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Chapter 85: Eternal Village 4

Nathan and the young man walked inside the Item Shop.

"Welcome to our shop."

They were greeted by a blue-haired and eyes plumped woman around in her 40s and a green-haired and eyes girl who was around 14 years old.

Both of them had a very friendly expression on their faces.

'So this is the big fish,' the older woman, who was the owner, thought.

Back when Nathan was still at the Blacksmith Shop, the young man whom he instructed to come here with the Priestess' ring on his hand, informed her that Nathan had 2 large sacks of Nuclei, including [Grade C] ones, causing to her to smile in delight and look forward in meeting him.

The other Traveling Mercenaries that came here earlier barely bought anything so she wasn't able to earn that much. With that, she saw Nathan as her last chance to earn before the Traveling Mercenaries enter the portal.

"Welcome to my shop, Great Chosen --"

"I don't have much time left. Tell me what items I should carry inside the --" Nathan was about to ask about the portal but stopped himself after remembering the warning from the System earlier. "I mean, show me the items you're selling and make it quick."

"Certainly, Great Chosen One. We have…" The woman immediately gave a quick and brief introduction of the items she was selling.

First, she introduced the potions…

• [Small] Healing Potion...Restores health by 20% - 50 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Medium] Healing Potion...…Restores health by 40% - 100 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Large] Healing Potion.....Restores health by 60% - 150 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Small] Mana Potion...…...Restores mana by 20% - 150 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Medium] Mana Potion....Restores mana by 40% - 200 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Large] Mana Potion...…...Restores mana by 60% - 250 [Grade D] Nuclei

• Antidote...Cures ailments - 300 [Grade D] Nuclei

• Awakening Potion...….Adrenaline rush for 10 minutes which will then be followed with a downtime for 20 minutes - 300 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Grade D] Repair Kit....Restores durability of [Grade D] equipment- 50 [Grade D] Nuclei

• [Grade C] Repair Kit....Restores durability of [Grade C] equipment - 100 [Grade D] Nuclei

Next, she introduced something that immediately caused Nathan's eyes to shine after the woman explained its function.

• [Grade D] Spatial Bag - 500 [Grade D] Nuclei

And for the others, they were…

• Dust of Appearance....Reveals invisible beings - 200 [Grade D] Nuclei

• Divine Stone.....Unknown - 50 [Grade D] Nuclei

• Divine Tears...…Unknown - 1000 [Grade D] Nuclei

Hearing the prices, Nathan's eyes widened in disbelief.

'Hey, shouldn't items be cheaper compared to equipment?! That's a classic RPG rule, you know! I'm not being scammed here, right?!'

"Great Chosen One, which items do you want to purchase?"

Nathan slowly turned towards the shop owner with a cold gaze.

"Items?" He stressed the letter "s".

He looked at the remaining Nuclei he had with him.

'I only have 132 [Grade D] Nuclei and 32 [Grade C] Nuclei left… One [Grade C] Nucleus is worth 50 [Grade D] Nuclei… That means I have a total of 1,632 [Grade D] Nuclei…'

"The [Grade D] Spatial Bag… What's the maximum weight it can carry?"

The [Grade D] Spatial Bag was as big as a medic pouch that the wearer can attach on his/her waist.

"The maximum capacity isn't based on the weight. Instead, it's based on the size. It's as large as a sack this big."

The woman made a gesture with her hands.

Based on the woman's description, a [Grade D] Spatial Bag's space was as big as a 30" x 50" duffle bag.

"I see."

The woman added, "Also, it's enchanted with Time-freeze magic so you can keep food and drinks without worrying that it will spoil, and enjoy cold or hot meals and drinks as you travel. However, no living being can be kept inside the bag."

'Wow… That's nice,' Nathan thought. "Can you tell me about the Divine Stone and Divine Tears?"

"Oh, those two? They are mystery items from God that only the Traveling Mercenaries can identify its use by touching it. We, the people of this village, aren't allowed to know about it due to the rules of our religion."

Nathan raised an eyebrow.

The woman passed Nathan the Divine Stone and Divine Tears.

The Divine Stone was a pearl that was as large as an adult's thumb. Meanwhile, the Divine Tears was a 5-inch vial with gold liquid.

As soon as Nathan touched them, the System immediately informed him of the use of the items.

To use the Divine Stone, the user must first be outside the Divine Tower before crushing it which will teleport the user to a nearby Divine Tower.

The Divine Tears, on the other hand, was a cure for the zombie virus. However, it will only work when the person hasn't turned to a full-fledged zombie yet.

Knowing about the use of the Divine Tears, Nathan couldn't help but exclaimed, "My God! This… This is basically a second life!"

Looking at the Divine Tears on his palm, Nathan was mesmerized.

Meanwhile, the woman, seeing Nathan's reaction, her eyes glistened in anticipation.

"Great Chosen One, are you interested in buying that as well? I can give you a discount. I will give a 5% discount on your total expenses."

"Only 5%?" Nathan scoffed.

"I'm very sorry, Great Chosen One. Business has been slow lately so 5% is the best thing I can do."

"Yeah, yeah, right. Okay, I will buy the [Grade D] Spatial Bag, Divine Tears and Divine Stone… Add-in a [Small] Mana Potion as well."

He remembered that Magic Arrows required 1 mana point to cast so he bought one just in case.

"Okay, that's 1,700 [Grade D] Nuclei… Subtract it with the 5% discount, the total price is 1,615, Great Chosen One."

Nathan paid her the amount and he was left with 17 [Grade D] Nuclei to which he plans to give to the young man who was serving as his guide.

The green-haired girl, who was only 14 years old, gave Nathan the [Grade D] Spatial Bag.

He immediately put down his backpack and fanny pack before wearing the [Grade D] Spatial Bag around his waist.

He then emptied his backpack and fanny pack and placed its contents inside the [Grade D] Spatial Bag.

As for using it…

Putting items inside was easy. He just has to insert the item on its mouth and it will automatically absorb it like a vacuum, providing that there's still extra space inside.

On the other hand, to take out an item, he just has to insert his hand inside the mouth of the bag and the System will give a list of the items inside and he will have to imagine grabbing the item before pulling his hand out.

'This is quite handy…' Nathan thought as he moved around.

He no longer had to carry a backpack, fanny pack and the sacks for the nuclei.

He also decided to remove his police vest and the sword he carried behind his back.

He had a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun on his left thigh, a [Grade D] Long Dagger on his right thigh, and his [Grade D] Large Axe that he carries on his hand.

'Dammit… I forgot to ask the blacksmith if he had some strap for this axe,' he thought. "This is for you."

He gave the sack that had his remaining nuclei to the young man who was serving as his guide.

"Thank you, Great Chosen One!"

"No problem. Just take me to the Holy Temple now."

"Of course!"

The owner of the shop approached them.

"Thank you so much for your purchase, Great Chosen One. To show you my gratitude, I would like to give you these treats for your future travels."

The owner of the shop gave him a box which had 6 slices of cakes.

"These are from the Tavern. Aside from being tasty, eating one is like eating one full meal but without counting the water."

Nathan held the box on his hand and inspected it for a quick moment before putting it inside his [Grade D] Spatial Bag.

He wasn't sure if eating anything served inside the Divine Tower was safe. Even if it was, for all he knows, it could be human meat or he could have stomach problems. But given that it eating one piece of it is like eating one full meal, it was nevertheless a valuable item.

'From the Tavern, huh,' Nathan thought. "Thank you."

Unfortunately, he had no nuclei left and he was very short on time.

He checked his watch.

12:03 pm.

"Let's go to the Holy Temple right away," Nathan said to the young man as he turned away to the exit.

He didn't want to go along with the Item shop owner, thinking that she would only slow him down.


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