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9.6% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 17: Kill Steal (2)

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Chapter 17: Kill Steal (2)

Nathan was patiently waiting until the two giants become extremely weak. The ideal scenario for him was to kill the skinless human first and then the thief, Derek.

The D1 zombie threw a punch, aiming at Derek's face. Derek didn't care and threw a fist as well, also aiming at the D1's face.


Stunned for a moment, the D1 then grabbed Derek by the neck and head-butted him.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Derek fell on the floor.


His face was a mess and covered in blood. He lost all of his front teeth, his nose broken and his face was swollen. Even his own mother would have a hard time recognizing him.

The D1 zombie's face was also a mess. Given that it was skinless, it was even more disgusting.

However, it was still standing but not moving.

Nathan immediately viewed it as a chance. He dropped his Training Sword and held the Short Sword with two hands.

Aside from the fact that the Short Sword has higher damage compared to the Training Sword, the former has 7-9 while the latter only has 6-8, he knew for a fact that holding his weapon with one hand would not generate enough strength to cut off the head of these two giants in one stroke, especially after having witness their fight. He needed two hands to do it.

He dashed full-speed towards the skinless humanoid.

As he was about 5 meters away from the giant, the System informed Nathan that the 3m-tall skinless humanoid was a D1 zombie.

'D1, huh.'

He leaped and aimed for the neck.


His blade only penetrated 30% of the D1 zombie's neck and was stuck!


Dumbfounded on what just happened, Nathan immediately let go of the sword but was immediately slapped away by the D1 zombie.


The slap alone broke at least 3 of his ribs and he slammed against the wall.


He fell on the floor and coughed out blood.

'What the…?'

He tried to move, but he couldn't.

The D1 zombie pulled out the Short Sword from its neck and threw it on the ground. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Nathan stared at it in horror because he couldn't believe what just happened. In his mind, the plan he concocted was flawless. And even if there was a chance of failure, it shouldn't be this bad.

However, what Nathan didn't know was that he was lucky to just experience a few broken bones. If the D1 zombie was still in perfect condition, he would've suffered far worse and perhaps even die right away.

If Derek with 40 vitality can get hurt from the D1's attack if he's not careful, how much more for Nathan who only has 17 vitality?

The D1 zombie turned to Nathan and started heading towards him.

Invisibility? Even if he activates it, he can't move away from the spot so it's useless! But still, he prayed for a miracle and activated it nonetheless.

'Fuck! Hail Mary full of grace the lord is…' Nathan isn't religious, but in the face of death, he started to pray.

He didn't want to die. It was too early for him to die, way too early.

Suddenly, machine guns started firing.


They were aiming at the D1 zombie from outside the front entrance. The monster immediately stopped and rushed towards the gunners.

Someone fired two grenade launchers.

Toof! Toof!

The D1 raised its arms to block the attack.

Boom! Boom!

After the dust settled, the monster was lying on the floor and unconscious. Both of its arms were gone and its entire upper body was burnt.

Nathan was currently still invisible as he saw what happened.

'I'm safe? Haha~'

Tears started flowing from his eyes.

About 10 tough-looking men wearing combat attire and carrying machine guns quickly entered the building and sweep the area.

Nathan was confident to say that these men were not part of the military because some of them had tattoos on their faces. He concluded that they must be a part of a mercenary group or something so he chose to remain invisible.

It was then a beautiful woman about 25 years old entered. Behind her were 5 armed men. Two of them were carrying grenade launchers.

But what was really eye-catching about her was that she was wearing an outfit similar to Ada Wong from the Resident Evil 6 game. The only difference is that she wasn't carrying a crossbow nor any weapon and she had long black hair tied in a ponytail.

As a fan of the RE series, he noticed it right away. To him, Ada was one of his waifus, though no one knows except for his cousin Amir.

"Sword," the woman said as she held out her right hand.

One of the armed men behind her pulled out a sword and presented it to her.

"Boss, the sword," the man said.

The sword was a [Grade D] Training Sword.

She took it and ordered, "Raise that thing up."

Three men took out a chain, wrapped it around the D1 zombie and made it kneel.

One was pulling from the left, the second one from the right, and the last one from the back.

They wouldn't dare go against their boss because she was one of the chosen ones and had a skill called [Crystal Body] which turns her body into an extremely hard crystal and allows her arms and legs to transform into any shape. They've seen what she did to those people who refused to follow her orders.

As for why she asked for a sword? She just didn't want to dirty her hands. The creature in front of her looked and smelled disgusting.

The D1 already regained its consciousness but it was extremely weak due to the damage it received earlier.

The woman stabbed the Training Sword on the D1's forehead, but it didn't die. She stabbed again, but it still didn't die. She then decided to chop off its head. It took her 2 slashes before she was able to separate it from its body.

'Congratulations on reaching Level 9. All stats increased by 1. No available skill points.'

A message popped inside her head.

The D1 also dropped a [Green Treasure Chest].

"Bring me the other one," she ordered.

They brought Derek in front of her. He was also in chains and two men were pulling him.

Although Derek could break the chains, he wouldn't dare because he was severely injured. With his agility divided by 3 in [Maximize] mode, he'd be lucky if he could even evade the grenade launchers. Another thing, if he deactivates [Maximize], he will surely die. The only thing keeping him alive right now is his 40 vitality, thanks to [Maximize].

"I'm human. Please don't kill me. This is a skill and I can't deactivate or I will die," Derek pleaded.

"Are you a chosen one?" she asked.

Unlike Nathan, this woman did a lot of "interviews" and "tests" regarding the system so she knew more than the average person. Based on her understanding, the more peculiar and powerful the skill is, the more likely it is a chosen one's skill. In this case, the male in front of her is able to be a 2.5m giant and maintain it. It's a body transformation skill just like hers.

"Yes," he replied.

She smiled which made Derek's heart flutter. She was indeed a beauty and had that femme fatale vibe.

However, to the armed men who came with her, they shivered when they saw her smile. They knew what kind of person their boss was. Just because she's smiling at you, that doesn't always mean you're safe. In fact, they would feel safer if she ignores them!

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