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Chapter 23: Experiment (2)

Nathan was sitting on a chair and lit a cigarette.

"Okay, you first," he pointed at Rick.

Rick forced himself to calm down, bracing himself to what was about to come.

"Do you have the System?" Nathan asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When the four heard Nathan's question, they were surprised and confused. Doesn't everyone have the System?

The three looked at Rick, wondering what he was going to say.

Rick thought long and hard, wondering if it was a trick question or not.

"Do you have the System or not?" Nathan asked again.

"Yes," Rick finally answered. Whatever comes, he will endure it.

Nathan's face didn't give any emotion at all. The four couldn't tell whether he was satisfied by the answer Rick gave him or not, which led them to worry even more.

"How many stat points do you get each time you level up?"

This time, the question was pointed at Erica.

Erica flinched. She looked at Nathan and then to her boyfriend, Rick, seeking guidance.

Rick looked back at her and nodded.

When she saw Rick nod, she turned to Nathan and said, "Two points."

'Only two points?' Nathan thought and then turned to Sarah. He remembered that this woman had a [Fireball] skill.

"What about the skill points?"

"We get 1 free skill point at level one. The next skill point is at level 5. I don't know when the next skill point is because I'm only level 5 but I think it's at level 10," Sarah said.

"Tell me about magic spells and their mana consumption."

"Um...To learn a skill from the System, you need a Skill Book. Take for example my [Fireball] skill. To learn it, it requires 10 intelligence. Currently, my [Fireball]'s skill level is 1, and to upgrade to level 2 requires 2 skills points. Regarding mana consumption, it takes requires 20 mana points to cast a Level 1 [Fireball]."

"How do you know it takes 20 mana points?" Nathan was confused. How many times has he checked his status chart? Not once did he see any MP. Is it exclusive only to non-Chosen ones? Or perhaps there's a feature on his status chart that he wasn't aware of?

"Mana points only appear when you learn a skill that requires mana."

"How many mana points do you have? How do you recover mana? Is there a mana potion?"

"My intelligence points is 18 so I have 36 mana points. I don't know if there's a mana potion, but to recover mana naturally, it takes 4 minutes to recover 1 mana point."

Hearing the questions of Nathan, the test subjects started to believe that Nathan's questions were no doubt trick questions. So far, they've answered every question truthfully.

What really made them believe to believe so was Nathan's question about mana consumption. They've seen how Nathan could disappear. They refused to believe it's a tech developed by the government or an item loot from the System. To them, it must be a magic skill from the System that requires mana points so he should be well-aware about mana.

But the truth of the matter, they didn't know about the existence of Chosen Ones.


Two hours later.

There were already a number of cigarette butts lying on the floor.

Nathan was observing his test subjects. Until now, they haven't turned into zombies.

'How long does it fucking take for a person to turn into a zombie?!'

"Hey, does anyone of you know how long it takes to turn into a zombie?" Nathan asked.

Hearing what Nathan said, they started to panic in horror. They've always wondered what Nathan forced them to drink earlier. Now, they realized that Nathan's plan was to turn them into zombies. In their mind, the water was contaminated or something.

The two women broke down in tears and tried to force themselves to vomit. Josh just stared on the cold in horror. Rick was shouting curses.

"You fucking bastard! Fuck your experiment! So you were planning to turn us into zombies all along!"

Nathan got up and started beating the loud one, Rick.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

"Please stop it!" Sarah shouted.

"Baby! Please stop! You're hurting him!" Erica cried out.

Josh just stared in horror and was murmuring to himself like a madman.

Seeing the bloody Rick finally silent and semi-conscious, Nathan then turned to the three and said, "What gave you the idea that I wanted to turn you into a zombie? The experiment we're doing right now isn't related to that."

The three just remained silent.

He approached Erica and held her chin, forcing her to face him.

"Miss, can you please just tell me how long does it take to for someone to turn into a zombie?" Nathan said in a very calm and friendly manner.

"A... About an hour," Erica said.

Nathan stared at Erica's eyes, trying to determine if she was lying or not.

'Young and beautiful. What a waste,' Nathan thought.

Erica stared at him with pure hatred. If looks could kill, Nathan would've died already.

After reaching to a conclusion that she wasn't lying, he let go of Erica's chin and sat on the chair.

'I need to do more tests just to be 100% sure,' he stroked his goatee.

If he turned into a zombie just because of his desire to take a bath, wouldn't that be a pathetic reason to die?

'But first, I need to find a proper place to keep them.'

<Author's Note: Hi, guys. So it's been a while since I posted a chapter. Sorry, my laptop broke down and I was so busy in real life. There were just too many things to deal with. Anyways, I will be releasing 3-4 chapters a week. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.>

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