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Chapter 156: Outside

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>

10:19 pm.

Just about half a mile from outside of the Government Shelter, Nathan, who was carrying Zita on his arms, saw a group of 3m-tall skinless zombies up ahead.

There was even an M2 zombie flying above.


Nathan made a clicking sound with his tongue and stopped before moving to a corner to hide.

He knelt down and then said, "Wait here and don't make any noises. I'll take care of those zombies up ahead first."

Zita let go of her arms around his neck and nodded.

He noticed that her expression was painted with determination and fear.

'This is pretty much expected. Although she's a Chosen One, she's only a kid and is still Level 1. Also, it's dark. Hmm… Should I have waited until the sun comes up?'

He scoffed.

'If I stayed there any longer, those people would've more time to think and come up with a plan against me…'

'I need to move as far away from that Government Shelter as soon as possible and find a great spot to do the things I need to do…'

He summoned a pair of thermal vision goggles from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and pulled out his [Grade D] Long Dagger from his right thigh.

"Take these."

Zita took the items from Nathan's hand. She quickly wore the thermal vision goggles and held the dagger with two hands.

He squinted his eyes and stared at her trembling hands.

"Don't be afraid, kid. And wait for my signal."

He activated [Coward's Way] and went out to confront the zombies.


Nathan was invisible and walking casually in the middle of the road as he counted the zombies nearby.

'One… Two… Three… Four…'

'Okay… So there's one M2, three D1s, two N1s and four others that I can't exactly tell whether they're S or M types because hey, they look the same with that skinny body of theirs...'

He scratched his nose.

'Normally, I would just ignore these monsters during the night. But this time…'

'Sigh… I really didn't expect that I would be bringing anyone with me, let alone a kid…'

'I just hope that Chosen One kid is worth it.'

He entered a 5-story building and went straight to the rooftop.

His goal was to kill the M2 first.

Aside from the wings of the M2 that gives it the ability to fly and the spells it can cast, Rank 2 type zombies also have the ability to order the Rank 1 types. He discovered this information back at Haven Town during the Night Hunt operation when he fought an M2 for the first time.

He stood near the edge of the rooftop to check if he could jump down or to another building in case there was an emergency.

'Hmm… I think I can just jump down without breaking my ankles .'

Nathan was now…

Level 26:

• STR – 69 (+5)

• VIT – 37 (+10)

• AGI – 34 (+25)

• INT – 34 (+7)


• 82/82

Special Effects:

• 4% Chance to block any physical attack

With his 47 VIT, according to his own experiments, he could jump 5 floors down without breaking his ankles.

Of course, this is assuming he landed properly.

He also found out that it takes a base VIT of 15 points to safely jump from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. And once you have a base VIT of 15, he only needs an additional 10 points in VIT with each floor increase.

As for the reason for this difference between the initial floor and the rest of the floors, he doesn't know why. That's just how it is.

He summoned a grenade launcher which he looted from the Government Shelter and aimed it at the M2.

It was flying around.

'Stay put… Stay put…'

He could use his [Grade D] Mini-crossbow and load it with Magical Bolt. However, aside from it being limited and having a tracking feature that requires mana points to be activated, he deemed it useless because it was only at best good for slowing down the target by inflicting small damage.

It's also important to note that he doesn't understand its penetrating power and speed.

Is it based on the user? If yes, what attribute(s) of the user? And how is a [Grade D] any different from the [Grade C]?


He suddenly face-palmed himself.


He remembered a few details he read on the folder that Makeda "given" him regarding the System.

He put down his grenade launcher and then summoned the folder and a flashlight.

'Okay… Where is it… Where is it… Where is it… There!'

According to the folder, if a person with at least 30 VIT suffers an injury on his/her brain and heart, as long as it's not extremely severe, the person has 10 seconds if it's the brain and 20 seconds if it's the heart before he/she dies.

And with each increase of the VIT points, the longer the person can last...

30 vit - 10 seconds (brain), 20 seconds (heart)

35 vit - 15 seconds (brain), 30 seconds (heart)

40 vit - 20 seconds (brain), 40 seconds (heart)

45 vit - 25 seconds (brain), 50 seconds (heart)

50 vit - 30 seconds (brain), 60 seconds (heart)

'Eh… I only have 25 seconds and 50 seconds? That's too low...'

'Well, let's see how much VIT the M2 has. If there's any information about the zombie stats here.'

He flipped a few pages.

He had a dark expression on his face.


'Well, no choice but to do my own experiments as usual…'

As far as he knows, the zombie doesn't have any healing spells aside from the infinite mana of the N2 and M-type zombies.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. The M and N2-type zombies didn't have infinite mana. They had this ability where they can absorb the remaining mana of the human they feed on.

He summoned back the folder, flashlight, and the grenade launcher into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before summoning the [Grade D] Mini-crossbow and wear on it on his left forearm.

He raised his left arm and aimed at the M2 zombie's head.

It was already loaded with 5 Magic Bolts and it requires a 3-second lock-on and 10 mana points to activate its tracking feature. Also, once the Magic Bolt is used, it becomes a normal Bolt but was still part of the System nonetheless.


The moment the Magic Bolt was shot, he lost his invisibility and he quickly activated [Coward's Way].

The bolt with a blue aura on its tip flew and went straight into the M2's head.

"Roar!" the M2 yelped.

Nathan smiled and was about to look at his watch to time the death of the zombie.

However, the zombie just came crashing down from the sky and a [Blue] Treasure Chest appeared next to it.

'Eh…? So its VIT was lower than 30 points?'

In truth, the M2 was only Level 1 (or technically Level 21) because only the Rank 1s were capable of evolving during the Second Phase. And as for its stats…


• STR - 26

• VIT - 26

• AGI - 26

• INT - 84 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The roar of the M2 when it was struck and the noise of its crash attracted the attention of the zombies nearby.

'I feel cheated…'

Back in the Divine Tower, Nathan only bought 200 awakened Normal Bolts and 100 Magic Bolts. So far, he already used around 20 Magic Bolts.

Although he became so picky with drop items that there are loots that he wouldn't even bother to pick up because of the lack of space and you could also say he's one of the very few people around the world that has an [Artifact] grade item, when it comes to items that he really cares about, he still had some of that poor man's mentality due to his background.

'Sigh… Oh well… At least I learned something new…'


'It still fucking hurts goddammit!'

He summoned his [Grade D] Great Sword before deactivating [Coward's Way] and jumping down.





"COME AT ME, YOU DIRTY, CHEATING ZOMBIES! COME OVER HERE, YOU FUCKERS!!!" he said as he banged his sword against a lamppost.

All the remaining 3m-tall skinless zombies turned to his location and attacked.

The three D1s, two N1s and an S1 charge at him, while the other three that turned out to be M1s went into a comfortable distance before throwing spells at him.

He activated [Coward's Way] and charged at the D1s, N1s and S1 first.




With Nathan's current stats, these zombies were nothing.

Cutting them down was like cutting butter with a hot knife, especially the M1 and S1-types.

N1 (Level 3):

• STR - 33

• VIT - 33

• AGI - 33

• INT - 33

M1 (Level 3):

• STR - 18

• VIT - 18

• AGI - 18

• INT - 52

S1 (Level 3):

• STR - 36

• VIT - 16

• AGI - 36

• INT - 11

As for the D1, although it boasts high defense, its speed was very slow that from Nathan's eyes. Once he starts focusing, the zombie was no different from standing.

D1 (Level 3):

• STR - 46

• VIT - 46

• AGI - 13

• INT - 11

Moreover, based on Nathan's observation, the zombies in the current Phase increase their overall level every 48 hours. And assuming that the Third Phase will happen once the Rank 1 zombies reach Level 11, then he only had around 14 days left to go back to Muwin to search and reunite with his family and do all the preparations he needs before entering the Divine Tower.

About 2 minutes later…

Nathan had one hand on his side and standing lazily in the middle of the street as he checked his surroundings.




He killed all of the M1s except for the D1s, N1s and S1. They were lying on the ground around him roaring and thrashing around. The remaining zombies had their arms and legs chopped off and were pinned down to the ground with his other weapons from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger so they couldn't move.

"So noisy…"

He continued to look around to see if there were other enemies, zombie or human, he may have missed or is coming.

When he concluded that the coast was clear, he shouted, "KID! COME OVER HERE!"

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

I haven't properly edited this chapter yet. I'll probably do some edits later.

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