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Chapter 49: Luxury

Nathan and Rose were inside a limousine heading to Haven Manor.

Both of them were looking out the window.

There were people walking around and cleaning up the mess Nathan did.

"Some of these people have this notion that they will eventually surpass us Chosen Ones..." Rose casually said.

Nathan stared at her but he didn't answer.

Rose continued, "...which is why a little reminder is needed once in a while."

Nathan smiled, looked away and continued looking out the window.

The two didn't say a word after that.

When the limousine arrived at the manor, an old butler and two women were waiting at the main entrance.

The butler opened the car door and greeted Rose.

"Welcome back, Boss. The things you've asked for have already been prepared."

Rose got out of the car.

"Thank you, Lucian."

When Nathan got out, Rose introduced the both of them.

"This is Nathan, our new resident and a very important ally. Treat him as you would treat me. Nathan, this is the head butler, Lucian."

"Rest assured, Boss," Lucian replied and turned to Nathan and offered a slight bow. "Good evening, Sir Nathan. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Lucian and I am at your service."

Rose turned to Nathan and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

"I had a very lovely evening thanks to you. I will see you tomorrow at breakfast. Goodnight."

'This bitch… After what she said back at the house…'

"Lucian, please show him his quarters."

Rose walked away and one of the women followed her.

"Yes, Boss." Lucian said to Rose and then turned to Nathan. "Sir, please follow me."

Lucian turned and started walking, while the remaining woman waited for Nathan to move.

Nathan stood there and felt a bit suffocated.

He understood that this old butler was only doing his job, but he still felt a little annoyed. It was he was being treated like a pet or something.

As a self-proclaimed lone wolf, he unconsciously shuddered when he thought about what his life will be here. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Noticing that Nathan wasn't moving, Lucian asked, "Is there a problem, sir?"

"It's nothing. Lead the way."


Haven Manor, third floor.


A door was opened.

"This will be your room, sir."

The setup of the room was the same as the one he entered earlier tonight.

"The items you requested have already been prepared. It's over there at the table."

Lucian pointed at a coffee table in the living room.

On top of the coffee table was his [Grade D] Dagger and Revolver. There were also 5 hand grenades, a dozen bullets, and goggles that feature both night and thermal vision.

"If you find anything lacking, just say the word and we'll grant it."

'How about my cousin or Rose's head?' Nathan thought before saying, "Nothing at the moment."

"Here are your keys, sir."

Nathan took a set of keys from Lucian's hand.

"The large one is for the main door, the medium-sized key is for the bedroom, and the small one is for the safe."


"Sir, may I introduce you to Flica, one of our best chefs. She will be in charge of your daily meals, your personal cook. She can prepare you a sumptuous meal right away if you want."

"No need. Just leave me alone now."

Although Nathan was hungry, he didn't trust them. For safety reasons, he preferred to cook his own meals.

"Certainly, sir. And one last thing, sir. In case you're in need of service, just press '1' on the landline phone. It will connect you to the reception desk."

"Seriously? You have something like that here?"

"We do. Please enjoy the 'gifts'. Goodnight, sir."

Nathan didn't notice Lucian emphasized the word 'gifts'. He was so hungry and tired that all he wanted was to be left alone.

Lucian offered a slight bow and the two left.

With Nathan finally alone, he immediately went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

It was filled with food and drinks.

"Hmm… I want something light… What to eat… What to eat…"

He grabbed 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and a bottle of fresh milk, and started cooking.

Even if the eggs and bacon were poisoned, in his mind, cooking it will probably kill it. As for the milk, he was relying on his 29 Vit and his System potions the Antidote.

After eating, he went to check everything inside his room to search for things such as bombs, cameras, etc.

When he got to the bathroom, he was surprised to see two extremely good-looking people inside: a man and a woman wearing pieces of clothing that barely covered their private areas.

The two immediately greeted Nathan in a seductive manner.

"Good evening, sir."

Nathan's expression darkened and asked in an icy tone, "What's the meaning of this?"

The woman immediately answered in a seductive voice, "Sir, my name is –"

"Answer the question!"

This time, it was the man who answered, "Sir, we're here to provide you special services – anything that you desire. Don't worry, everything will be kept a secret."

Nathan felt a chill ran down his spine and a strong urge to beat the man into a bloody pulp surfaced in his heart.

Although it hasn't been a year since he moved here to Womania, he understood that this country's views regarding gender and relationships were very progressive. In fact, you can identify as gay today and then switch back to straight the next day and no one will judge you.

As for why Nathan moved to this country, it's a story to be told in the future.

For now, let's just say at that time he was desperate to start somewhere fresh and this country's immigration rules happened to be not too strict and Amir was already long here so it was the easiest choice.

Nathan suppressed his bloodlust.

"Leave, the both of you."

Despite how beautiful the woman was, he wasn't in the mood right now. There were still many things to sort out.

The two left.

Nathan facepalmed out of annoyance.

He started to miss the days before the zombie apocalypse.

Amir was rarely home, either working, chasing women or out in a party, so most of the time he had the entire apartment all for himself.

"I hope there won't be any more surprises after this…" He massaged his forehead.

He decided to continue inspecting the entire room.

A couple of minutes later…

It was now 3:00 am.

Aside from the two people he found inside the bathroom, he didn't find anything else suspicious.

"Did I miss anything?"

He thought about it for a moment and then decided to take a bath and didn't check the mirror to see his face.

After taking a bath, he grabbed some clothes inside the cabinets.

At the bed, he thought about the woman from earlier in the bathroom.

'I shouldn't have sent her away… But it's not like they're going to send me a person with STD or something, right? No… Wait… What if the woman does something like in that movie Naked Weapon?'

In the annals of history, how many men have fallen because of a woman? He was worried he would one of those simps.

Before the zombie apocalypse, Nathan was just an average person in terms of looks, status and money. With that, when it comes to dating, the most beautiful woman he slept with was only a 6.

He was a realist, defeatist or whatever you want to call it.

Basically, he didn't want to put a lot of effort in chasing women, especially after his experiences in the past. To him, all cats are black in the dark anyway. As long as he could get some action, that's good enough – though not from a woman that's a 3 and below.

So he created a dating formula for himself – not for a romantic relationship, just for a one night stand to release his lustful desires.

How he dates is like this: Being a 4 himself (based on his estimation), once a month he would message 10 women with average looks that's between a 4 and 6 on a dating app. Out of the 10 women, around 6 women will reply. Out of the 6 women, 3 would agree to go out with him. And out of the 3 women, 1 or 2 will sleep with him.

But thinking about the woman earlier at the bath who was willing… Well…

There was a telephone on top of a nightstand next to his bed.

'I'm not eligible to be a Sage anymore anyway.'

He picked up the phone and pressed 1.



"Good evening, this is the reception area. How may I help you, Sir Nathan?"


Nathan was taken back. He didn't expect they knew he would be the one calling.

'Do they have something like a caller ID reader or something for landline phones?'

He could only guess.

"Well… There was a woman earlier inside my bathroom. Can you send her back?"

"Certainly, sir. We'll inform her that you called for her and send her back to your room."


"Is there anything else I can help you with, sir?"

"Um… Is it possible to send someone else? I mean, like an Asian or something?"

"Certainly, sir. Do you have any specific features that you want?"

'What the hell? Is this manor a brothel or something?' Nathan thought. "Uh... Yeah, someone skinny with brown skin. And colored hair if possible."

"Certainly, sir."

"Wow… You really have someone like that?"

"Yes, sir. We do our best providing everything possible."

"Oh… Great. That will be all then. Thanks."


"Oh wait! Bring me a pack of Marlboro Red also."

"Certainly, sir. Will that be all, sir?"

"I guess that's about it. Thanks."

"You're welcome, Sir Nathan. Thank you for your call and if there's anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask."

"Yeah, sure. Thanks again. Bye."

Nathan put down the phone.

His hands were cold and sweating so he rubbed them together.

He felt like a kid and had butterflies inside his stomach.

'I just hope she doesn't look like a prostitute…'

Nathan has never slept with a prostitute. It wasn't that he finds the idea repulsive or whatsoever, he just never had the chance. In his mind, there are so many potential and willing partners on dating apps so there wasn't any need.

Plus, high-end escorts are crazy expensive. Great looks and skills, but very expensive – at least to his income.

He went back to the bathroom to mouthwash and checked himself in the mirror.

"Oh fuck me sideways!"

The right side of his face was sunken due to the loss of teeth. Aside from that, his beard was uneven. If his complexion was deathly pale, he would've looked like a deformed ghoul with a mismatched beard.

He slammed his fists against the sink.


"Should I just cancel? But… But…"

He thought about Ashleigh.

It made him clenched his fists and his muscles tensed.

He closed his eyes.

'Calm down… Calm down…'

When he finally calmed down, he opened his eyes and stared at the mirror with cold eyes.

"You're a fucking Chosen One… You're a fucking Chosen One… You're a fucking Chosen One. You hear me, Nathan? You're a fucking Chosen One! You're better off compared to those rich and fat bastards – a million times! So quit acting like a little bitch and man the fuck up!"

Pah! Pah!

He slapped both of his cheeks so hard that he could see the handprints on his face.

Nathan shaved his beard.

He went to the living room and sat at one of the sofas.

He was wearing a long-sleeve black silk robe and boxers underneath.

On top of the coffee table, he removed the items and replaced them with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

5 minutes later, someone knocked at the door.




"Room service."

It was a cute female voice.

He leaned back, placed one arm on top of the sofa, and spread his legs. And with a deep voice, he said, "Come in~"


The door opened and a strikingly beautiful Asian woman walked in.

She was wearing a white kimono robe. She was around 5'5", skinny, tanned skin, and had short blonde hair. She reminded him of a JAV actress called Aika.

The only thing that Nathan didn't like was that she was wearing too much makeup.

But still…

She closed the door behind her.

She bowed once and said in a sultry voice, "Good evening. My name is Akane."

She untied the ribbon on her waist.

The two fabrics locked together by the ribbon parted from each other, revealing more of her tanned skin and her black underwear.

Nathan gulped.

With a bewitching smile, she held out the pack of cigarettes on one hand and walked towards him.

"I brought the pack of cigarettes you asked for and myself."


She got on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

With their lips only an inch away, she whispered, "So which do you want first?"

At the moment, there was only one thing in Nathan's mind.

He locked his arms around her and kissed her.


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