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39.42% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 69: Night Hunt 3

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Chapter 69: Night Hunt 3

When Nathan arrived, still invisible, he saw about five human corpses lying on the ground. He also saw three 3m-tall skinless zombies kneeling down, each of them feasting on one of the corpses.

One was an N1 zombie biting off the flesh of a man's shoulder.

The other two had skinnier frames, just like the one he saw earlier. One was eating a woman's face, while the other was eating another man's leg.

Nathan steadied his breathing and tightened his grip on the [Grade D] Large Axe's handle, trying to calm himself down.

'You can do this. You just tested this weapon's sharpness. Relax, relax, relax. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on...'

He already made up his mind on who to kill first. It would be one of the skinny ones.

He held the [Grade D] Large Axe with two hands before running towards one of the skinnier 3m-tall skinless zombies.

When he was 5 meters away from it, the System informed him that it was a Level 1 M1 zombie.

'Level 1 M1 zombie, huh. Not the S1.'

When he was finally within melee range, he swung the axe at the M1's neck with all his strength.


He lost his invisibility and immediately activated [Coward's Way] before running to a distance.

The M1's head fell to the ground and rolled over.

He stopped and collected his thoughts.

His breathing was heavy.

'I felt no resistance at all from cutting its flesh, just like when I was testing this axe's sharpness from one of the corpses earlier.'

What Nathan didn't know was that this Level 1 M1 was a wizard type zombie and its stats were:

• STR - 16

• VIT - 16

• AGI - 16

• INT - 44

Compared that to a level 10 zombie before the Second Phase, its stats were:

• STR - 19

• VIT - 19

• AGI - 19

• INT - 19

Meanwhile, Nathan's stats as a Level 19 were:

• STR - 32

• VIT - 27 (+14)

• AGI - 30

• INT - 27

As for the exp he received from killing the Level 1 M1 as a Level 19, it was only 0.1953125%.

The remaining M1 and N1 zombie didn't mind Nathan killing one of their companions and just continued feasting on their human snack.

He went back to finish off the other M1.


He lost his invisibility and immediately activated it.

The M1's head rolled over the ground.

This time, instead of backing away after he killed the second M1, he immediately headed to the N1.


He easily killed it off.

Holding his axe on his right hand, he stared down at the decapitated N1.

'Now this one, I certainly felt a little resistance.'

As for the stats of this Level 1 N1 zombie:

• STR - 31

• VIT - 31

• AGI - 31

• INT - 31

'It would be nice if the System could tell me what the exact stats of these 3m-tall skinless zombies are. Hopefully, I could get an item or equipment that offers such a feature.'

He looked around to check the corpses for some loots.

Examining them, he realized that out of the five corpses, three of them were part of Team 6 while the remaining two were people he couldn't recognize and were not wearing any System items. However, Chet, the captain of Team 7, wasn't one of the deceased. There was also no sign of Team 7.

'They got separated?'

He tried to see if there were other corpses around. But after finding out there was none, he couldn't help but shook his head in disbelief.

'Haha~ You guys heading here without me to stop these 3m-tall zombies is admirable, but I wasn't expecting you guys to separate into smaller teams. But nevertheless, your corpses helped me distract these zombies. For that, I want to thank you all.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He chopped off their heads before and leaving.

He was headed to the Training Facility which was located in the Southeast of Haven Town.


A group of seven people was inside a one-story building, dressing up the wounds of their injured companions.

This group consists of R.R, Chet and the members of teams 5, 6 and 7.

They originally had more than twenty members. Now, only seven of them are left.

Their journey to the South Gate was easy. When they got there, they even killed an N1 and M1.

Seeing how they killed it without suffering any casualties from their side, they became confident and thought that Nathan was nothing but a coward despite being a Chosen One.

With high spirits, they immediately headed to the Training Facility and nothing dangerous happened for quite a while along the way until they encountered a group of survivors running towards them.

They immediately told the survivors to stop and planned to take care of whatever was chasing them. What they didn't know was that what was chasing them was a group of twenty 3m-tall skinless zombies led by an M2.

And the craziest part about this M2 was that it had wings and was shooting spells while flying!

The fight only lasted about 5 seconds before they were overrun by the group of 3m-tall skinless zombies and had to run away from different directions.

As for calling backup via radio, the members who had radios got separated from them so they were left with no choice but to make their way to the Training Facility and hopefully regroup with the other teams.

Regarding how they were able to identify the flying zombie as an M2, during the short battle, it landed to pick up one of their teammates before flying away. Those who were close to it 5 meters away when it landed were able to get its name.

And this building there were inside right now, was the third building they've escaped to because the M2 was actively leading a group of D1s, M1s, N1s and S1s to hunt them.

"We have 2 minutes, people. Be sure to check your ammo, mana, your night-vision goggles – everything that needs to be checked. We'll continue heading out to regroup with the Teams 1-4 and 8-10 at the Training Facility. It's just a couple of blocks away," said R.R.

"I think no one here among us has any mana left to cast magic spells. But at least the M1s are out of mana as well. They've been shooting at us for quite a while now, including that M2," said one female.

The number of mana that a person has is dependent on the INT points. 1 point of INT is equal to 2 mana points.

As for mana recovery, it takes 4 minutes to recover 1 mana point.

"My night-vision goggles is destroyed and I lost my flashlight on the way here. Anyone got a spare flashlight?" A man asked.


R.R. gave the man her flashlight.

"Anyone got some extra rifle clip to spare? I'm out of ammo." Another person asked.

"You can have mine." The female who said no one has any mana left including the M-type zombies answered.


"This is the last [Small] Healing Potion I have," said a man as he gave it to Germaine who was treating Chet.

Chet's left arm and leg were bitten off by one of the S1 zombies. His face was so pale due to the huge amount of blood that he lost.

"Don't waste the last potion on me. I'm already infected and I'm old. I've lived long enough already," Chet said weakly.

Looking at their situation, R.R. couldn't help but feel helpless. She was also angry at Nathan for being uncooperative.

"Hold the captain. I'm going to pour this potion on his arm and leg to seal up the wounds," said Germaine.

Two people held Chet.

"There's still hope. Once we reach the Training Facility to meet up with all the groups, we can ask the Boss to have you healed by Ms. Ashleigh," said Germaine.

Chet didn't say anything.

Everyone here was quite impressed with Germaine. Not only was his fighting and shooting skills great, but he was also a great medic.

After pouring the [Small] Healing Potion, Germaine wrapped Chet's arm and leg with a bandage.

"You just arrived in Haven Town and joined Team 5 today, right?" A man asked Germaine.


"Where did you learn all those skills?"

"Before the zombie apocalypse, I worked as an MMA instructor. It's not rare to get injured in practice so I learned a few things along the way."

"If Captain Nathan was here, we probably could have taken care of them…" Another man said.

Everyone in the room looked at the man who said it.

The man who said it was also part of Team 5 and coined as "Crawler" in Nathan's head.

"What the fuck are you even talking about? That guy is nothing but a fucking coward!" said a member of Team 6.

"Keep your voices down!" R.R. harshly whispered.

Crawler didn't say anything. He thought about how Nathan single-handedly beaten the members of Team 5 and even killing some of them, killed all of those zombies during their trip at Cram city, and beat up Team 2 outside of Tony's Car Shop.

'That Kaija was a smart one…' Crawler thought but then did a 180. 'However, thinking about that bastard's personality, there's a higher chance that Kaija must be dead already by now or worse rather than being safe and sound. I guess it makes no difference at all whether I went with these people or not.'

"Everybody ready? We're going to continue heading to the Training Facility. Follow my –" R.R. said.


Two D1 zombies crashed down a wall and entered the building they were in. Behind these two buffed up 3m-tall skinless zombies were other D1s and N1s, S1s and M1s as well.

The M1s immediately began bombarding them with spells: [Ice Spear], [Stone Spear] and [Fireball].

Meanwhile, the S1s, N1s and D1s charged.


"Goddammit! Who said the M1s are out of mana! Each of those skills cost 20 mana points to cast!" One man shouted.

In truth, the M-type 3m-tall skinless zombies have a special skill. They can absorb the mana of the human they feed on.

The humans began firing their guns.


R.R. threw a hand grenade.


Two S1s and one N1 immediately fell to the ground due to the ammo being fired and the grenade thrown by R.R.

However, there were still four D1s, three N1s and two S1s charging towards them.

Moreover, the four M1s who just ran out of mana to cast spells began charging as well.

"RUN! HEAD STRAIGHT TO THE TRAINING FACILITY RIGHT AWAY!" R.R. ordered as she threw her last hand grenade before running outside.

Germaine carried Chet's on his shoulders before moving.

Crawler was silently crawling away to safety.

As for the others, they were caught by the 3m-tall zombies. They screamed in agony as the zombies bit on their flesh and tore their limbs apart.


"HELP ME!!!"



The grenade that R.R. threw finally exploded.

It exploded between two D1s, one N1 and one S1 that were feasting on one of the humans.

Unfortunately, only the S1 died from the explosion. The N1 was severely injured, while the D1s only sustained some wounds.

There were still other 3m-tall skinless zombies feasting on the other two humans.


Two M1s that were eating a leg from one of the Scavenger Team members who had her limbs ripped apart were decapitated.

"Now that's what I call a double kill! Hahaha~" A man's voice said.

Nathan was nearby when he heard the gunshots and explosions so he immediately ran here.

He quickly activated [Coward's Way] and went to chop off the other 3m-tall skinless zombies nearby that were feasting on the human corpses.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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