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Chapter 74: Night Hunt 8

Looking at the 3m-tall skinless zombie that had a skinny frame which they didn't know was an S2 running away while being chased by Nathan and Nathan being chased by the D1s, it took everyone a minute to process what exactly was happening.

When they finally understood a bit of what was happening, it was Ashleigh who spoke first.

"Shouldn't we help?"

"I'll take care of the D1s," Derek said and headed to the D1s.

"The eight of you, support Derek!" Brezine ordered. "The eight of you, take down that skinny zombie!"


"Captain…" The other eight people that were ordered by Brezine to help Nathan hesitated.

They heard about what happened to Team 2 this afternoon. And witnessing this scene where Nathan is chasing an S2 instead of the other way around, they couldn't help but have second thoughts.

Brezine gritted her teeth.

Out of everyone in Haven Town, it was Nathan that she hated the most. She could never forget how he brutally beaten her in public and even stepped on her face.

To her, Nathan wasn't a man. Even pigs would be ashamed if they knew that Nathan was categorized as one of them.

As for the rest of the members, although some of them were afraid of Nathan, almost all of them were really displeased with his selfish and arrogant attitude.

To think he would threaten to slaughter all of them, including Ashleigh and Derek, it was just too much.

"I'll help Derek," Ashleigh said on the side and charged.


Nathan was running as fast as he could, but he just couldn't catch up with the S2. And the worst part of it is that it was slowly distancing itself from him.

'It's faster than me! How much AGI does this zombie have?!'

What Nathan didn't know was that the S2's AGI was 52 points. Compared to his which was only 28 (+15), it was no wonder he couldn't catch up and he was slowly getting left behind.

'This isn't looking good.'

He pulled out his Silencer.

So far he already shot seven bullets earlier and hasn't been able to reload. He still had eight more bullets on the clip.

He aimed for the legs.





He missed all four shots.

He started to panic for a moment but then forcefully calm himself down.

'You can do this. Concentrate.'

He aimed again.


The S2 got hit on the left leg.

However, it didn't crash. It still continued running.

He fired again


He missed.

'Two bullets left. I can do this.'


It got it on the left leg again.

This time, its speed was affected, slowing it down a bit.

'Last shot!'

He aimed again.


He hit it on the right leg.

With the three gunshot wounds on the S2's legs, it finally crashed and rolled on the ground.

He threw away the Silencer and held the [Grade D] Large Axe with two hands as he head to the S2.

When he was finally close, he immediately aimed for the neck.



'Ding! Congratulations for reaching Level 21!'

A [Blue] Treasure Chest appeared as well.

Nathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath while also making a slurping sound.



Level: 21

Exp: 53.41796875‬%


STR – 34 (+1)

VIT – 32 (+1)

AGI – 29 (+15)

INT – 29 (+1)


[Grade D] Large Axe (9/12)

[Grade D] Sword (12/12)

[Grade D] Helm (15/15): +2 Agi +1 Str

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Armor (15/15): +3 Agi

[Grade D] Leather Gloves (10/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Heavy Leather Boots (13/15): +2 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Agi

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Agi

[Grade D] Amulet: +2 Agi


Level X [Coward's Way]


"System off."

He looked at the [Blue] Treasure Chest.

There was no emotion on his eyes.

'If it's a spellbook, then it's a spellbook. Or perhaps a tiara...'

He crouched down and opened the chest.

It was a [Grade C] Necklace that gives +5 Agi.

He wanted to smile and laugh so bad but he didn't and forcefully pursed his lips.

He didn't want to ruin his luck.

He removed his [Grade D] Amulet (+2) and equipped the [Grade C] Necklace (+5).

With that, his current stats are:

• STR – 34 (+1)

• VIT – 32 (+1)

• AGI – 29 (+18)

• INT – 29 (+1)

He started running back and forth, checking his speed.

'It's fine. I still need to hunt but the zombies are so limited here. A good place is Cram city. I need to go there right away before the people there kill the S2s.'

He started daydreaming of going to Cram city to hunt for AGI-based items.

He checked his watch.

1:30 am.

'It's only been an hour and 30 minutes since the second phase began, huh.'

He then extracted the [Grade C] Nucleus from the S2's head.

'The Rank 1 only gives [Grade D] Nucleus while and the Rank 2 gives [Grade C] indeed… As for my fanny pack, it's full already. I'm going to need a bag or something.'

In his solo hunting spree tonight, he picked up about 18 [Grade D] Nuclei and 2 [Grade] C Nuclei already. His fanny pack was already full that he even had to use some of the pockets of his police vest.

'I'll just put this inside my pants for now.'

He went to look for his Silencer that he threw away earlier.

He saw it on a corner and picked it up.

'This thing… It's good for stealth but lacks firepower. Is there such a thing as a revolver or magnum with a silencer?'

He let out a sigh.

'I still need to pick my Long Dagger and Dagger that I threw at the D1s as well.'

He thought about the D1s he threw his daggers on. The one who got hit on the head with his [Grade D] Long Dagger died after three shots on the head with the Silencer. Meanwhile, the one that got hit on the arm followed him but was intercepted by someone.

He let out another sigh.

'This is really tiresome.'

He decided to go look for the D1 that got hit on the arm with his [Grade D] Dagger first.


Nathan arrived at the scene where the three D1s were intercepted by Derek.

He noticed two people extracting the [Grade D] Nucleus, while some were treating the injured and the others just standing by, watching out for any 3m-tall zombies to appear.

There was no sign of his [Grade D] Dagger.

"What's the meaning of this?!"

Everyone looked at Nathan.

"You!" R.R. shouted as she saw Nathan. "You abandoned us!"

Nathan ignored her and continued, "Where the fuck is my [Grade D] Dagger?!"

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" A person from the crowd asked.

"Don't bother listening to him! He ignored orders and abandoned us! Arrest him!" R.R. continued.

"Captain R.R., please remain calm. You've lost a lot of blood so please don't push yourself," said a medic.

"I don't care about that! That person there should be arrested and executed! He chose to ignore the orders given by the Boss and even left us!" R.R. said.

Although Germaine and Crawler weren't saying anything, they shared the same feelings with R.R.

They were supposed to be a teammates yet Nathan abandoned them. And seeing how easily he could kill the 3m-tall skinless zombies to the point that even the S2 would run away from him, if he had just been cooperative in the beginning by heading straight to South Gate right away with them, they wouldn't have faced such loss.

"I said, where the fuck is my [Grade D] Dagger?! If no one returns it to me, I'm going to fucking kill you all!"

One of the things that Nathan hates the most is people taking his things. He worked hard and risked his life to get those things. There was no way he was just going to let someone he doesn't care about leech on him.

"How dare you!" A lot of people shouted.

"Nathan, shut the hell up! Don't think you can threaten us anytime you like!" Brezine said.

"Nathan, don't overstep your boundaries. Be thankful that we haven't arrested you right now for abandoning your mission and own teammates," Derek said.

"N-Nathan, calm down!" Ashleigh said.

"Heh~ So you guys don't want to return my Dagger, huh. And plus, you guys seem to have developed some courage. I wonder where that's coming from."

Nathan held his [Grade D] Large Axe down with his right hand. His lips slowly parted from each other and his eyes were looking at them as if they were nothing but pigs to be slaughtered.

"Nathan, I'm warning you. Don't push us," Derek coldly said.

"Go on, I like to see you try to take on all of us!" Brezine said.

"Raise that axe of yours and we'll blow you to pieces!" R.R. said on the side.

"N-Nathan, stop it! You're already being too much!" Ashleigh said.

Meanwhile, the others were already holding their guns, ready to raise it and fire at Nathan at any moment.

Nathan looked at the crowd that formed a C formation around him. They were more than 20 and carrying guns. Even if he activates [Coward's Way], the chances of him getting hit was high, causing him to lose his invisibility. By then, they could freely shoot him or whatever.

"What's going on here?"

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Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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