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Chapter 87: Divine Tower

The 100 armored angels with a wingspan of more than 5 meters long and a height of 2m were descending from the sky.

Everyone stopped to marvel from the sight for a quick moment.

The light coming from the giant golden orb which served as a miniature sun and illuminated the entire area made the armored angels' descent divinely beautiful.

It was as if heaven opened its doorways and the angels have arrived to welcome them.

The armored angels were donned in full armor, covering their entire body, and armed with shields and melee weapons such as spears, swords and maces.

The slit of their helmets where the eyes should've been visible featured nothing but darkness as if nothing was inside but a black void.

They had a golden crystal that was positioned on their forehead.

However, not all of them shared the same armor color. Some featured a black full armor, while the others had white armor.

"Prepare to engage!" Someone among the crowd said.

No matter how breathtakingly divine the sight was, some humans were able to break away from the captivating sight right away and reminded themselves that they were inside the Divine Tower.

The Eternal Village itself was already a great example. It was mysterious and dangerous -- some of them even died when they chose to ignore the warning given by the System. With that, it was best to assume the worst possible scenario at all costs.

As soon as the armored angels were 20 meters above the ground from the humans, the angels began to throw spells at them.

"Spread out!"

Everyone began to scatter away, including Nathan.

Although no spell was specifically targeted at Nathan because he was invisible, bumping into anyone or getting caught in the explosion of the spells will make him lose his invisibility.





There were a number of spells that Nathan wasn't familiar of. He didn't know what was the name of the spells because the armored angels didn't speak, but it was something he has never seen before.

The spells he recognized were [Fireball], [Ice Spear] and [Stone Spear].

As for the spells he didn't recognize, there were [Decrease STR], [Decrease AGI], [Decrease VIT], [Decrease INT] and [Silence].

And when the armored angels landed on the ground, they began to cast other spells as well. But this time it was the support type such as [Increase STR], [Increase AGI] and [Increase VIT].

The people who were close to the armored angels were also informed about the names of these angels.

The black ones were Level 1 Black Armored Angel, while the white ones were Level 1 White Armored Angel.

As for their actual stats:

STR - 21

AGI - 21

VIT - 21

INT - 100

Although their stats weren't as high (except for the INT) and they were a headache to deal with because of their spells and capability of flying, what made these angels such as hassle to deal with is…

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?! SOME OF THEM ARE NOT DYING!" said an Asian man who was carrying a [Grade D] Mace and [Grade D] Shield.

No matter how many times he bashed the Black Armored Angel, even hitting the golden crystal on its head, it just kept regenerating.


He was a Chosen One with the power to transform into a werebat and was part of the Asian group. He could spit poisonous acid which was labeled as a magic attack.

And although his skill doesn't require any mana to cast, it required something else -- there must be water inside his stomach. So in a way, it was like him vomiting.

Hearing what he said, the others began to change their tactics as well.

The group of Rose and the military that were working together discovered the weaknesses too.

The same thing happened to Harry and his group as well.

Nathan, who was on the edge of the arena far from the battle, was observing quietly and invisible.

He doesn't know when exactly he started developing this type of fighting style. Perhaps it was when he first encountered the D1? Regardless, after all the things he witnessed since the zombie apocalypse began, if he encounters something new, he would observe first before making his move.

Plus, given that it was a chaotic battle with spells and bullets flying around, the effectiveness of his skill, [Coward's Way], drastically dropped.

'These armored angels don't look like they have high stats but they can fly and cast spells. There's also the issue of their immunity… I wonder how much EXP one gives…'

Nathan put on 5 Magic Bolts on his [Grade D] Mini-crossbow that was attached to his left forearm and aimed it at one Black Armored Angel that was attacking an Asian woman.

A scoping system appeared through his eyesight.

He recalled what the blacksmith told him.

Magic Bolts have a tracking feature. But to use it, it requires 10 mana points and one must lock on their target for 3 seconds before pulling the trigger.

The blacksmith also mentioned that this [Grade D] Mini-crossbow is as powerful as a crossbow but reloading it takes a lot of time. However, how strong is it? Can it one-hit-kill a D1? Perhaps if it had an explosion effect, it could.

He aimed for the gold crystal of the Black Armored Angel that he had his sights on.


The moment that he pulled the trigger he immediately lost his invisibility and his mana points dropped to 56/66.

The Magic Bolt flew in the air with a blue aura on its tip and went straight to the golden crystal of the Black Armored Angel he was aiming.

The image of the bolt was too eye-catching, especially to the ones who had high INT.


The Magic Bolt shattered the crystal and the Black Armored Angel immediately disintegrated and dropped a [Green] Treasure Chest.

Nathan knitted his brows in confusion before activating [Coward's Way].

Putting aside the [Green] Treasure Chest which means it's only a [Grade D] equipment, what made him confused was that he didn't receive any EXP.

'It can't be, right?'

He aimed for another Black Armored Angel.


46/66 mana.

The same thing happened, except that it didn't drop any treasure chest.

His expression darkened.


He immediately activated [Coward's Way] and pondered.

Given that there indeed no EXP, his desire to fight drastically dropped.

There was also the issue of immunity.

Nathan gritted his teeth.

'Does this mean I have to team-up with people again?! Weak! Useless! Even with all my strength and new equipment…!'

It takes 4 minutes to recover 1 mana point and he only had 1 [Small Mana Potion]. As for his Magic Bolts, not only does it require 10 mana points to use, but it will turn into a normal Bolt once used and he only bought 100 pieces.

He glanced at Rose's group.

They were about 100 feet away from where he was standing.

There were familiar faces -- Derek, Ashleigh, Brezine, Germaine, Kaija, Crawler, Darkness and R.R.

Both Derek and Rose had their skills activated.

Ashleigh, on the other hand, was heavily guarded -- there was an outer and inner circle surrounding her.

The outer circle was composed of 6 people and were spread out by about 10 feet from each other. Meanwhile, the inner circle had 3 people and Brezine was one of them.

'Well, although I have to work with other people -- again, that doesn't mean I can't choose who I can work it. Hmm…'

He couldn't go near Rose's group without facing the risk of losing his invisibility. It was just too chaotic thanks to the spells, bullets and people moving around.

He raised his left arm and aimed at Ashleigh's head.

'To take down a group, one should always aim for the healer first, right?'

He recalled the anime show he watched a few years back. It was Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.


The Magic Bolt flew, aiming for Ashleigh's head.

When it was just a few feet away from her, she raised her shield.



Nathan made a clicking sound with his tongue.

What was he expecting?

They haven't forgotten what happened last night and they knew his personality. And given that they knew he was here, they were no doubt expecting him to attack them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This is why Rose ordered her men to guard Ashleigh.

As for how Ashleigh was able to see guard the Magic Bolt, aside from the fact she was expecting a sneak attack from Nathan, as a Level 20, her stats were:

• STR – 29

• VIT – 30

• Agi – 30

• INT – 28 (+34)

Mana: 124/124

With that, if AGI increases one's movement speed, having high INT not only increases mana points but also increases thought process which allows them to see things that's moving fast in slow motion. However, INT must not be over 30 points compared to VIT because it will give the user headaches -- the higher the gap, the stronger the headache the user experiences if he/she focuses to see fast-moving objects in slow motion.

Also, the blue aura emitted by the Magic Bolt was too eye-catching.

Ashleigh winced in pain from a headache.

"Ashleigh, are you okay?" Brezine said.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"There he is!" A person from the outer circle said.

They caught a glimpse of Nathan before he disappeared.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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With that, I want to give my special thanks to the Immortal Patron(s) for January 2019:

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Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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