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Chapter 98: Divine Tower 8

Divine Tower - Stage 9.

Red Dust's side.

They still had 13 members left and Rose divided them into two teams.

Team 1 had Rose, Ashleigh, Germaine and 3 other members.

Meanwhile, Team 2 had Derek, Kaija, Crawler, R.R. and the other remaining members.

"Get down!"

Kaija, who was told to get down, immediately ducked.


The Black Armored Angel who swung its morning star, aiming for Kaija's head, missed just a couple of centimeters.

Kaija rolled away before casting an [Ice Spear] and aimed it to the Black Armored Angel's forehead.


She missed.

She was out of mana.

She had no way to kill the Black Armored Angel but she couldn't run away because she was caught in an awkward and difficult position within Red Dust, all thanks to Nathan's "betrayal" last night.

That night when the Second Phase began and all the Scavenger Teams were tasked to head to the Training Facility and wipe out the zombies along the way, only she didn't head there.

When she was asked why, she told them that she was ordered by Nathan to stay at the shop they've broken into.

However, given how things went, although she didn't do anything wrong because she was simply following the orders of her superior, that didn't stop others from doubting her.

Although Womania is a progressive country that pushes equality, there were still cases of people latching onto rich and powerful people for resources in exchange for sexual favors.

And with the zombie apocalypse, that sort of transaction became even more common, despite the fact that everyone has the System.

Because of that, she was caught in an awkward and difficult situation.

So, to prove her loyalty and ensure her own safety and the safety of her loved ones, despite the fact that she didn't even want to enter the Divine Tower, she had no choice but to volunteer.

She could only hope that she will survive this nightmare and return to her loved ones back at Haven Town.

Going back to the situation where she was facing the Black Armored Angel…

Even if she could run, where would she go to?

"I'm out of mana! I need back up! I will distract it in the meantime!" said Kaija as she dashed forward.

In front of the Black Armored Angel, not only did these 2m-tall armored angels have higher stats compared to her, had the ability to fly and could cast attack-type magic spells, they could also cursed their enemies with [Decrease STR], [Decrease AGI], [Decrease VIT], [Decrease INT] and [Silence] which could last about 30 seconds each and decreases the targeted attribute by 20%, making them such a headache to deal with, especially the black ones.

And given that they were now on Stage 9, the armored angels' overall stats were:

• STR - 29

• AGI - 29

• VIT - 29

• INT - 100

Meanwhile, Kaija's stats were:

Level 19:

• STR - 21

• AGI - 22 (+2)

• VIT - 21 ( +1)

• INT - 10 (+18)

Mana points:

• 8/56

Special Effects:

• 2% Chance to block any physical attack.

The Black Armored Angel cast [Decrease AGI] on Kaija.

She ignored the curse placed upon her and continued to dash forward.

When she was now close to the armored angel, she thrust her sword, aiming for the golden crystal to immobilize it for a quick second as it regenerates.

However, due to the already low stats of hers and the [Decrease AGI] curse that decreases one's AGI by 20%, the armored angel easily parried her attack by swinging away Kaija's blade with its morning star.



Pain immediately wrapped around her wrist as she lost her balance and stumbled down.

As the armored angel raised its weapon to struck down Kaija, a pair of large arms grabbed it from behind, locking it.

It was Derek.

His Chosen One skill [Maximize] transforms him into a 2.5m-tall giant. It multiplies his base STR and VIT by 2, and divides his AGI by 3. Moreover, he was also immune to the zombie virus.

And as for his stats...

Level: 22

• STR - 64 (32) (-12.8)

• VIT - 68 (34) (-13.6)

• AGI - 10.66 (32) (+28) (-7.73)

• INT - 31 (-6.2)

Special effects:

• None

With his high stats, he was like an unstoppable machine, killing the White Armored angels and tanking almost most of the attacks, which not only boosted the morale of his comrades but also further increased the respect and admiration they had for him.

"Kill it now! Hurry!" said Derek as he held onto the Black Armored angel.

The Black Armored Angel tried to flap its wings to fly, but it couldn't. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There was also a White Armored Angel coming and was about 50ft away.

"I can't! I don't have any mana anymore."

All of a sudden, Crawler and R.R. were coming to the rescue.

They just killed two armored angels, a black and white, before heading here.

Thanks to the experience they had gone through the night of the Second Phase, they became close friends, including Germaine.

"I'm already out of mana!" said Crawler.

"I still have enough for 2 spells!" said R.R.

"The same as usual!"

"Got it!"

Crawler increased his running speed and abruptly stopped about 5ft away in front of Derek and the Black Armored Angel before crouching.

Behind him was R.R.

She invoked a [Fireball] spell and stepped on Crawler's back, leaping towards the 2m-tall Black Armored Angel and aimed for the golden crystal on its forehead.

"EAT THIS!" said R.R. as she thrust her hand and grabbed onto the Black Armored Angel's forehead with her hand that had the [Fireball] spell.


Fire immediately spread all over the Black Armored Angel, breaking the crystal.

The armored angel disintegrated.


Derek wasn't able to let go right away so he also got caught in the flames and it engulfed him for 2 seconds.

Fortunately, his VIT was high. So although his skin got burned along with his clothes, the damage wasn't that severe.

Seeing Derek's burned skin, R.R. immediately apologized.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Save that for later, there are still more angels," said Derek.

Crawler got up and smiled, "It looked so cool. But in the end--"


A large blade of a sword came out of his chest.

He was stabbed by a White Armored Angel from behind.

It was the White Armored Angel earlier that was about 50ft away and heading towards Derek and Kaija.

"Uggghhh….!" Crawler groaned in pain and blood trickled from his lips down to his chin.

"NOOOOOOO! FELIX!!!" said R.R. and dashed forward.

The White Armored Angel flapped its wings, leaving the ground as it carried Crawler's body with its sword.

When the armored angel was already about 6ft above the ground, it swung its blade away, cutting away from Crawler's body.



As soon as Crawler's body touched the ground, he immediately died.

R.R. was already near the White Armored Angel, but it was above her.


"R.R., NO!" said Derek and dashed forward.

Kaija followed suit as well.

R.R. grabbed onto one of the armored angel's armored boots and tried to pull it down.

But despite her efforts, the angel just flapped its wings and flew higher, lifting her from the ground.

Derek and Kaija tried to pull down R.R. but they were already too late.

The White Armored Angel flew higher and higher, faster and faster with R.R. still grabbing into its boot.

Due to the speed, she had to let go of her [Grade D] Sword and held onto the armored angel's boots with two hands.

High above the ground and near the giant golden orb that illuminated the entire area, the armored angel stopped.

With it's other hand, it invoked an attack-type spell and aimed it at R.R.

It was [Fireball].

Seeing the spell, R.R. realized that she had no other choice left and braced herself for the consequences of her actions.

She let her emotions get the better of her.

She immediately cast [Fireball] as well, despite know that this White Armored Angel was immune to magic.

Both of them cast [Fireball].



They were both engulfed by the flames of each others' [Fireball] for 2 seconds.

The White Armored Angel got into a thrusting stance with its sword.

R.R., on the other hand, let go due to the pain from being burned.

And with nothing to hold onto up in the sky, she came falling down like a meteor.

The armored angel began flying down to plunge its sword into R.R.'s flesh.

Her skin was severely burned but there was a smile on her face.

"So this is the end, huh…" said R.R. as she looked at the White Armored Angel coming towards her as she fell from the sky.

A series of memories came flashing inside her head.

She thought about her family and friends.

When the White Armored Angel was only a few feet away from plunging its sword towards her, it was suddenly met with gunshots.


The White Armored Angel stop and moved to the side to avoid bullets.

Although she was now safe from that armored angel, she was still falling down…

She thought about the ones that died.

She still continued to fall and was now getting closer to the ground…

She thought about the ones that were still alive.

She was now very close to the ground…

"At least I'll be able to say that I flew with an angel…"

As she closed her eyes and finally accepted her death, all of a sudden…


A large hand with claws grabbed her.

It was the Chosen One from the Asian group who could turn into a 2m-tall werebat.

"Your leader asked me to save you for a price," said the Werebat and smiled, showing his long, sharp fangs.

Although the Asian and Harry's group plan was to kill the other two groups, it was still a step too early.

Not only were the armored angels getting stronger, their food supply was also getting shorter.

And in his case, given that he needs fluid for his acid skill to work and was getting short in supply, naturally, the price he asked for saving this woman was 2 liters of water.

And even if he saves this woman, what can she do other than just be another random kill? There's a reason why Chosen Ones are more powerful.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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