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41.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 73: Night Hunt 7

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Chapter 73: Night Hunt 7

Combining teams 1 - 4 and the surviving members of 8 - 10, the total number was 56.

Going all together seemed too much so Rose decided to divide them into two groups, 28 in each group.

For Group 1, it was led by Rose. Meanwhile, Group 2 had Ashleigh and Derek.

Rose was confident that Derek won't let anything bad happen to Ashleigh so she assigned them together. In addition to that, in case Group 2 encounters Nathan, she believed that Ashleigh will serve as a mediator between Derek and Nathan.

On the other hand, in case Group 1, the group she was part of, encounters Nathan, there wouldn't be that much problem because she was confident that he would honor their deal. And even if he doesn't, she was still confident that he can't kill her or find where she kept the people she held dear.



Derek shoved his hands inside the mouth of an N1 and went pass out of its neck, killing it instantly.

Meanwhile, the other 3m-tall skinless zombies were taken care of by Brezine, Ashleigh and the others.

Group 2 was in charge of rescuing the remaining members of teams 5 - 7 and they were currently headed to the designated meeting point. Once they accomplished that objective, they will go around town to continue hunting down the 3m-tall skinless zombies.

When they heard that Nathan abandoned his teammates and hunted on his own, many were displeased with it.

They were already displeased with Nathan's attitude to begin with. It all began when he killed a lot of people while sneaking into Haven Town. After that, there was the incident at Hunter Hall and the incident in front of Tony's Car Shop.

There's a limit to a person's patience.

"What a nasty way to die," said Brezine as she saw Derek pull out his hand from the N1's mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Derek forced a smile and shook his head.

She patted Derek on the back as they continued moving.


The remaining members of team 5 - 7 arrived at the designated meeting point.

It was a two-story building.

Germaine was carrying the infected and unconscious Chet. Meanwhile, Crawler was serving as the scout and R.R. was the rearguard.






They heard a few roars and a banging metal from afar, causing them to stop and look at the direction where the noises came from. It seemed like it was just a couple of blocks away.

"Could it be Captain Derek and the others? Or Nathan?" Crawler asked.

"I don't know. But whoever it is, our mission is to wait here and I'm not in the mood to go there. You can try though and I won't stop you," R.R. said and smiled.

Her stomach and right shoulder were covered in bandages. The M2 from earlier shot a [Stone Spear] and [Ice Spear] spell on her, leaving her with two holes that were about the size of an infant's fist. Moreover, she lost a lot of blood.

Lucky for her, she had 20 (+7) points on VIT as a Level 15. Although her injury greatly affected her movement, her desire to live was so strong that she forced herself to move despite her injuries.

Crawler scratched his head and let out an awkward smile. "You got to be kidding me. I've already have enough of them tonight. No way I'm going there."

"Guys, hurry up. Let's go inside the building already. I'm also tired of this shit and want to go back home and take a nice, long bath. I think I'm also going to ask a beautiful girl to wash my body for me," said Germaine and let out a grin.

"It's not me who wants to go there," R.R. jokingly said.

"Hey, don't look at me. I have no interests as well," Crawler said and raised his hands.

"Then what the fuck are were standing here outside for?" Germaine said helplessly.

There is this phenomena called "crisis bonding" where two or more people who experience a crisis together form a bond.

In the case of Crawler, Germaine and R.R., due to the experience they had tonight, they stopped addressing each other by rank and just talked like normal friends.

They went inside the two-story building.




"Come here, you fucking zombies!" Nathan shouted.

He was banging his [Grade D] Two-handed Great Axe against a lamppost.

On his way here, after killing some S1s, he picked up a few new items:

• [Grade D] Helm (15/15): +2 Agi +1 Str

• [Grade D] Heavy Leather Armor (15/15): +3 Agi

• [Grade D] Heavy Leather Boots (13/15): +2 Agi +1 Int

It wasn't much, but at least there were a few extra bonus stats.

In front of him was an S2 which was guarded by four D1s and four M1s, surrounding it like a VIP.

The M1s had already run out of mana from firing at Nathan earlier.

Nathan killed the N1s and S1s that charged to him, but for the D1s and M1s, they were ordered by the S2 not to charge.

With his experience earlier with the M2, he understood that the Rank 2 3m-tall skinless zombies could command the Rank 1 3m-tall zombies and had some intelligence. However, he didn't expect that this S2 would know how to do tactics.

But despite that, he still tried if he could lure the D1s and M1s.

As for the stats of the S2:

• Str - 52

• Vit - 32

• Agi - 52

• Int - 11



"Come on, come on! Fresh meat here. What are you fucking zombies waiting for? Come on, I rarely appear, you know!"



Unfortunately, they didn't move. It seemed like they were waiting for Nathan to approach them.

"Heh~ Still not coming, huh?"

He pulled out his Silencer and started taking out the M1s.





Seeing the M1s die, the S2 roared.

The D1s raised their arms to cover their faces. In addition to that, they were now moving together as one unit, marching step by step.

Nathan's jaw dropped.

"What the... It can even do that?!"

He put his Silencer away and took out a grenade.

He really didn't want to use this because of two things:

One - This wasn't an item he could just loot anytime he wants so he preferred to use it only for emergency.

Two - He might accidentally kill the S2 which is a Level 21. And as a Level 20, this S2 will give him 100% exp.

He placed the handle of the [Grade D] Large Axe between his teeth and held the grenade on his hands.

'Do I really have to do this?'

The group of 3m-tall skinless zombies was fast approaching. They were about 30ft away.

'Ha! Fuck it!'

He pulled the pin and rolled the grenade just about 7ft away from the group.

1 second.

6ft away from the group.

2 seconds.

5ft away from the group.

3 seconds.

4ft away from the group.


When the dust settled, the D1s that were in front sustained some injuries but still continued marching.

'Dammit! The explosion was too far!'

He pulled out his [Grade D] Long Dagger and Dagger, and threw them on the D1s, aiming for their head.



By some miracle, he was able to hit one of the D1s on the head and the other on the arm. However, none of them died.

The group of zombies continued to march and they were now just 20 ft away.

He held his [Grade D] Large Axe on his right hand and pulled out his Silencer once again.

He was going to kill the D1s guarding the S2.




The D1 that got hit on the head with the [Grade D] Long Dagger was shot on the head three times yet it still didn't die and the group continued to march towards him.

They were now 12ft away from him.

Nathan put his Silence away and held his [Grade D] Large Axe.

When the group was already 10ft away from Nathan, the D1 that got hit on the head with his [Grade D] Long Dagger and was also shot in the head 3 times with his silencer, suddenly fell to the ground.

It finally died.

Just like Derek who has 50+ VIT when in [Maximize] mode, once he gets shot in the head, specifically on the brain, he will die after 30 seconds if he doesn't get treated. But in the case of the D1 who has 42 Vit, it will die after 20 seconds.

This is also why when Rose stabbed the D1 in the head back at the apartment building where Nathan and the others lived in, it didn't die right away. To kill a creature with high VIT, one will have to either cut off its head or cause severe damage to its brain.

Unfortunately, Nathan isn't aware of this. All he knows is to cut off a zombie's head for a sure-kill. And with his experience fighting Derek at the bridge, zombie or human, he would definitely go for the head just to be sure.

But as soon as the D1 fell to the ground, the S2 roared, ordering the remaining D1s to charge.

However, the S2 ran away!


Nathan's eyes widened and he immediately activated [Coward's Way] to chase the S2.


Derek and the others arrived nearby the two-story building where R.R and the others were hiding.

"Does anyone copy? This is Captain Brezine of Team 2. We're at the location. Over," Brezine said to the radio on her hand.

"This is Captain R.R. of Team 6. We're inside the building. We'll come to see you right away. Over."

"Negative. We'll go to you. Over.

"Roger that. Over."

As they were about to enter the two-story building, they heard the thundering sound of footsteps coming from the D1s, the roar of zombies and Nathan's voice.

At first place was the S2, second place was Nathan, and third place were the D1s.

Nathan's Agi was only 28 (+15) points. Meanwhile, the S2's Agi was 52 points.


Nathan was chasing the S2 and deactivated [Coward's Way], hoping it will be tempted to stop and eat him. Unfortunately, it just ignored him and continued to run away, leaving him irritated.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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