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Chapter 36: Gone

Nathan was stripping the unconscious Lester, leaving only his pants.

He planned on carrying Lester back to the bridge to have him drive one of the trucks.

He had no intention of carrying an unconscious man wearing nothing but underwear on his shoulder because that would be so awkward and wrong in so many levels. The last thing he wanted was someone seeing him and thinking that he was a booty warrior carrying his prey to somewhere secluded.

He separated Lester's System items and non-System items and was checking them one by one.

Unfortunately, none of the non-System items that Lester wore caught his interest. As for the System items, except for the potions, the rest also didn't interest him because they only gave +2 bonus stats and were a mixture of Str, Agi, and Vit.

What Nathan wanted was a piece of System equipment that gives +3 Agi or hand grenades

He also checked the SUV, the driver and the [White] Treasure Chest that the zombies dropped.

Aside from the radio, which he didn't take, none of the things there caught his attention as well.

As for the [Grade D] Ring that the N1 zombie dropped, only God knows where it is.

'Sigh... These loots are too depressing.'

He took out two handcuffs from his fanny pack and placed them on Lester's wrists and ankles. He tore Lester's shirt and used the pieces of clothing to blindfold and gag Lester because he didn't want Lester to attract any unwanted attention by making noises while he carried him. And lastly, he grabbed some wires from the barber shop and used them to wrap it around Lester because he had no idea what skills Lester had.

He facepalmed.

'Ugh... I almost forgot to repair my items.'

He took out some [Grade D] Repair Kits from his police vest and poured them on his System items.

With the unconscious Lester on his shoulder, he decided that it was now time return to the bridge.

He didn't activate [Coward's Way] because although it would turn him invisible, it won't make the person he is holding invisible too -- the same applies to animals.

For his skill to turn others invisible, there are conditions that should be met.

First of all, the person, zombie or animal should be dead.

For animals, the maximum size is that of a fully grown German Sheperd dog. Larger than that, his skill couldn't make it invisible.

For humans, he hasn't yet tried it on a kid, but the largest size that his skill could turn invisible is a torso of a fully grown adult. However, he hasn't yet tried it on a morbidly obese human torso, because he has yet to encounter one.


Nathan was currently running with the unconscious Lester on his shoulder.

He could already see the bridge from afar. However, he noticed something strange about it.

One of the trucks was missing!

He was immediately filled with murderous intent.

He decided to head first to the building where he hid his backpack before going to the bridge. The last thing he wanted was to fight or be chased around while carrying Lester.

And although he didn't want to risk having Lester killed before he could even obtain the information he wanted, there was one thing that he hates the most -- people stealing his loots!

Those two trucks and whatever was inside of them were his, no questions asked. He earned them fair and square. He even had to use his only 3 hand grenades today. Never again is he going to let someone take his loots. He could never forget how that wannabe Ada Wong bitch just came out of nowhere and took everything.


Nathan was currently on top of a two-story building observing the bridge through his binoculars.

From his vision, he could see the truck and a couple of zombies feasting on the flesh of the people he killed earlier.

After finally concluding that there were traps or whatsoever, he slowly approached the bridge.

When he got to the bridge, he killed all the zombies first, making his current total exp 10.9375%.

From the 15 zombie he killed, 4 dropped [White] Treasure Chests but he just ignored them because he was more interested at the truck that was left behind.

The truck was a 6-wheeler truck with a large container attached to its back.

Its driver's and passenger's seat were empty so he decided to check the back.

Inside the container, the inner end, there were 10 zombies on the sides, 5 on each side. The rings that were locked onto the necks and ankles of the zombies were linked to the chains. Their arms were chopped off and their teeth pulled out.

'Heh~ Collecting zombies for their weaker comrades back in their camp? Well, I guess that makes sense for a group to do.'

On the outer end inside of the container, there were two benches on each side.

'Based on this setup, this most likely the truck that was positioned at the end of the convoy.'

When he first saw this convoy, it consisted of 3 vehicles. The one leading was the black SUV, while the trucks were behind following it. And in the 2nd truck, there were people at the back of the container killing the zombies that were chasing the convoy.

He got up inside the container and immediately killed the 10 zombies, making his exp 11.9140625%. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Only one of the zombies dropped a [White] Treasure Chest.

'This truck is where the captive zombies are held and is also positioned at the end of the convoy. Meanwhile, the SUV didn't have any loots except for the ones carried by Lester and that driver. This means that the other truck positioned in the middle has the loots that I'm looking for. But who took it?'

Thinking about their battle earlier, too many bullets were fired. It wouldn't be surprising if someone nearby heard the gunshots and decided to take advantage of the situation when he left to chase the SUV. With that, he could never guess who the culprit is. It could be anyone.

He doesn't even have a general idea where the truck escaped to. If he knew, he could easily track it down like the SUV because there will be zombies chasing it.

If only he was able to prevent the SUV from running away from the first place, he wouldn't be in this situation. Perhaps if he had a GPS tracker or something, this issue could've been solved right away. But it's too late now. What happened has already happened. And plus, where could he get one? At an electronics shop? Order online?

'Well, this is what I get for being a solo hunter without the proper knowledge and skills,' Nathan could only smile bitterly and scratch his head.

He decided to forget about it for now because he was powerless to do anything about it and instead focus on finding a nice and quiet place where he could "interview" Lester.

Before leaving, he opened the [White] Treasure Chest and checked the items of the slain members. And just like from earlier, none of the items caught his interest.

He also decided to leave the truck and just carry Lester instead.


Author's thoughts:

Wew... I had a hard time explaining the trucks. I hope you guys understood it.

This is the 2nd chapter for June 16 - 22.

Thank you for reading this chapter. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Thank you also for voting this novel. I really appreciate it.

And lastly, I would like to give my special thanks to the immortal donators for June 2019:

• None... T_T

To those who want to donate to this lowly immortal, you can donate via PayPal at Donators will have their name and the amount they donated mentioned on each chapter until the end of the month.

See you guys at the next chapter. ^_^

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