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Chapter 54: Hunter's Hall

Nathan was on his way to his room.

He saw Twitch waiting outside of his room.

"Welcome back, sir. For your next appointment, it will be –"


"Yes, sir."


Nathan opened the door and went directly to the living room.

He sat on the sofa and placed his legs on top of the coffee table.


"Yes, sir. Your next appointment will be at 9:00 am."

Nathan checked his watch. It was 8:17 am.

"You will be going to Hunter's Hall which is located Southwest here in Haven Town. That's where all Scavenger Teams scheduled to head outside today gather and be briefed for orders."

"I'm going to what?"

"Go to Hunter's Hall where all the Scavenger Teams scheduled to head outside today gather and be briefed for orders."

Nathan frowned.

On his way here, he thought about secretly sneaking into Saint Town today and search for Amir.

"I'm part of the Scavenger Teams?"

"Yes, sir. Last night, the entire Team 5 was wiped out including the captain, Isaac. You are to take over as captain and new members will be assigned to you."

"Tell me what exactly are these Scavenger Teams and what do they do."

"There are 10 Scavenger Teams. They are in charge of heading out to search for food, supplies, survivors and other things. For Monday, Wednesday and Friday, teams 1-5 are to head out. Meanwhile, teams 6-10 heads out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday."

"Is Rose part of the Scavenger Teams?"

"She's the Captain for teams 1 and 6, sir."

'Heh~ So she gets to go out every day? What a pretty outgoing bitch. I wonder what her level is.'

"Sir, there's a special mission for you."

"What is it?"

Twitch pulled out a piece of paper from his office binder and passed it to Nathan. It featured the map of Cram City with a few pictures clipped on.

"Normally, Scavenger Teams will head outside right after the morning gathering and will return to Haven Town around 5:00 pm. But with your special mission, once you enter Cram City with your team, you won't be joining them in search of supplies and whatnot. Instead, you will be heading alone to this location to scout."

The location was in the Southwest of Cram city. As for the pictures, one of them featured the mall he sneaked into yesterday before he fought Derek at the bridge. The other pictures featured the group's leader and some of the group's high-ranking members, including the doctor.

"Just to scout?"

"Sir, this group is one of the targets of Red Dust. Your mission is to scout the camp today and then tomorrow at dawn you will return to kill the group's leader, Harry."

"Just him? If that's the case, why don't I just kill him now?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know many details, sir. All I know is that the leader of the group is a Chosen One that could slow down his targets within his vision and the Boss is preparing for something."

"So when do I go home? Do I just go home alone or with my team? I don't think I need the whole day to scout."

In Nathan's mind, given that he was easily able to enter the mall yesterday, it would be easy to do it once again.

As for killing this Chosen One called Harry, he will have to do some investigations of his own.

Twitch looked around before saying, "That depends on you, sir. But in my opinion, if I may, it would be better to go home together with your team to build rapport."


"Sir, if I may express my opinion again, I've heard about your exploits yesterday and it's no doubt amazing. However, your reputation among many members in this organization, especially to the longtime ones, isn't exactly positive."

"No problem. I will deal with it my way."

A cold glint flickered in Nathan's eyes.

"Yes, sir."

Nathan checked his watch.

8:30 am.

"9:00 am, right? Hmm..."

"Yes, sir."

Nathan got up from the sofa.

"Bring me a medium-sized backpack this big, three tupperwares, and bottled waters. Bring me also a handgun with a silencer if there's any. And some bullets as well."

As someone who works out, he was no stranger in packing his meals for the day. And with the zombie apocalypse and the other plans he had in mind, to him, the idea packing meals was even more vital, especially today.

Movement requires energy. If he didn't have proper nutrition, he won't be able to perform at his peak.

As for his backpack that he buried outside of Haven Town last night, he decided to keep it there for the time being to serve as a secret stash. For now, he decided to milk everything he could from Red Dust.

"Yes, sir."

Twitch quickly left, while Nathan started cooking.


West of Haven Town.

9:15 am.

Nathan and Twitch were riding a car headed to Hunter's Hall.

Nathan was fully geared and held a very relaxed expression while looking at the window. Twitch, on the other hand, was secretly glancing at his watch from time-to-time.

They were already 15 minutes late.

"Who are those people?"

Hearing the question, Twitch gazed towards where Nathan was looking.

The people that Nathan was asking about was a group of people in chains and wearing tattered clothes being led by some guards.

"Sir, those are traitors of the organization. Some of them tried to assassinate her or stage a coup d'etat, while the others violated the town's rules set by the Boss. They were offered a choice – death or forced labor."

"Slaves, huh. For life?"

"Only the ones who tried to assassinate her or stage a coup d'etat."

The car finally arrived at Hunter's Hall.

Nathan grabbed his backpack.

They got out and headed to the meeting room where all the Scavenger Teams scheduled to go out today gathered.

Nathan was taking his sweet time walking while smoking.

Twitch, on the other hand, was constantly wiping off the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief.

They finally arrived outside of the meeting room.

"Sir, I'll wait here outside."

"Nonsense. You're coming with me."

Nathan flicked his cigarette away before opening the door.


"Teams 3 will be in charge of this area," said a 50-year old man with short white hair pointing a large map of Cram City that was plastered on a whiteboard.

Seeing Nathan entering with a relaxed expression and Twitch with his head down, everyone in the room was quiet and stared at them.

There were 6 rows of steel chairs divided into two columns.

He saw Rose, Ashleigh and Brezine.

Ashleigh waved at him.

'Where to seat… Where to seat… Oh there.'

"Sir, teams usually seat together," Twitch whispered.

However, Nathan didn't care. He already found and chosen seats for him and Twitch.

It was at the back.

"Young man, carrying of weapons isn't allowed here." The 50-year old man said.

Nathan ignored him and continued walking until he got to the seats he was aiming for.

The 50-year old man glanced at Rose who held an indifferent attitude.

Seeing Rose's attitude, he decided not to say anything. As he was about to continue his briefing...

"You four. Fuck off."

Everyone looked at where the voice was coming from.

To no surprise, it was Nathan telling four people sitting at the back to move away.

The four didn't move and just stared at Nathan like he was nothing.

Nathan let out sigh before putting his backpack down.

He quickly pulled out his silencer, grabbed one of them by the hair and shot each of them on the leg.

"What are you–"





"Aaaahhh!" The four screamed as they fell from the chair except for one that Nathan held by the hair.




While still holding one person by the hair, he smashed the person's nose with a butt of the gun and then shoved the barrel of his silencer inside the man's mouth.

It was hot, causing the man to scream in pain.


"You attack, I'll shoot a bullet down your throat," Nathan said.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" One of the people nearby shouted.

"LET THAT MAN GO!" Another one shouted as well.

Even Ashleigh was about to stand up and help Nathan, but she was prevented by her captain, Brezine, and her other fellow Team 2 members.

Everyone got up and were in fighting positions.

No one was carrying weapons here, but some of them had spells and were ready to cast them.

"The fuck is going on there?!" Someone from Rose's team said.

It was a black man about 6'7" tall with thick muscles. He was the first lieutenant of Team 1 and also serves as the acting captain whenever Rose is out with Team 6.

He walked towards Nathan.

The man's towering height and the thundering sound with each step he took made everyone subconsciously make way for him.

When the man finally got to where Nathan was at, he growled, "I'm expecting a good explanation for all this."

Nathan didn't answer and just looked at the man with disdain.

To Nathan, this person's height was nothing but show. Even a high-level Chosen One kid could break this guy.

"Tyrone, this asshole just attacked my men without warning. This is against —"


Nathan shot the snitch on the leg, before shoving the barrel of his gun again inside the mouth of the man he was holding.

"AAAAHHHH!" The man Nathan was holding screamed once again.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! He shot me! He fucking shot me! Kill that asshole!"

"GET HIM!!!"


His teammates were about to attack Nathan. Some charged while others began casting spells.

"STAND THE FUCK DOWN!" Tyrone said.

Everyone stopped.

Tyrone moved closer to Nathan and stood about 3ft away from him.

"It seems you think –"



Nathan let go of the man he was holding and delivered a front kick to Tyrone's groin.

With his STR at 31 points, Tyrone, who wasn't a Chosen One and whose level was a few numbers lower than Nathan, not only did he have his jewels and rod crushed but also flew a few feet away.

Seeing Tyrone writhe in pain on the floor while holding his groin, no one moved and were surprised. They didn't expect Tyrone to fall that easily.

When they saw Nathan pulling out his sword from his back, everyone tensed up and was about to...

"That's enough!"

Rose finally reacted.

She got up from her seat and went over to Nathan.

"Do you always solve things with violence?" Rose coldly asked.

Nathan shrugged.

"I wanted these seats and asked them kindly but they refused."

"Your seat is there with your group."

She pointed at a group of people on the other side which was in the middle.

Nathan chuckled.

"You seriously don't expect me to show my back at a group of people who wants to kill me, right? Unlike you and Derek, I don't have crazy defense."

"Boss, let me fight him!"

"No, Boss, let me!"

"Boss, this is unacceptable!"

"Silence!" Rose shouted.

Rose and Nathan stood there and there was high tension between the two.

"Better learn to control yourself."

"Woman, are you threatening me?"

"Just a friendly reminder," Rose said and then looked at the teammates of the 4 people Nathan just shot. "Clean that mess up."

She walked away and returned to her seat.

"You heard what your boss said. Throw away these trash," Nathan said.

The people nearby, especially the teammates of the four that Nathan shot were fuming with anger and didn't hide their killing intent as they carried their teammates outside of the room.

As for Tyrone, he was healed by one of his team members and looked at Nathan with a murderous glare.

Nathan just ignored them. To him, if he and Rose didn't have any agreement, he would've killed these people already. They should be thankful he just shot them on the leg.

With the seats finally vacant, Nathan and Twitch sat down.

Twitch was sweating beads and was about to have a panic attack.

He was afraid of what those people that Nathan shot would do to him. Unlike Nathan, they could vent out their anger on him. And given that people from Scavenger Teams have family and friends here, they could ask someone else to make his life here in Haven Town a little miserable.

The 50-year old man resumed the briefing as well.

"As I was saying, team 3 will be in charge of this area," pointed the old man and added, "Be sure to avoid these areas here and here."

"Kid, tell me about the situation in Cram city."

"Y-Yes, sir. I'm not 100% if this is correct, but from what I gathered, there used to be four government shelters in Cram City: North, South, East and West."


"The Southern and Eastern shelters have fallen. The former from zombie attacks, while the latter from other human groups."


"Between the Northern and Western shelter, the Northern shelter is considered to be the main government shelter at and is currently at war with the human groups in the East."

"What about Red Dust?"

"All I know is that Red Dust is on friendly terms with the government and some human groups located on the West side of Cram City."

"You mentioned the Southern shelter fell to the zombies. What's the situation there?"

Back in Nathan's solo hunter days, he hunted in the Southwest of Cram city.

"The Southern shelter got overrun by zombies led by a group of 3m-tall skinless zombies: D1, M1, N1, and S1. And then two days ago, when one of the Scavenger Teams found out that the streets in the Southwest were littered with headless zombie corpses, our organization decided it was safe so they decided to send two teams there the next day. Unfortunately, out of the two teams, only one person returned, a member of Team 8."

"M1? S1? How did they got wiped out by the zombies?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-hall_40717585519528025">;s-hall_40717585519528025</a> for visiting.


"Speak up, kid."

"Yes, sir. All I know is that an M1 can cast magic spells, while the S1 specializes in attack and speed. As for the teams that were sent, it was teams 8 and 9. Group 9 died from the zombies. But group 8 met you, sir…"

"Oh…" Nathan said. 'Hmm... So Booty Warrior is part of Team 8.'

"That will be all. Dismiss," said the old man.


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