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Chapter 34: N1

Nathan just stood there, admiring what just happened.

A 3m-tall zombie just came out of nowhere and slammed its body against the black SUV, causing it to flip over a few times before finally crashing into a small barber shop, blocking the shop's entrance and window.


Clap! Clap! Clap!

He couldn't help but laugh and clap his hands. What happened earlier was just too amazing that it looked like something one would see from a monster-action movie.

After having a good laugh and wiping the tears from his eyes, he immediately snapped himself back to reality and focus on the objective.

He looked at the 3m-tall zombie and examined its features.

It was still in the middle of the street kneeling in one knee, trying to recover from the injuries it sustained.

'This one seems thinner compared to the D1 zombie. However, it looks a lot like the ones I saw at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.'

He then turned his sights to the toppled SUV.

There were already zombies gathered at the SUV. On top of it were 4 zombies ripping out someone's gut from the driver's seat, while the other zombies, about 15 of them, were pushing each other out of the way to get close to the toppled SUV and rip it apart.

'I need at least one of them alive or else all my efforts will be for nothing. As for the trucks back at the bridge, I just hope they're still there.'

He pulled out his Revolver and aimed it at the zombies. His goal was to lure them to him.


He lost his invisibility and continued firing.


With his agility at 26(+14) points and his skill [Coward's Way], he wasn't afraid of these bloodthirsty zombies. In his eyes, aside from the fact that these zombies only know how to charge mindlessly, there were also so slow that they looked like they were just walking once he begins to focus.

However, this also made him wonder about something.

Let's say he reaches 99 agility points, how will his eyes be able to keep up? What's allowing him to see things in slow motion once he focuses? With him moving so fast, wouldn't everything become blurry? Is this all thanks to his 29 points in vitality?

Unfortunately, with his status as a Chosen One which gives him +1 to all stats whenever he levels up and the bonus stats that the System items give are still too low, he couldn't find the answers to his question, not at the moment.

Of course, there's a way aside from waiting for the bonus stats from the System items. He could boost someone.

'Why don't you use Amir as a test subject?' the idea came to his mind like a soft and sweet whisper, very tempting.

He immediately shook his head and cursed.

'Fuck! Get out of my head! He's family!'

He quickly tossed the thought at the back of his head and focused on killing the zombies in front of him.


In reality, the reason as to why the Level 9 zombies were too slow for him was because their stats were:

• Strength: 19

• Vitality: 19

• Agility: 19

• Int: 19

Hearing the gunshots and seeing Nathan a couple of meters away, more than half of the zombies rushed towards him. Only 7 paid him no attention and continued attacking the SUV.

As for the 3m-tall zombie, it turned its head towards Nathan and tried to get up, but fell on its knees and started slowly crawling instead. It was too injured that it still needed some time to recover.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Click!

He ran out of ammo.

Out of the 6 shots he fired, he was able to kill 2 zombies and injure 2.

He quickly put away his Revolver and switched to melee mode. His right hand holding the [Grade D] Sword and the [Grade D] Long Dagger on the left.

He activated [Coward's Way] and charged at the nearest zombie.


His [Grade D] Sword sliced through a zombie's neck, decapitating it.

He was using a hit and run tactic while constantly activating [Coward's Way] whenever he loses his invisibility. He was also careful not to get close to the 3m-tall zombie.

15 seconds later...


A zombie head fell to the ground and rolled over.

There were now only 3 zombies left, aside from the crawling 3m-tall skinless zombie.

It was then the 3m-tall skinless zombie finally got up and roared before charging towards Nathan.

The 3m-tall skinless zombie's speed startled him for a moment because it was faster than the Level 9 zombies.

He immediately activated [Coward's Way] and sidestep to the left to avoid the 3m-tall zombie and the 3 remaining zombies charging at him before running to a corner.

When the 3m-tall skinless zombie was 5 meters away from Nathan, the System informed him that it was an N1 zombie.

'Heh~ So this is the N1 zombie that I heard about back in the mall.'

During the past few days he was experimenting to learn about the zombie virus and doing other things, he just ignored and stayed away from these 3m-tall zombies. Aside from being too busy, he was greatly affected by his near-death experience in the hands of the D1 zombie.

As to what made him decide to fight this N1 zombie right now, there were a couple of reasons.

One, he couldn't let the duo inside the SUV to die. He needed one alive for interrogation and have that person drive the truck.

Two, after killing Derek back at the bridge, his confidence started to rise... including his bloodlust. He couldn't just keep evading these 3m-tall type zombies. Sooner or later, he would need to face them.

Three, he wanted to know how much exp does this N1 give. The exp that a single Level 9 zombie gives him as a Level 18 human was only 0.09765625%. Too little!

And lastly, he was curious as to what items do the 3m-tall type zombies drop. He remembered when that wannabe Ada Wong bitch killed the D1 zombie, it dropped a green-colored treasure chest.

The N1 and 3 zombies were already at the spot they last saw Nathan. They just stood there confused because their prey was nowhere to be seen.

Nathan was currently in a corner observing them, thinking about how will deal with them, especially the N1 zombie.

'It's also faster compared to the D1.'

What Nathan said were true about the N1 being faster than the Level 9 zombies and the D1 zombie. As a matter of fact, the stats of an N1 zombie's were:

• Strength: 31

• Vitality: 31

• Agility: 31

• Intelligence: 31

However, given that the N1 zombie that he was observing was currently injured, it couldn't use its full potential, only about 75%.

Meanwhile, the actual stats of a D1 zombie were: Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

• Strength: 42

• Vitality: 42

• Agility: 11

• Intelligence: 11

This is why back when the D1 zombie slapped Nathan away who was only Level 6 at that time with 17 points in vitality, he immediately sustained grave injuries. If the D1 zombie at that time wasn't injured from its fight with Derek, Nathan would've died immediately.

Nathan, who was still in a corner and invisible, placed the blade of his [Grade D] Long Dagger between his teeth and took out his last hand grenade from his police vest.

He pulled the pin and waited for 2 seconds before tossing it to the N1 zombie.

The moment the hand grenade left his hand, he immediately lost his invisibility. However, the N1 and the 3 zombies didn't notice him and the grenade that landed in front of the N1 zombie.

Four seconds passed and the hand grenade exploded.


<Author's thoughts: While I was writing this chapter, I got pissed at myself because I realized that in the previous chapter I mentioned the N1 zombie, eliminating the sense of... Sigh... Well, whatever... No point in crying over spilled milk.

Sorry for the little drama. I just had a long day today. This is the 3rd chapter for June 9 - 15.

Thank you for reading this chapter and I hope you guys enjoyed it.>

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