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11.42% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 20: Level Up!

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Chapter 20: Level Up!

After recuperating for two days, Nathan finally decided to go out.

Of course, his body hasn't completely recovered yet. It was only about 80-90%. However, he wanted to level up like crazy.

Well, aside from that, he also wanted to take a bath. The thing is, his scalp was itchy as fuck.

Although he had water, the bottled waters he had were only enough to drink so he had no choice but to venture out.


He was outside of the apartment building and was currently invisible.

His long hair was tied in a ponytail and he still had his goatee.

He was wearing a black shirt, a knife shoulder holster for his [Grade D] Short Dagger, grey jeans, [Grade D] Gloves, a watch on his left wrist, boots, and a couple of meters of rope coiled together on his left side. He also had a large leather fanny pack on his waist. Inside it was mini binoculars, a small flashlight, a lighter, and an iPod.

He checked his watch. It was 8:00 am.

"System," he said.

His status chart appeared before him.


Level: 6

Experience Points: 26.5625%

Strength: 19 (+1)

Agility: 14

Vitally: 17

Intelligence: 14 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_34892353336572689">!_34892353336572689</a> for visiting.


[Grade D] Short Dagger 4-6 (11/11)

[Grade D] Gloves: Gives +1 to strength (15/15)


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will be increased by 1.


<Author's note: I decided to add the equipment on the status chart because I was getting annoyed about having to go back to the previous chapters to check the equipment. I'm already having a headache in dealing with the exp points, durability, and potions. Also, I'm adding durability to the gloves as well. Sorry, I totally forgot to address its durability on chapter 15. In fact, I only realized this when I was writing chapter 25 last night.>

He sighed and said, "Such cute stats. System off."

He pulled out his dagger and headed to the group of zombies across the street.

He approached one zombie that was far away from the group.

When he was 5 meters away from the zombie, the system informed him that it was a level 5 zombie, giving him quite a pleasant surprise.

'Level 5? Lucky~' His eyes shined.

He went behind the zombie. The zombie was around 2 meters (6'5") tall.

However, with Nathan's height at 6ft, he was still able to wrap his left arm around the tall zombie's neck, immediately losing his invisibility. He then quickly started stabbing the side of the zombie's head with his Short Dagger on his right hand.

Given that he was level 6 and the zombie was level 5, it gave him 25% experience points.

He went to another zombie that was far away from the group. Again, it was another level 5 zombie and was around 2 meters tall as well.

'Am I really this lucky? Hehe~'

Although he found it a little strange to find another level 5 zombie, he didn't bother about it at all and just thought that he was just extremely lucky to encounter another one.

He did the same killing technique: go behind, warp neck and then stab like crazy.

'I'm now 76.5625%. I hope I would be lucky to find another level 5. Hehe~' he scratched his nose when he said that.

'But damn… This killing method is way too disgusting,' he thought.

But does he have any choice given his weapon? It was the safest and quickest method he could only think of.

Up ahead, there were two zombies.

When he was 5 meters away from them, he was surprised because they were all level 5 and tall as well!

'Wait… What's going on? Don't tell me all the zombies are now level 5? This…'

He looked at the zombies and started to think about the situation. He also noticed another thing – their height.

Nathan was 6ft tall and most of the people in the city he lives in were not tall, especially the women.

It's not that he was looking down on short people or anything, but it's not common to see people around 2 meters tall unless you're in a sporting event or whatever event it is that requires tall people. However, right now, the zombies he had encountered so far have been tall, featuring a height of around 2 meters.

'Where are the short people?!' he shouted inside his heart.

He immediately tried to look for other zombies to check their heights and levels.

After looking a few minutes of running around checking on zombies, he found out they were all level 5 and around 2 meters tall. Even the children who turned into zombies were tall.

How did he know they were children? Well, based on the clothes that they were wearing which were way too small for their body, it was easy to tell – some were even naked.

He was standing in the middle of the street and thought, 'Is this perhaps evolution? Will they eventually become like those 3m-tall skinless zombies?' his expression darkened.

Just thinking about the D1 zombie he fought a few days ago made his knees go weak. He was very aware of how strong they were. He saw how Derek fought it. He himself even experienced first-hand the strength of the D1. He also remembered that even though it took two shells of a grenade launcher while injured, it still didn't die.

If he ever gets to meet one right now, all he can do is escape and never look back.

'Time to level up like crazy,' he said to himself as he looked at the level 5 zombies around him and then started killing them one by one.


A man was running towards two zombies. He had a [Grade D] Scimitar on one right hand and a [Grade D] Short Dagger on the left.



Two zombie heads fell off and rolled on the floor. One of the zombies dropped a [White Treasure chest].

The man with a scimitar on his right hand and short dagger on his left looked at the [White Treasure Chest] and prayed, 'Please don't be a skill book, please don't be a skill book, please don't be a skill book…'

Of course, this man was Nathan.

After hunting like crazy for more than 4 hours, he killed 60 level 5 zombies and was now level 10. Also, with the rise of his vitality, his recovery seemed to speed up as well, making him feel rather good.



Level: 10

Experience Points: 3.125%

Strength: 23 (+1)

Agility: 18 (+3)

Vitally: 21

Intelligence: 18


[Grade D] Scimitar 8-9 (4/12)

[Grade D] Short Dagger 4-6 (9/11)

[Grade D] Gloves: Gives +1 to strength (13/15)

[Grade D] Boots: Gives +3 Agility (13/15)


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will be increased by 1.


'System off.'

He bent down and opened the chest.

It was a [Grade D] Repair Kit.

This was his third Repair Kit. He already used the two earlier for his weapons.

As for the other items he found, there was one [Small Healing Potion], a [Waterball] skill book, a [Grade D] Boots that gives +3 to agility, and the [Grade D] Scimitar which he was holding on his right hand.

He didn't use the Repair Kit right away. He decided to only use it once his Scimitar reaches 2/12.

Regarding the [Waterball] skill book, he didn't bother to pick it up because he had no extra space and wasn't interested in it. Well, he could collect and sell them, right? Unfortunately, he was too lazy.

The reason why he chose to bring a fanny pack instead of a backpack was because he wanted to focus on leveling up like crazy today. He needed to be light as fuck. And even if he does find an interesting item that's too heavy to carry around, he would hide it in a corner and come back to pick it once he's done.

With the zombies around, who would have the time to search for hidden treasures? Unless that person has a skill to locate treasures or has crazy [Plot Luck], the probability of anyone finding it was very, very low.

'Time to grab lunch,' he thought.

After running around and killing for more than 4 hours, he was really hungry and thirsty. As for taking a bath, he decided to deal with it afterward. It was still 12:30 pm.

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

Hi, you guys must be wondering how come the weapons lose their durability faster compared to the boots and gloves.

Well, it’s more about the blade getting dull. The zombies have harder bones thanks to the System which dulls the blade. I’ve also read that depending on the steel, blood can also dull a knife.

What about the boots and gloves? Running alone can damage the boots. Well, I got lazy. Let’s just ignore it and imagine they’re sturdier.

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