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18.85% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 33: Pursuit

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Chapter 33: Pursuit

Nathan was currently chasing the black SUV that escaped earlier.

With his agility at 26 (+14) points which gives him 4 times the speed of an average human partnered with his vitality at 29 points, giving him about 3 times the endurance, it only took him 2 minutes to find this runaway vehicle.

Although Derek was able to buy time for Lester and the driver to escape in this black SUV, it wasn't able to quickly drive away that far and leave Nathan in the dust because there were too many obstacles along the way. Some the vehicle could just push out of its way or ran over, while others it had no choice but to evade.

But what made it very easy for Nathan to track down this vehicle was the group of zombies chasing it with frenzy. There were about 15 zombies and counting.

Thanks to these factors, he didn't have to constantly run at full speed. He just had to maintain a level of speed and increase it whenever necessary.

He was praying that the duo inside the vehicle will be stupid enough to head back to their base, revealing to him the location.

'Don't give up on me now. Just continue to show me the way,' he thought and let out a sinister and sly smile.


Inside the black SUV.

The driver was pouring 101% of his attention in driving.

On the other hand, Lester was constantly sending out a message through the radio/walkie-talkie every 5 seconds.

"This is Captain Lester of Team 8. Requesting for immediate backup. Does anyone copy? Over."

He waited for 5 seconds.

He was met with no response, just dead silence.

Right now, it was 4:50 PM. Usually, the other teams from their organization head back to the base around 5:00 PM.

His goal wasn't to contact the base. This is because their base was located outside of Cram city to the West about 10 km away. Moreover, the range of the radio was only 15 km and they were currently in the Southwest part of the city, closer to the South. And considering the size of Cram city, a 15km range was just too small, even just for within the city.

As for the use of smartphones, the cell towers have been dead for 2 days now so they were useless.

So his goal right now was to contact the nearby teams to request for backup and to have someone from the other teams to relay the message to the base about the existence of Nathan and his companions and the threat they pose.

Unfortunately, their luck must've run out because there was no one from the other end answering his call for help.

"Why is no one answering?! Goddammit!" he could only curse out of frustration and desperation.

He looked at the rearview mirror and saw the zombies chasing.

Seeing the situation, he was starting to consider the idea of heading straight back to the base.

In his mind, they can't just drive around the city forever. Eventually, they will run out of gas. Once that happens, they will have no choice but to either fight the zombies or run like hell. Moreover, the longer they drive around, the number of zombies chasing them will increase as well. And God forbid a 3m tall type zombie will join in the chase.

'I'm not supposed to die here! Not like this! I refuse to accept this!'

He was supposed to have a bright future. A future where their organization, Red Dust, conquers Cram City and perhaps even the entire country of Womania. And him, a high-level powerful human holding a very high and important position.

He closed his eyes and massaged his forehead.

Many thoughts flooded his mind as he carefully thinks what could be the best course of action to escape this predicament. He also thought about the motives behind Nathan's actions.

'What did Nathan and his companions want? Why did Nathan attack even after Derek mentioned about Ashleigh?'

In their organization, Ashleigh was an important figure treasured by their leader which is why they were surprised when Derek mentioned her, revealing to them that Nathan had some sort of connection with her.

As for the motives of Nathan and his companions, if they only wanted the resources inside the 2 trucks in exchange for their lives, he would've surrendered it immediately. Hell, if they also wanted their equipment, he too would've given it. It's not like they can't find other resources anyway.

However, Nathan didn't even offer them a chance to surrender or voice out what he wanted. He just simply... attacked.

'Are they perhaps just a group of bloodthirsty perverts that get turned on from killing people?' he pondered.

'Wait! Why was it that it was only Nathan who attacked? Why didn't his companions help? If his companions had helped, we couldn't have escaped.'

It was then a crazy conclusion came to his mind which was followed by a hint of envy.

'Perhaps he was alone? A solo hunter?'

Thinking about Nathan's disappearing act that he displayed at the bridge, Lester concluded that it was possible. In fact, if he had such powers, even he would probably go solo.

He finally made a decision.

"Head back to the base."

"Captain, what about --" the driver said by was immediately cut off by Lester.

"Just head back to the base!"

The driver didn't say anything after that and continued to focus on driving.

'If what I suspect is true, then going back to the base is my greatest chance of survival. With our numbers, even that bloodthirsty pervert won't be able to do anything!'

Suddenly, something slammed itself against the left side of the SUV.


The impact caused the SUV to flip over a few times to the right before finally crashing into a small barber shop, blocking the shop's front entrance and window.

The SUV was toppled to the side. Its left side was on top, while the right side at the bottom.

Fortunately, Lester and the driver had their seatbelts on so they were still alive, but unconscious.

As for the "thing" that slammed itself against the SUV, it was an N1 zombie.

It suffered injuries due to the impact. It dislocated its left shoulder and had other broken bones. Due to the injuries it sustained, it was currently kneeling with one knee in the middle of the street, trying to recover for a minute before rushing to the toppled SUV. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Meanwhile, the group of zombies chasing the SUV rushed in as well like a pack of bloodthirsty, hungry wolves excited at the meal that was in front of them.

Nathan stopped on his tracks a couple of meters away from the crash site and stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face.


<Author's thoughts: I had a hard time describing the car crash. I just hope you guys understood it.

This is the 2nd chapter for June 9 - 15.

Thank you for reading the chapter and I hope you guys enjoyed it.>

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