 types which are Level 21 zombies."

Nathan was silent.

"So following that pattern, it would make sense that there will be 10 stages. Plus, those armored angels don't give any EXP. And as diabolical and messed up the god is who unleashed this zombie apocalypse, there's always a sense of balance."

'Hmm… Makes sense but…' Nathan thought. "So what's the reason you're telling me this?"

A small smile slowly formed on Harry's lips.

"From Stage 6 to 9, our group and the Asian group would let Red Dust and the military group do most of the killing to wear them down. At Stage 10, we will resume our normal killing pace. And once the armored angels drop down to 30, that's when we attack the other two groups."

"You seem so sure that the plan will go according to plan. What if it fails? Do you even have a plan B?"

"Do we have a choice? Our food supply is limited. And plus, as a fellow Chosen One, I can tell that you're not exerting that much effort to save energy."

"What about what's waiting for us outside once we completed this tower? Have you considered that?"

"Back at the Eternal Village, the military group tried using their radios to contact the outside world."


"There was no signal."

"Are you sure about that?"


Nathan remained silent.

"By the way, that [Grade D] Spatial Bag around your waist is quite eye-catching."

Upon hearing what Harry said, Nathan's eyes immediately turned cold.

"Woah, easy now," said Harry as he raised his hands up. "Look, some of us here have seen what a [Grade D] Spatial Bag is and heard about its use but weren't able to afford it. I think it's only as big as a 30" x 50" duffle bag? Which, although is reasonably large, isn't worth fighting over with you -- an alive Chosen One is 10,000 times more useful than a dead one. However, once people start to go hungry and there's little food left, well, you can imagine what could happen."

"A threat, huh," Nathan's voice was cold.

Harry put down his hands.

"No, no, no. That was actually part of Plan B, a worst-case scenario -- well, sort of, in case the belief that there are only 10 stages turns out to be false. But if it turns out to be true, well, our share of the loots will be larger."

'Quite interesting you didn't mention anything about the Artifact,' Nathan thought.

When the Second Phase began, the System mentioned that participants could loot unique items and [Artifact] grade items inside the Divine Tower.

And based on what Nathan has seen so far, he could only conclude that the "unique" items are probably like the spatial bag, the Divine Tear, and Divine Stone he had and the black and white-colored equipment.

As of the [Artifact] grade items, whatever that is, he has no clue. But hopefully it's worth it.

Nathan thought about Harry's proposal to team up with the Asian group to kill the other two groups.

'Hmm.. If we could successfully kill those two groups, that would make things easier for me to reach my main goal -- kill everyone here.'

And the way he sees it, killing Harry and the Chosen One that could turn into a werebat (except for that secretive Chosen One that's a member of the Asian group) was easier.

In the case of Harry, as far as from what he has observed, he only needs to disappear and attack from behind or at least out of his peripheral vision.

"Before I give my decision, do you know what the powers are of that other Chosen One from the Asian group?" said Nathan.

"Which one?"

"The chubby one."

"The short, chubby one?" said Harry and chuckled. "Believe it or not, his power is that he could heal his wounds by eating the flesh of others -- Of course, the victim must be alive."

Nathan heard it, he couldn't help but feel pity yet also disgusted, making him thankful for his skill.

"Well, it doesn't technically have to be human. As long as it's a living being, it activates his skill. It also makes him full... I think. But how much flesh he needs to consume? That I don't know."

Nathan glanced over at the Chosen One that feeds on flesh to heal wounds, trying to decipher whether that person was a cannibal or not, despite not having encountered one so far or not knowing if there are any tell-tale signs that could indicate someone was a cannibal.

Regardless, he decided to coin this Chosen One in his head as "Cannibal".

But given that they're in a zombie apocalypse, there's no doubt that he would definitely encounter one sooner or later.

But still, if he does encounter one, as much as possible, he wouldn't want to be near one.

To him, that kind of depravity was so low (perhaps the lowest a human can get) and just downright repulsive.

Who knows what kind of diseases he could get from just being near them.

"Anyway, back to my offer. So, what's your decision? Don't you want to get revenge from what they did to you? In fact, just like you, I too share a deep hatred against Red Dust," said Harry.

"Really now," said Nathan as he stroked his beardless chin.

"They murdered my mother and drove my father to suicide. I will never rest until every last one of them is dead," said Harry with a low and cold voice.

Nathan looked over at Harry.

The hatred he felt from how he said those words was no doubt genuine because it left out a lingering feeling on his skin seconds even after they were spoken.

'I wonder how will this guy backstab me once we're done kill the other groups?' Nathan thought and smiled. "It seems that not only do we share a common enemy, we also share a similar experience as well. Rose took my cousin as a hostage. And when I refused to work with her, she killed him but failed to kill me."

Harry offered his hand.

"So we have a deal then."

Nathan reached out to grab Harry's hand.

"As long as you give me Rose and that blonde bimbo of a Chosen One named Ashleigh."

"No problem. It would be a waste not to torture that bitch before killing her."

"Okay. We have a deal."

After reaching an agreement, Harry got up and returned to the circle.

Nathan, on the other hand, disappeared and got up before heading to the edge of the arena.

His plan was to eat and then take a quick nap.

Regarding the food, what is half a sandwich and half a cup of water? Even a toddler would still be hungry after eating that!

As for taking a nap, how many hours has it been since he slept? It's been at least more than 24 hours.

'Let's see if this works…'

While still invisible, he pulled out one of the meals from his [Grade D] Spatial Bag that he prepared before entering the Divine Tower.

It was a tupperware that had rice inside that he cooked, and meat and vegetables from canned foods.

He didn't lose his invisibility.

Even the tupperware was invisible.

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He put down the tupperware on his lap so that it won't lose its invisibility and then took out a bottle of water.

He ate his meal…

After eating his meal, he returned the tupperware and the bottle of water inside his [Grade D] Spatial Bag before pissing on the wall of the arena.

There were no windows in this spacious arena, only an endless ceiling and the giant golden orb hovering above that illuminated the entire area.

He sat down with his back against the wall.

And before he closed his eyes, he looked over at the Muwinians among the Asian group and then to Harry.

'Muwin… Success…'

Asleep, he dreamt about a certain memory…


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