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86.28% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 151: Government Shelter (10)

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Chapter 151: Government Shelter (10)

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>


Nathan just killed the last opponent inside the 50-person rectangular military tent who remained to challenge him.

Ida was surprised of how powerful Nathan was.

She thought she understood the possibilities of what the power of the System could offer. But what she witnessed now was on a different level.

Nathan swept his gaze over at the corpses.

He was 100% confident that the other groups will arrive here very soon.

'A little more blood must be spilled…'

"You… you're a Chosen One?" said Yasmin who was resting on a corner. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After witnessing Nathan's strength, how he killed the group of people as if they were nothing, she immediately chose to give up.

The part where age and gender mean nothing and it's all about courage?

Unfortunately, she knew exactly what she was dealing with and she didn't have a death wish.

Although there were no Chosen Ones inside this base (as far as she knows), in her trips outside, she encountered two -- an African man and a mixed-race woman.

She knew that they get +1 to all stats each time they level up. In addition to that, she also knew that although they only had one skill, it was almost cheat-like.

Had Nathan been just another average human, she would've not given up that easily.

Nathan turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

'Heh~ If she knows about Chosen Ones, then it means there must be Chosen Ones in this base as well,' he thought. "Then you know what you should do."

He turned to Ida who had fear written all over her face.

He summoned 3 [Small] Healing Potions from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and tossed them to her.

"Heal her with these and keep an eye on her for me. Wait here and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid or I'll kill you both. Trust me, I can easily track you both down."

Although Ida didn't know what exactly was a Chosen One, she wasn't concerned about that at the moment. All she knew was that Nathan was a murderer that happened to be quite powerful.

And just like Yasmin, she didn't have a death wish.

Nathan watched Ida picked up the potions and quickly went over to Yasmin to heal her.

As she was healing Yasmin, he could hear the sound of the footsteps of another group of people coming.

Nathan turned to the entrance.

'The people in this base… I must make them fear me to the point they won't even dare to lift a finger.'

He didn't have any intention to kill everyone in this base because not only did he not want to kill children again, but there were just too many people here.

It was too much of an effort so he decided that he only had to significantly thin out their numbers without touching any of the children and possibly the elderly.

And the fact that the people here have access to military-grade guns, and this base had tanks, helicopters and missile launchers, he could only assume that they had more powerful weapons that they haven't revealed yet so he should kill them as fast as he possibly could before they could use whatever it is and do something crazy.

'And if there's a Chosen One, then I should definitely kill him as well…'

The group that just arrived wasn't Sweet Dave's group. It was one of the group of guards patrolling nearby.

Before they could even enter the tent, Nathan activated [Coward's Way] and rushed to them.




He appeared right in front of them and cut them down altogether with one swing of his [Grade D] Great Sword.

After that, he quickly disappeared and left to search for more people to kill.


Sweet Dave along with Lisa and Nur arrived at the scene.

They saw all the corpses inside and outside the tent.

They also saw Ida and Yasmin sitting on a corner and approached them.

"Are you guys alright? What happened here?" said Sweet Dave.

"Sweet Dave... it's you. You guys better run and hide..." said Yasmin.

"Hey, answer us. What happened here?" said Lisa.

"It was a Chosen One…" said Yasmin.

"A Chosen One?" Sweet Dave and the others wore a confused expression, including Ida and Nur.

"Chosen Ones... Chosen Ones aren't your average humans like you and me. They're stronger and faster. And as far as I know, although they only have one skill, their skill is almost cheat-like," said Yamin.

"Only one skill that's almost cheat-like?" said Nur.


"Who cares? He's just one person, right? And although you say that these Chosen Ones are supposed to be powerful and all, what's important is that they still can be killed, right?" said Lisa.

Yasmin let out a weak smile and said, "Of course, you can kill them. But it's going to take a lot of effort to take them down."

"As long --"

"Listen, the most important thing is that this Chosen One that you're about to face is quite different from the ones I've met before. I don't know why but this one has the power to disappear, summon items and has very high stats that's comparable to an S2-type zombie -- and those are only the skills that I know of. I don't know if he probably has more."

They all gasped in cold air.

They have witnessed the power of the 3m-tall zombies. They weren't a joke, especially the S2-types who have high STR and AGI, making them quite tough to handle if you're not prepared.

"If this Chosen One is so powerful as you say, how come the two of you were left unharmed?" said Lisa.

Yasmin scoffed and then said, "Unharmed? Do you see this?"

She pointed at the giant hole on her System armor and shirt that Nathan punched earlier. The wound already closed because of the [Small] Healing Potions.

She continued, "The reason why we're still alive is because he ordered us to stay here and wait for him. Fortunately, I have something he wants," said Yasmin.

"So you two are in cahoots with that Chosen One?" said Lisa.

"No, we're prisoners."

"That doesn't even make any sense! The fact that he spared you both just means we should arrest you as well!" said Lisa and then looked at Nur.

The two were about to step forward to grab Yasmin and Ida.

"No, wait! I'm innocent here. I had no choice too. I was forced to watch over her!" said Ida.

Yasmin, on the other hand, didn't react.

"Hold on!" said Sweet Dave.

Nur and Lisa both stopped and looked at him.

He looked at Yasmin and said, "You mentioned that he ordered you guys to stay here and wait for him because you have something he wants. What exactly does he want from the both of you?"

"He wants me to teach him how to fly a helicopter," said Yasmin.

"Fly a helicopter?" said Lisa.

"I'm a licensed helicopter pilot and I've been flying for 4 years."

Sweet Dave squinted his eyes and recalled something before opening his mouth, "Is there any chance that this Chosen One's name is Nathan?"

"Yes!" said Ida.

They all looked at Sweet Dave.

Sweet Dave was thinking about his interactions with Nathan.

'It all makes sense now… The way he carried himself, that dangerous air around him, the way he looks at people as if they were beneath him, and the reason why he asked me if I knew someone who knows how to pilot a helicopter…'

Ida continued, "He also mentioned to me that he was applying to be part of the Riot Control Task Force."

"Sweet Dave… he's one of us?" said Nur.

"Remember the tall Asian guy I brought with us at the blast shelter? He arrived this morning and I was the one who recommended him to join."

"That guy?!" Lisa cried out and then clenched her fists.

Nur, on the other hand, was silent for a moment, thinking about his interactions with Nathan, before saying, "Sweet Dave, what do you think we should do?"

Sweet Dave swept his gaze over the corpses on the floor as he contemplated the information that Yasmin gave to them.

"Although we don't know everything that's inside his head, we at least know what his main purpose is. There's no need to shed more blood. We can end this peacefully by finding him right and giving him what he wants."

"Sweet Dave, you can't be serious!" said Lisa.

"Yeah, Sweet Dave. Are you sure it's a smart idea to give in to a murderer's demands?" said Nur.

"If you guys can suggest a better plan, I'll be happy to hear it."

Lisa and Nur became silent.

During the takeover of this government that happened a few days ago, although they were successful, a lot of people from their side died -- for every 1 soldier that was killed, 20 civilians perished. And just this afternoon, 4 out of the 5 leaders and many of their key members died.

Sweet Dave turned to Nur and said, "I need you to relay this information to the others right away."

Nur nodded and left.

Sweet Dave then turned to Ida and Yasmin and said, "I need you both to come with us."

"Didn't you hear what she just said? We're prisoners! He'll kill us if we moved!" said Ida.

"Yes, but we have a better chance of convincing him and the others to stop fighting and just talk things out before things get even more out of hand if the both of you are with us. Please… I beg you. Too many people have already died for no reason ever since the zombie apocalypse started. I don't want to see any senseless death anymore."

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

I haven't properly edited this chapter yet. I'll probably do some edits later.

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