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6.85% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 12: Heading Back

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Chapter 12: Heading Back

Despite hearing his answer, there was one woman who refused to believe it. It was one who shouted earlier to not trust him.

"If it's not safe, how were you able to come here?"

Nathan looked at her with disdain and said, "It doesn't matter if you people choose to believe me or not. If you want to go outside, do it."

He head to the backdoor, opened it and left.


In the parking lot.

Nathan looked at his watch. It was already 11:20 am.

'Better head home to drop this.'

Suddenly, he heard the sound of helicopters from a distance. He looked at the direction to where the sound came from.

There were six helicopters. Four of them looked like assault helicopters with rocket launchers on each side, while the other two helicopters were those long ones that could carry quite a number of people or cargo.

'The government is finally taking it seriously, huh? That's awfully late of them.'

He looked at the shopping basket he was carrying. It was full of supplies.

'Let's try if I this will also turn invisible if I carry it with me.'

He activated [Coward's Way].

It worked!

'Heh~ So this works, huh?'

Of course, it should work. If his clothes, magazine armor and weapons could turn invisible when he activates his skill, it should also work as well.

'If I ride a bike, will it also turn invisible?'

However, seeing the package he was carrying, it was impossible to carry it while biking.

'What about a car?'

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a car nor does he know how to drive. Even if he does know how to drive, it will only attract unwanted attention from both humans and zombies.

He quickly rushed back home.


He was already at the backdoor of his apartment building when he suddenly remembered that he forgot to remove the handcuffs from the man at the convenience store. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'I'm sorry,' he thought and quickly tossed it at the back of his mind.

When he dropped his shopping basket and let go of it, it lost its invisibility.


He was still invisible and he grabbed the handle. The shopping basket didn't turn invisible.

He deactivated [Coward's Way] and activated it again while holding the shopping basket.

It turned transparent just like his body.


He stopped his little experiment and deactivated his skill. He grabbed the keys on his pocket.


He opened the door, went inside and locked it.

He immediately headed to the stairs.

As he was nearing the hallway of the first floor, he heard voices. When he finally reached the hallway of the first floor, he was surprised to find people.

'Who are these people? Are these my neighbors?'

Many people noticed him right away and stopped talking. They looked at him. The items he was carrying were very eye-catching.

Six people quickly approached him and bombarded him with questions.

"How did you get out?"

"Where did you get those?"

"Is it safe outside?"

"Where's the police?"

"What's the government doing?"

"When will the electricity come back?"

"Huh? What? How should I know? Get the fuck away!" he said as he tried to push them away. A strong urge to beat the shit out of them started to formulate inside his heart.

Seeing he was bombarded with questions, a man came forward. He was around the age of 30, tall, very handsome, dark hair and a perfect body. He's the type where you can easily spot in a crowd due to his eye-catching looks.

"Guys, please don't bombard him with too many questions. He won't be able to properly answer any of your questions," he explained.

Nathan kept his eyes on him.

'He's not a booty warrior, right? Why would he save me from this bunch of hyenas?'

Nathan felt his ass tighten.

"Hi, how are you? I'm Derek. I live in apartment B-3. Sorry about that. Everyone is just so stressed out. They're debating about what's the best course of action to take."

He offered his hand. Nathan took it and they shook hands.

"Nathan. C-3. No problem. It's understandable given the circumstance."

One of the people who bombarded Nathan with questions earlier couldn't stand it anymore and ask once again, "How did you get out?"

It was a fat man about 25 years old.

"I used the backdoor. It wasn't locked."

Indeed, one can use the backdoor. However, the problem lies when coming back. What if he went out, but then when he came back it was locked? This was the reason why Nathan had to get the keys from the security guard this morning. That's unless he had an accomplice that was waiting for him inside.

Hearing Nathan's answer, the fat man wanted to say more but was cut off by another person. This time it was a 40-year old woman.

"What is the government doing? How will they take care of this crisis?"

"I don't know."

Even Nathan doesn't know such details.

Other people butted in as well.

"Where did you get those supplies? It's safe outside, right?"

"When are you going out? Can you take me with you?"

"Can I ask for some supplies? I will pay you cash."

Nathan was starting to get annoyed again.

Seeing Nathan's expression, Derek immediately butted in, "Guys, let's give Nathan some space. I'm sure he had a pretty rough time outside."

They looked at Derek for a moment and then looked at Nathan. In the end, they decided to disperse and joined other groups to discuss some things.

Derek scratched his nose and smiled before saying, "The situation is really getting out of hand. After seeing the helicopters a while ago and hearing that the government established a shelter 2kms away from here, they started debating what to do. One side is saying they should just stay inside their home and wait until the government eliminates the threat, while the other side is saying they should go to the shelter. Hopefully, they'll reach a consensus soon."

'They? Why is this guy speaking like an outsider?' Nathan thought that this guy must be planning something else. Perhaps he has the same plan – to level up.

"That doesn't make sense. Why can't they just go their own ways? I have to go. I'm busy," Nathan started walking away.

He didn't care about what they decided to do because he already had his own goal.

"Sure, I understand. Please go ahead," Derek said with a smile.

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