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88.7% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 157: Outside (2)

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Chapter 157: Outside (2)

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>


A few seconds later, he heard the sound of the footsteps of a tiny person.

He turned in the direction of where the sound of footsteps was coming from and saw Zita.

She had the thermal vision goggles on and was holding the [Grade D] Long Dagger on her hands tightly.

'I don't remember this kid's name… Oh well, I can ask about that later. Let's see first how useful she can be in this first step.'

When Zita finally arrived just a few feet away from where Nathan was standing, her eyes widened and she stopped.

She immediately got into a fighting position.

"Mister, the zombies!"

She was horrified to see dismembered 3m-tall zombies lying on the ground next to him roaring and thrashing around. She couldn't help but recall her memories of her parents and her escaping the zombies when the zombie apocalypse first began.

Fortunately, they were all pinned down with weapons so they couldn't reach him.

Nathan smiled as he studied her facial expression and body posture through the thermal vision goggles he was wearing as well.

"Relax, kid. You're going to end up killing yourself if you're too jumpy."


Nathan went over to one of the zombies and wiggled the [Grade D] Great Sword that was pinning it to the ground.

"Look, it's all safe. See? Come over."

In truth, the main source of Nathan's confidence was the Divine Tears in his possession which can cure a person of the zombie infection. However, if it's only effective as long as the person hasn't yet turned into a full-fledged zombie.

And he had two in his possession: one he bought back at the Eternal Village and the other he looted from one of the corpses of the people who entered in the Divine Tower.

Zita relaxed a bit and approached Nathan and the zombies.

"You mentioned that you can lift objects, right?"

"Yes," she said and nodded at the same time.

"Show it to me again. I want to know more."

Zita hesitated. She recalled what Nathan told her back at the Government Shelter: The more people know about it, the more vulnerable she becomes.


Nathan tapped her head as weak as he possibly could.

She was after all Level 1 so he was cautious that a mere tap from him might split her skull into two or break her neck.

"What are you hesitating for? If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't have taken you with me in the first place, let alone do this," he said and pointed at the zombies.

As a Chosen One, Nathan started to notice a few things about the powers of Chosen Ones. No matter how powerful the skill is, sometimes almost cheat-like, it still had some limitations.

With that, although they were in a hurry and it was already late, before he would feed these zombies to her, he wanted to know more about her powers first, even just a little.

What if he just blindly increased her level without realizing that she would turn out to be powerful enough to kill him?

If he was going to die, he wants to die with a bang, not from a kid's hands.

"Sorry, mister. My skill name is [Lift] and I can lift objects and throw them away."

"[Lift], huh."

"Yes, mister."

"Does it require any mana points?"

"I don't know what's mana points."

Nathan raised his eyebrow.

He recalled what those non-Chosen One college students, his first human victims in his human experiments, told him.

According to them, mana points will only appear on your Status Chart if you have a skill or spell that requires mana.

And when he equipped the [Grade D] Mini-crossbow for the first time, it was also the first time the mana points appeared on his Status Chart.

'Is this kid lying?' he thought and studied her facial expression. "Can't you see in your Status Chart? It's under your stats, right below the STR, VIT, AGI and INT."

Zita opened her Status Chart and tried to look for it.

Of course, people can't see each other's Status Charts.

Nathan pretended to wait as he continued to observe her facial expression.

Zita closed her Status Chart and said, "I really can't see it, mister. I'm sorry."

"Here, take this and equip it," Nathan said as he removed his [Grade D] Mini-crossbow from his left forearm and gave it to her.

When Zita wore it, the crossbow itself didn't change its size. However, the straps automatically reshaped itself according to the size of her forearm.

"Can you see the mana points now?"

Zita opened her Status Chart once more and said excitedly, "Yes, yes! I see it already! It's 24/24! Wow, I didn't know that!"

Nathan squinted his eyes.

'Her excitement seems genuine. So her Chosen One skill doesn't require any mana, huh. Looks dangerous.'

"Mister, where did you get this item? I have never seen anyone with it. Also, is it a special item that gives you mana points?"

'Is it too early to tell her about the Divine Tower?' he thought. "It's just another System weapon where you can loot from the zombies. It uses a Magic Bolt and costs 10 mana points per shot."

"10 mana points per shot?!" Zita said with a shocked expression before switching to a dejected one. "I only have 24 mana points…"

"Yeah, it's currently useless with you."

"Mister, how about you? How many mana points do you have?"


Nathan tapped her head once again, "We're running out of time. Tell me more about your powers."

"Sorry, mister. I forgot about the zombies even though they keep roaring. You did say that it's safe."

Nathan stared at her blankly for a moment.

'This kid… too easy-going,' he thought. "So, can you lift that sword from that D1 over there?"

Zita shook her head and said, "I can't. It's stuck on the zombie and at the ground."



"How about my helm?" he tapped the side of his [Grade D] Black Helm twice. "Can you take it off of my head?"

"No, because you're wearing it so I will have to carry your whole weight."

'Heh~ So it's like my [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.'

Although his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger seemed powerful because he only needs to touch an item with the finger in order to absorb it into its storage space, it still had some limitations.

One of its limitations is that it can't absorb an item that's being worn or held by an enemy that's still alive. He had to separate the item from the enemy or kill the enemy.

"Okay. How about this?"

He summoned a [Grade D] Long Dagger from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and held it in his hand.

"Like I said, I will have to carry your whole weight."

"How about this?"

He opened his palm and let the dagger lay on top of his hand.

She was able to lift it.

"How about twisting the neck of the S1 over there?"

Zita shook her head once more and said, "I can only lift things, move them around and throw them."

'Sounds useless. But it's still too early to judge and her skill doesn't require any mana,' he thought. "What's the heaviest weight you can lift?"


"6kg for each item?"

"Um… I have this thing called Mental Capacity on my Status Chart and the highest is 6kg because my INT is only 12. And if I lift something like that rock over there," she lifted a rock that weighed 2kg in the air, "Now I only have 4kg left."

"What if there's a 5kg rock that you want to lift as well?"

She dropped the rock and said, "Then I will have to let go of the first rock so that I can lift it."

"What's the maximum range of your powers? Can you lift things behind you without seeing it?"

"Maximum range?"


"What is maximum range, mister?"

"Uh… The distance."

"Oh, sdistancek? Ssok sit'sk smaximumk srangek. If it's small things, I can throw them very far."

Nathan facepalmed.


'Ugh… What language was that? Does this mean Regisian isn't her first language?'

'Oh fuck…'

'And to top that off, she's also a kid. And if I combine these two issues, I doubt if she could even answer properly if I ask her about penetrating power and other more technical things.'

'Oh fuck me sideways…'

Nathan removed his hand from his face and looked at her.

'Wait! I almost forgot,' he thought. "Kid, read to me the description of your skill on your Status Chart."

She opened her Status Chart and read it allowed,"Sdescriptionk: Sallowsk suserk stok --" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


'Oh fuck me sideways a hundred times. So the System writes the information based on your native language? I never considered that or thought about that aspect. System.'


Level 26:

Exp: %


• STR – 69 (+5)

• VIT – 37 (+10)

• AGI – 34 (+26)

• INT – 34 (+7)


[Grade D] Black Helm (14/15): +3 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Armor (14/15): +3 Vit, +1 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves (9/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Boots (11/15): +2 Vit, +1 Agi, +1 Int

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger: +5 to all stats

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

Special Effects:

• 4% Chance to block any physical attack.


• Level X [Coward's Way]

Description: Grants user complete invisibility. User loses invisibility status upon attack. No mana required and no cooldown.

• Chosen One

Description: You are unable to learn any other skill. But each level increase gives +1 point to all stats.


• 20%


The language in his Status Chart was written in Muwinian.

And since he wasn't equipping a System item that requires mana points, the System didn't display how many mana points does he have.

'If the System does right the information based on your native language, is it possible to change it? But how? System, change to Regisian language.'


That familiar bell sound rang inside his head.

The words on his Status Chart switched to Regisian.

'Heh~ It worked. System, change to Xudonian language.'


The words switched to Xudonian.

'System, change to Yeppunian language.'



[Insufficient knowledge of the language.]

'Hmm… So there is a condition or maybe conditions to what language I can change.'

'System, change to Muwinian language.'


The words switched to Muwinian.

'System off.'

"Kid, open your Status Chart and tell the System to change its language to Regisian and then read to me the description of your skill."


Once the language on Zita's Status was switched to Regisian, she said, "Wow, I didn't know you can do this."


"Sorry. Description: Allows user to mentally lift physical object(s) within 10 meters. Target with higher INT compared to the user are immune. Power, speed and Mental Capacity based on user's total INT. No mana required and no cooldown."

After hearing Zita read the description of her skill out loud, for some reason, Nathan felt like he just violated her.

'Well, come to think of it, I don't think I ever told anyone about my skill and stats.'

'Wait, have I?'

He shook his head.

'Now is not the time for some drama. I must focus on learning the ins and outs of her skill.'

'Hmm… Based on the description of her skill, if I'm going to compare it to the description of my skill, I'm pretty sure it also doesn't tell the other secret advantages and flaws of it. One has to do some experiments in order to know all of them. At least I now know the basics of her skill.'



He clapped his hands and then said, "Okay, let's have you kill these zombies. Let's start with the D1."

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