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84% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 147: Government Shelter (6)

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Chapter 147: Government Shelter (6)

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>

Outside of the tent.

Nathan and the rest of the people that Sweet Dave brought were patiently waiting.

It has only been a minute since Sweet Dave entered the tent but…

"Haaaaaa~" Nathan yawned and then stretched out his arms and neck, causing them to make some popping sounds.




'This is so boring...'

He stared at a group of people doing a quick check on a mobile missile launcher nearby.

'Ah yes… I almost forgot I also need something like that for the Divine Tower to kill that Gold Armored Angel.'

'But what if I just use a helicopter inside the Divine Tower?'

'I mean, the space inside of the [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger has the dimensions of a tennis court.'

'And if I were to use a helicopter there, I will also have to get rid of the boxes of food inside it to make space.'

'But then if I choose a helicopter, falling from the sky could be another issue.'

He thought about the werebat Chosen one who fell from the sky after the Gold Armored Angel cast the [Lock] spell on him. And after falling and breaking his bones, he was burned in flames before getting struck with [Stone Spear].

'That was a painful way to die. And what if the helicopter explodes while I'm still inside? Unless the special effect of my Black equipment activates, I'm not sure if I would even be able to survive.'

He then thought about the other spells of the Gold Armored Angel and the other armored angels and their immunity.

No matter how much he thought about it, it was just impossible to defeat the Divine Tower alone.

He needed companions.

He started having a headache just thinking about it.

'Ugh… I'll just think about it later. For now, I have to focus on flying back to Muwin.'

Sweet Dave exited the tent and everyone looked at him.

"We have our orders. Our team's call sign is Foxtrot. The assault teams -- Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta -- are in charge of entering the blast shelter while we are to stand outside and prevent any outside interference. If the assault teams can't handle their mission, we are to provide them any support we could possibly give."

"So it's the same as usual then," said one of the volunteers.

"Looks like it," said another one.

"New guy, seems like it's your lucky day," one of the volunteers said to Nathan.

Nathan ignored the person and thought, 'Heh~ Assault teams, huh. I wonder what they look like.'

The reason why he was curious about their appearance was because all the people he has seen so far never gave him the impression that they were strong, even Sweet Dave.

"Okay, I will be dividing you into groups and assign your positions," said Sweet Dave

A few minutes later…

Nathan was standing guard at the location he and his group were assigned on.

He had two people with him. And as promised by Sweet Dave earlier to him, he gave them a special task to assess his overall skills for his application in the Riot Control Task Force.

"Hey, I got my eyes on you. Don't think I'll go easy on you just because Sweet Dave personally recommended you. If you can't keep up, I'll not only fail you but I'll also personally teach you a lesson myself that you'll never forget for the rest of your life," said one of his teammates.

It was Lisa and Nathan decided to coin her as Bitch.

He ignored her.

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"Hey, hey, Lisa. Easy on the new guy. He just arrived today. Normally, people would need a day or two to recover from all the horrors outside," said the other teammate.

This other teammate was a brown-Caucasian and it was Nur.

And due to Nathan's views about brown-Caucasians, he decided to coin him as Bomber.

"Hmph!" said Lisa.

Nur smiled and looked at Nathan. "Don't take it personal. She might be a little cold and rude but she's actually a softie inside who really cares about people."

Nathan ignored him as well and just stared at the blast shelter.

If one didn't know that it's was a blast shelter, one would dismiss it right away as nothing but an ordinary one-story building which almost as wide as a basketball court.

In truth, based on the information shared to them by Sweet Dave, this blast shelter had at least two underground levels and each level had its own blast door. As a matter of fact, the people in charge of unlocking the blast doors were already opening the one in B2.

'I want to see what's inside…'

Unfortunately, he couldn't due to orders.

'How long will this take? I want to sit down.'

He looked around his surroundings to look for a chair or something.

There was a building nearby and it had chairs inside.

'Yup. No sense in torturing myself.'

He began walking towards the building.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?! Get back to your post!" said Lisa.

Just like before, he ignored her.

Nur looked at Nathan and then at Lisa.

"Do you think maybe he can't speak Regisian?"

"Now that you've said that, I think I never heard him talk."

"Same here."

"But if that's the case, then why is Sweet Dave recommending him to join our organization?"

"I have no idea."

"But how are we supposed to communicate if this person can't even understand Regisian? Can you speak Xudonian?"

"I don't think he's Xudonian. He's a brown-skinned Asian, probably a Duyinian, Rahinian or whatever."

"Sigh... I tell you, Nur, sometimes Sweet Dave is just too kind to the point that many people are taking advantage of him."

"Maybe Sweet Dave sees something in him that we don't see."

"This is so fucking annoying!" Lisa said and went over to Nathan to grab him.

As she was about to grab him, the ground shook.


And then it was quickly followed by a large explosion coming out of the blast shelter.


Everyone nearby was blown away from the blast and fell to the ground, including Nathan.

Nathan got up and stared at the burning blast shelter.

'What the fuck just happened?'

He then saw a black woman in her 30s and a group of people rushing to the burning building.

Sweet Dave rushed over as well.


When Makeda and her team arrived near the burning building, one of the people who survived the blast when the building exploded got up and went to her.


"Tell me what happened!"

"Ma'am, this information has yet to be verified but the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta team got caught in the explosion set up by the enemies on B1. In my last contact with the Alpha team via radio, they've already opened the door on B1 and found weapons and boxes of food so they requested to have Charlie and Delta carry out the boxes. And then a minute after that message was sent, the explosion happened. I've been trying to contact them via radio but there's no response."

Sweet Dave finally arrived at the scene.

"Makeda, what happened?"

She turned to him but didn't say anything and was still trying to figure out a proper answer to give because the leaders of the civilian groups were among the people who got caught by the explosion which can destabilize the government system they've created ever since they've taken over the base.

"Makeda, do you know anything about what happened to my wife?"

"Sweet Dave… Details of the mission haven't been confirmed yet. I'll inform you right away once we have the information. For now, I'm going to send some people to enter the building to investigate."

Sweet Dave's wife, Sansa (aka Sunny), was part of team Charlie.

He looked at the others.

They all had mixed expressions -- some were confused, some were worried and others were angry.

Although Sansa was one of the leaders in the base, the main reason why she had a very good reputation was because of the same qualities that she and her husband share: kind and fair. As long as it's for a good cause, they would help without a second thought.

And just like Sweet Dave, they also had family and friends that were part of the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta team so some of them were surprised and angry about what had happened.

"I would like to volunteer in entering the building," said Sweet Dave.

Makeda studied Sweet Dave's face, trying to see whether she should agree or not.

When the zombie apocalypse first began, she remembered how the people around her reacted. Although there were a few who managed to accept the new reality right away, many people took quite a while to accept it. As a matter of fact, even until now, there are some people who are still in denial and pointed out this zombie apocalypse was nothing but a hoax created by the government. Meanwhile, others just lost their minds completely and began wreaking havoc or have committed suicide.

And as days have gone by, instead of the situation improving, it was only getting worse because aside from the zombies getting stronger, people are also becoming more and more unfriendly towards each other each day.

It even broke her heart to see that children were starting to find it perfectly normal to see violence, which is something that normally a first-world country like Womania shouldn't find acceptable.

"Okay, I give you permission to join."

Right after Makeda said that, a group of people covering themselves with thick blankets came out of the burning building.

They threw away the blankets and coughed a few times before kneeling down raising their hands up and say, "We surrender! Don't shoot! DON'T SHOOT!!!"

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