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41.14% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 72: Night Hunt 6

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Chapter 72: Night Hunt 6

Derek along with Teams 8, 9 and 10 were facing a group of twenty 3m-tall skinless zombies led by a D2.

This D2 was also 3 meters tall and had a muscular body like the D1. However, it had white scales covering its body.

As for its stats:

• STR - 62

• VIT - 62

• AGI - 21

• INT - 11

Meanwhile, Derek's stats were:

Level 16

• STR - 52 (26)

• VIT - 56 (28)

• AGI - 8.66 (26) (+12)

• INT - 25

Derek was currently in [Maximize] mode and wrestling with the D2 while being attacked on the sides by two S1s, resulting in his equipment all tattered up to the point that it may break soon. Moreover, his body was covered in wounds and bruises as well and was also losing a lot of blood.

Furthermore, his pair of night/thermal-vision goggles was destroyed.

On their way here, with Derek leading the way, things were easy. They even killed some M1s, N1s, S1s and D1s along the way without breaking any sweat.

And although they were expecting to encounter a mob, they weren't expecting a D2 to appear.

And given that Derek didn't carry any System weapons, only a handgun, two grenades and some System potions, it was already too late for him to pick up System weapons when the D2 and two S2s ganged up on him.

As for the rest of the members of Team 8, 9 and 10, they were busy fighting off the other remaining 3m-tall zombies. There were also a handful of members of Team 8 that were supporting Derek by shooting from afar.

In their combined efforts, they still had 20 surviving members left. However, they were slowly being killed one by one.





A woman from Team 10 was struck on the head with a [Stone Spear] spell that was cast by one of the M1s.



"Take down those M1s before – Aaaahhhhh!!!" The captain of Team 10 man was attacked by an S1.



"HELP ME!!!" Another man from Team 10 was being ripped apart into two by an N1.



"Call in the radio and request for backup! Don't stop shooting! Shoot! Shoot! SHOOT!" said the captain of Team 9.



"Arghh!!!" Derek groaned in pain as the D2 bit him on the shoulder. Fortunately, his skill [Maximize] multiplies his STR and VIT by 2 but divides his AGI by 3 and also grants him immunity to the zombie virus. So to him, it was nothing but a flesh wound.

However, the two S1 zombies that ganged up on him didn't stop attacking, constantly dropping the durability of his System items.

"Support the captain!" said the lieutenant of Team 8.



One of the S1s attacking Derek got shot in the head and died.



"Grenade!" A member of Team 10 shouted before throwing the grenade on a group of D1s and N1s that were attacking teams 9 and 10.


Both the D1s and N1s got caught up by the explosion and were hurt. However, the D1s still continued to charge forward while the N1s laid on the ground.

"Fuck! Kill them!"



Soon, most of the members were killed by the 3m-tall skinless zombie. Some of the zombies even began to feed on the street and ignored the gunshots.


"WE'LL HOLD ON UNTIL THEY RETURN!"said the Captain of Team 9 and continued shooting.

"GO! REGROUP WITH ROSE AT THE TRAINING FACILITY! I WILL CATCH UP!" Derek shouted at the remaining members.

With his skill [Maximize], he could easily kill the M1s, N1s, S1s and D1s. However, he had his hands full with the D2 and the durability of his items were dropping down fast.

Hearing what Derek said, the remaining member said, "Captain! We won't leave you!"

In the case of Team 8, they really admired their captain. Even though they just joined Team 8 earlier today, they already had a very good impression of him before joining.

Derek was known to be a kind, humble and helpful person. Added with his good looks and his powers as a Chosen One, to many women and some gay men, he was their knight inshining armor. Meanwhile, to the others, he was a great person that's worth admiring.

And now, despite being caught up in a dangerous position, he still placed the lives of others over his.



One of the members managed to hit the D2 on the eye.

The D2 roared in annoyance, ordering the other 3m-tall zombies that were feasting on the corpses to attack the gunners, especially the one that shot its eye.


Derek immediately took out one of the grenades he had with him, pulled out its pin and shoved it inside the mouth of the D2.


The D2 was about to bit down the grenade, but Derek held its jaw with his right hand, waiting for the grenade to explode.

The D2 held onto Derek's right arm, trying to remove its jaw from Derek's tight grip.

3 seconds passed.


The D2's head exploded, immediately killing it.

Derek and the remaining S1 that were close to the D2 were blown away.

A [Blue] Treasure Chest appeared near the D2's corpse.

Given that the D2 wasn't technically killed using an item that's part of the System or with Derek's bare hands, he didn't receive any exp.

Derek laid on the ground, dazed and severely injured but still breathing.

When the grenade exploded, it caused the other grenade he had with him to explode as well.

He lost his right hand and it destroyed his equipment and his clothes.

The explosion also burned and torn his skin apart, and destroyed his eyes.

There was also a ringing sound on his ear due to the explosion.

Derek lifted his left hand and moved his right to get up.



"QUICK! HELP THE CAPTAIN!" A member ordered as the others were shooting the other 3m-tall zombies.

As they got closer to the Derek who was trying to get up, two D1s came rushing at them and one N1.




They were able to take down the N1, but for the two D1s, they just continued charging.



A group of gunners started shooting from afar.

It was Rose and her companions.

Rose immediately activated [Crystal Body] and rushed to them.

When she got close to the D1s, she leaped at one of them and delivered a superman punch.



Her fist caved in the D1's face, causing the zombie to fall to the ground. She immediately followed it up with an elbow drop to its face.


The D1 finally died.

The other D1 was on its knees. It sustained too many gunshot wounds and was being hacked on the head by the other members.

The rest of the members continued killing the other 3m-tall skinless zombies before shooting the heads of those people who are already dead and were bitten. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A few moments later…

Derek and the few surviving members of Team 8, 9 and 10 were sitting on a corner getting treated.

He was also given a set of new clothes.

There were people guarding the area and picking up the loots, including the [Grade D] Nucleus from the heads of the 3m-tall skinless zombies.

"Derek, please hold on. I'm going to heal you now," said Ashleigh as she cast [Heaven's Treatment].

Derek's wounds were immediately healed in a blink of an eye.

"Thank you, Ashleigh."

His face was pale as he smiled at her. Despite having his wounds completely healed, he lost quite an amount of blood so he felt a bit weak.

"No problem. I'm glad I could be of help," said Ashleigh.

He got up and saw Rose from afar who was talking to Brezine and a group of people.

"Where are you going? You still need rest!"Ashleigh said with a worried tone.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I think you should go check on the others."

Derek pointed at the other injured members who were being treated.

"Okay. But in case you need help, just call me, okay?"

"You bet I would." Derek flashed her a smile.

Ashleigh went to check on the injured members who were being treated.

Derek eyes surveyed around the area before returning his gaze at Rose. He wasn't wearing a night/thermal-vision goggles because it got destroyed from his fight earlier with the D2 so he was only relying on the light coming from the flashlight of the other members.

After Rose was done talking to Brezine and the others, she turned towards Derek and headed towards him.

Derek met her halfway.

"How are you feeling?" Rose asked

"I'm good. Thank you for saving us."

"Don't mention it. We're all on this together, remember?"

Derek nodded.


Rose tossed Derek a pair of night/thermal-vision goggles and he caught it with one hand.

"Good, it seems like you're still capable of moving. I was worried about your health," said Rose.

"It would take a lot to slow me down, let alone kill me."

"Sure thing, big guy."

Both Derek and Rose smiled at each other.

The first lieutenant of Team 1, Tyrone, approached them.

"Boss, one of the scouts returned and told me that he saw Captain Nathan about 50 meters away from here killing a group of those 3m-tall zombies on his own before disappearing. No Rank 2s confirmed."

"On his own? Did you try to contact him using the radio?"

Derek held his gaze at Rose and thought about his fight earlier.

In his mind, he concluded that Nathan and his team must've encountered a mob of 3m-tall skinless zombies led by a Rank 2 as well. And considering Nathan's power and attitude, he most likely abandoned his teammates.

"The scout only mentioned seeing Captian Nathan. And when we tried to contact him, we received a message from Captain R.R. of Team 6 that he left them and went on his own."

As for how R.R. got the radio, when Nathan left them after picking up the [Blue] Treasure Chest, they decided to continue on their journey to the Training Facility and met Crawler along the way who was crawling. And during that time, they heard the sound of the radio from afar and immediately went to pick it up.

"How many of them are left?"

"Excluding Nathan, there's only four left. Captain R.R., Captain Chet who's infected, and two members of Team 5."

Rose turned towards Derek.

"There's some extra System equipment from the fallen members. Take anything that fancies you."

Derek nodded. His equipment got destroyed from the explosion earlier so he needed new ones, preferably the ones that give AGI.

"Inform the men that we will be leaving this area in 3 minutes. We are to continue getting rid of the 3m-tall zombies and also regroup with the remaining members of teams 5 -7. Contact the rest of team 5 - 7 and set up a meeting point."

"Yes, Boss."


Author's thoughts:

Hello, it's been more than a week I posted a chapter. Sorry, I was just so busy with my work. Please accept this immortal's sincere apology.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

To those people who voted with their power stones, I would like to thank these Power Immortal Voters:

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By the way, I also posted the draft of [Chapter 80] there.

The second immortal position is becoming an Immortal Donator by sending it to my PayPal address.


This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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