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Chapter 18: Recuperate

As she was looking at Derek, one of the armed men approached her.

"Boss, we've found survivors."

She turned and saw the survivors brought by her men. They were 11 people. One of them was Ashleigh. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The woman referred to as "Boss" was born and raised in a mafia family. Her father was the head of the organization and she had 5 siblings. However, ever since the zombie apocalypse began, things in the organization became chaotic.

Seeing what happened, she immediately took in charge of the family, replaced her father, and killed whoever was against her. She even killed some of her family members.

"Take them all to the truck and collect all the treasure chests," she headed outside of the apartment building.

In a zombie apocalypse, what are the four most important things? Food, shelter, power, and people. Her goal was to become a powerful being and have a powerful group under her control, which is why she was going around the city gathering people and resources.

As a woman, she was well aware of what kind of fate was waiting for her if she doesn't become a powerhouse.

Wait for some prince charming to come along and protect her? She might as well shoot herself in the head right away than bet on that. She will no doubt become a plaything for those in power to vent out their sexual desires. How many days, weeks, or months should she wait before prince charming arrives and saves her? She would be lucky if she still had some sanity and dignity left by that time.

Under her leadership, those who are loyal and useful to her will be taken care of, including their family or anyone they hold dear. But for those aren't, they will either be slaves or be killed.

As for how they got here, they couldn't help but hear the loud noises caused by the fight between Derek and the D1 zombie. They immediately headed here while they were traveling around the city with their trucks and Humvee.


It took around 15 minutes before they all left. Nathan who was lying on a corner and currently invisible, witnessed the whole thing.

His heart ached because not only was his prey stolen, even the treasure chests, especially that [Green Treasure Chest], and the swords that he dropped during the fight were taken away as well! Moreover, he was injured!

He was screaming injustice inside his heart.

'That bitch! That fucking bitch! She took everything! I swear that I'll fucking kill that bitch one day! Arghh!!!'

When he finally started to calm down a little bit, he untied the Small Healing Potion on his belt-loop. Luckily, the bottle didn't break when he slammed against the wall and fell on the ground.


Name: Small Healing Potion

Description: Restores health by 20%. Single use. ************************************************************

He opened the lid and drank the red liquid inside.

Immediately, he started to feel a little bit better and stood up. However, his body still ached and his ribs were still broken.

'Don't MCs in novels just recover from this? What's the use of my 17 points of vitality and the healing potion I just drank?! How many days or weeks must I wait until my bones recover?! Useless system!'

He was really in a bad mood so he was being somewhat unreasonable. But can anyone blame him? Some random stranger was the one who benefitted from everything in the end.

He promised to himself that he will be extremely careful next time and won't randomly join in unless he's 100% sure he could kill the opponents or escape unscathed.


At the 2nd floor.

Nathan was still invisible when he went to the place where he hid the [Grade D] Short Dagger and covered it with a few zombie corpses.

He found the dagger and picked it up. Luckily, the armed men from earlier didn't find it.

'Good thing I hid this. At least I won't have to worry about killing zombies after I take some rest,' he consoled himself.

Right now, despite the effect of the Small Healing Potion, he was still injured. Although he could move, he wasn't in any condition where he could fight unless needed so he definitely had to rest.

He went to the 3rd floor and saw the door of his apartment open.

He stepped inside his apartment and closed the door.

The shopping basket he brought from the convenience store was taken away. Ashleigh was also gone.

Well, he did witness her being taken away along with the other tenants by those armed men.

He thought about the zombie apocalypse…

He thought about Amir…

He thought about his family at another country…

He thought about Ashleigh…

He thought about the people he met at the convenience store…

He thought about Booty Warrior Derek…

He thought about the D1 zombie that almost killed him…

He thought about how that wannabe Ada Wong bitch who took everything away…

"The strong prey on the weak… The strong make the rules… The strong take everything..." he murmured.

"Save Ashleigh? Go find Amir? Go to another country and find my family? Give me a fucking break! I can't even fucking protect myself! What a joke! I might as well kill myself right now if I were to do that!" he spat.

He was really angry, depressed and tired. Well, after what he had been through, who wouldn't be? He was not some trained assassin, soldier or fighter. He was just a regular guy trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. At best, the things he knew on how to survive a zombie apocalypse came from movies, video games and novels that he read.

"I don't have the luxury to care about other people. I should just focus on myself and increases my level like crazy. To those who stole what is mine or anyone who will try to screw me over, they will pay with their lives. I swear on that."

He went to the kitchen to find something to drink.

He opened the fridge and found a jug of water. He took it out and immediately started drinking.

After a few gulps, he started coughing due to the pain on his broken ribs, causing him to vomit on the floor.

Blood, spit and water were mixed together on the floor.

He placed the jug of water on the table, wiped away the saliva from his mouth and took off his shirt.

He headed to his room, locked the door, put down the [Grade D] Short Dagger on the nightstand and lied down on his bed. He didn't even bother removing his shoes due to the pain on his ribs. It was just too painful.

He looked at his watch. It was still around 3:00 PM in the afternoon but he was already so tired, both physically and mentally. So many things just happened.

He was still invisible when he slept.

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

I have another plothole to address.

On Ch.14 I mentioned that Derek has "Strength: 38 (19) (+1)". I then mentioned on Ch.15 that the D1 zombie is slightly stronger than Derek.

I decided to change Derek's base strength to (18) so it will now be "Strength: 36 (18) (+1)".

I have no choice because this detail will play a very important role in the later chapters.

I'm sorry.

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