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56.57% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 99: Divine Tower 9

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Chapter 99: Divine Tower 9


'Congratulations on completing Stage 9 of the Divine Tower. Please proceed to Stage 10 through the portal.'

There were now 29 survivors left.

9 with Rose's group.

8 with the military group.

6 with the Asian group.

6 also with Harry's group (including Nathan).

And as for the Chosen Ones, all of them were still alive.

"Go to the military group. Tell them we should take a two-hour break before entering Stage 10," said Rose to Germaine.

The break that all groups have agreed to between stages was 30 minutes.

But for this stage, Rose decided for a two-hour break.

"Yes, boss."

Germaine went over to the military group to tell Captain Barlow.

After passing the message, Germaine returned and told Rose that he agreed.

'Now that I have 1 vote, I need to tell the other teams,' Rose thought.

She headed to the Asian group first and then to Harry's group.

The Asian leaders and Harry disagreed, but Rose and Captain were adamant with the decision to take a two-hour break, telling them that they were low on both mana and mana potions.

In the end, all groups reached into an agreement of a one-hour break.


At the moment, everyone was busy checking their loots and trading.

Nathan opened a [Green] Treasure Chest and frowned.

It was a spellbook.

'Sigh… Useless…'

As he touched the spellbook with his fingers to see what kind of spell the book featured, the System informed him…


Name of skill:

Summon Skeleton Warrior


Summons a skeleton warrior for 40 mana points and lasts for 1 hour. Stats is 50% of the caster's base stats. Equipment depends on the skill level.


20 intelligence required.

2 skill points learn.


'Do you wish to learn [Summon Skeleton Warrior]?' asked the System.

His eyes widened for a moment.

"White Bones!"

'Error! Unknown command given. Failed to learn the [Summon Skeleton Warrior].'

Some people heard Nathan's shout and looked at him out of curiosity.

They saw Nathan grab a spellbook with a smile on his face and were now confused.

They knew that Nathan was a Chosen One and Chosen Ones can't learn any skills so it was useless to people like him.

"Buddy, what skill is it?"

So far, the spellbooks that dropped were just the common ones, such as [Fireball], [Ice Spear], [Stone Spear], [Double Slash], [Sword Stab] and [Spear Stab].

There was also one person who was able to drop [Lion Heart] which costs 20 mana points and boosts a person's courage for 30 seconds. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In addition to that, there was also the buff spells [Increase STR], [Increase STR], [Increase AGI], [Increase VIT] and [Increase INT].

There was also curse spells [Decrease STR], [Decrease AGI], [Decrease VIT] and[Decrease INT].

Nathan looked at the person who asked.

It was Joseph.

"It's a skill called [Summon Skeleton Warrior] that costs 40 mana to cast and lasts for 1 hour!"

Nathan made sure his voice was loud enough to attract potential buyers.

"Whoever wants this, I'm willing to trade it with a +4 AGI Black/White helm or armor, or a +4 STR boots!"

"What about its stats? Does it have spells?"

"I don't know if it can cast spells. But for its stats, it's half of the caster's base stats."

Putting aside whether it can cast spells or not, when others heard that its stats were only 50% of the caster, some lost interest.

Noticing it, Nathan immediately followed it up with another sentence.

"Yes, it's only half of the caster's base stats. However, it's not like you're going to be low-level forever, right? Plus, it doesn't say that you can only cast one skeleton at a time!"

The crowd's interest returned and grew.

"The skill also says that its equipment improves as you increase its level!"

"What about the skill points required?"

Hearing the question about the skill points required, Nathan started to have a bad feeling.

Skill point is an important matter for non-Chosen Ones.

As a Level 1, they get one free skill point. However, the next skill point is at Level 5. From there, they will receive one skill point every five levels.

Because of this, not many would carelessly learn or spend their skill points. They would only do so when they find a useful skill or if they have no choice due to circumstances.

Also, as far as Nathan can remember from all the spellbooks he has seen, all of them required only 1 skill point to learn, except for this one that he had on his hands right now.

"It's… It's 2 points…"

When the crowd heard what he said, about 70% of the non-Chosen Ones quickly lost interest.

A man from the Asian group first approached Nathan.

This man was a Muwinian.

"My fellow countryman, I have here a White Heavy Leather Armor that gives +2 AGI, +1 INT and +1 STR. I hope you will --"

Listening to the man's accent, he could tell that he was a North Muwinian.

"No thanks. That's trash!"

Another man approached.

This time it was from the military group.

It was the sergeant that Nathan saw last night.

"I have here a Black Helm that gives +3 AGI and +1 INT. I will also offer this."

The military man held out what looked like a pentel pen.

"What's that?"

"It's a drug to boost one's physical and mental performance and eliminates pain for 10 minutes."

"Is that the Awakening Potion sold at the Item Shop?"

"No, this is one of the items issued to us by the government."

Nathan squinted his eyes.

One of the stories that his ex-military uncle told him before was that whenever they are on a mission that required them to be on the battlefield for more than 3 days, they are secretly given premium-grade drugs by the government.

It was used for emergencies, allowing them to be awake for hours, be fearless, eliminate hunger and pain in order to perform in top condition.

And whether they use it or not during the mission, once they returned, it was theirs to keep.

However, they were not allowed to sell it or they will face serious consequences.

"How do I know you're not lying about its use? What if it's already used or expired?"

The military man looked at Nathan with an expression that read: Are you for real?

"I would like to make an offer as well," said a woman's voice.

It was a voice that Nathan has gotten very familiar with recently.

He turned towards where that familiar voice was coming from.

It was Rose.

And beside her was Kaija.

"Shoo!" Nathan waved his hand. "Even if you offer me 10 times the item I'm asking for, I will never accept it! I don't deal with backstabbing whores like you!"

Rose squinted her eyes as she looked at Nathan.

Even though she can't learn any skills, she wanted the [Summon Skeleton Warrior] for her loved ones.

She could have her father or siblings learn it.

"Nathan, listen. Your cousin is --"

"Shut your fucking mouth! Don't you even think about blackmailing me again! Never will I believe anything that comes out of that poisonous mouth of yours! Get your skinny ass away from here! Shoo! Shoo! You're scaring my potential customers! SHOO!"

Seeing that Nathan refused even to listen to her, Rose backed away and returned to her group.

Kaija followed suit.

"Please wait. If there are no other better offers, I will accept yours," said Nathan to the sergeant.


Nathan was presented with other offers, but none of them were to his liking.

Some of the offers even pissed him off.

If he didn't need to work with these people to kill the armored angels, he would've killed them already.

5 minutes later…

"Here," said Nathan as he passed the [Summon Skeleton Warrior] spellbook to the sergeant.

"Thank you," said the sergeant as he took the spellbook and passed on the Black Heavy Leather Helm and the performance-enhancing drug.

Once the sergeant left, Nathan immediately removed his [Grade D] Helm and placed it inside his [Grade D] Spatial Bag and wore the [Grade D] Black Helm.



Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 38 (+4)

VIT – 36

AGI – 33 (+29)

INT – 33 (+1)




[Grade D] Large Axe (8/12)

[Grade D] Mini-crossbow (12/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12)

[Grade D] Black Helm (9/15): +3 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Armor (12/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves (13/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Boots (12/15): +4 Str

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

[Grade D] Spatial Bag

Special Effects:

• 2% Chance to block any physical attack.


• Level X [Coward's Way]


'My god! That guy was so cheap! The durability of the helm he gave me is already 9/15!'

He felt cheated.

However, after thinking that that sergeant wasn't a Chosen One.

'Well… what can I expect from weaklings?'

He shook his head and smiled.

'Anyway…. so my AGI is down by 1 point. But hey, at least I got a 2% chance to block any physical attack…'

'Hmm… My total mana is 68 points. One more point and I can make it 70 for 7 shots…'

'Well, whatever. This is only temporary. I will be killing everyone anyway. So whatever loots they have will be mine in the end.'

Nathan raised his head and looked around.

His smile became wider and his eyes flashed a cold glint.



Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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With that, I want to give my special thanks to the Immortal Patron(s) for February 2019:

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The second immortal position is becoming an Immortal Donator by sending it to my PayPal address.


This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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