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Chapter 78: Returning 3

"This is the police. Open up." A man said behind the door.

Nathan could hear the chatter coming from the police radio as well.

Panicking, he quickly searched for the knife. After he found it, he rushed to the kitchen and left it there.


The police kicked the door open.

They saw Karen lying in the living room unconscious and Nathan who was standing at the kitchen.

They immediately pulled out their handgun and pointed it at him.


"Officers, it wasn't me! She tripped on her own!"


Nathan immediately lay down on the floor and placed his hand behind his back.

One of the police officers approached Nathan and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"Officers, please listen! My father is a police – Argh!!!"

The police officer yanked Nathan's arm so hard that it almost felt like it got dislocated when he was handcuffing him.

"You have the right to remain silent…" The police officer began reading to him his Miranda rights.

"Officer, I didn't do it! I'm innocent!"


The next day.

10:30 am.

A cell door was opened by a big and tall police officer.

"You, get your ass over here."

The officer was calling Nathan who was sitting at one of the benches inside the group cell.

Nathan got up and went to the police.

As he stepped outside of the cell, the police shove him from the back.

"Move it!"

Nathan gritted his teeth. He clenched his fists and unclenched them.

All night he explained to the police officers that it was self-defense because she attacked him with a knife so he took the knife from her and pushed her away, causing her to trip and hit her head on the edge of the coffee table. He also told them about the source of their conflict and even showed them his bruise from the mug that was thrown at him.

However, given Nathan's physique compared to Karen's no one took him seriously. To them, he was nothing but a woman beater, a criminal.

They even teased him, "You work out, right? What's the use of that body of yours if you can't you take a hit from a woman?"

"What are you waiting for? I said, move it!"

Nathan started walking and brought him to a room.

Before the officer opened the door, he said, "You're lucky that your father is a police officer. If I were your father, I would've let you rot in jail for raising a hand against a woman."

When Nathan entered the room, he saw Nazul, his father, sitting on one of the chairs.

And between the chairs was a small table.

Nazul was in his late 40s. He sported a short haircut typical of police officers, clean-shaven, an average physique, and was 5'10" tall.

Whereas Nathan sported long hair, a goatee, a muscular physique but not as large as a bodybuilder, and stood 6ft tall.

'Ahh… My great father who I rarely get to see. This is gonna be interesting.'

"Sit." His father commanded.

Nathan sat down.

"I'm really disappointed in you," Nazul said with a stern voice.

"You're always disappointed in me," Nathan replied with a flat tone.

Nazul didn't speak.

"What? You're not going to hit me? It's been a long time since we've bonded together. I miss it."

Ever since Nathan entered college, his father stopped beating him so their interaction, that was already close to nonexistent to begin with, became even lesser.

"Do you know how bad the situation is? You're being charged for assault and they're also considering attempted murder," Nazul said.

"If I told you it was self-defense, would you believe me?"

Nazul was silent.

Nathan snorted. "Of course, you wouldn't."

"I made a deal with Karen's parents and you're going to do it."

Nathan just stared at him and didn't speak.

In his head, there was no point in having a discussion with his father anyway. The way their discussion goes is basically like this: It was either his father's way or the highway.

"You're going to beg for forgiveness and leave Latif City. If not, a lawyer is going to come in and talk to you about the details."

Nathan continued to be silent.

"Be thankful. The only reason why I was able to somehow convince Karen's parents not to press charges is because we're long-time neighbors. Now get up."

Nazul got up and went outside of the room.

Nathan followed suit.


Nazul brought Nathan at a hospital.

They made their way to the room where Karen was admitted but didn't enter.

They waited outside until Karen's parents came out, leaving Karen and her younger sister inside.

Seeing Karen's parents, who were both in their late 40s, Nathan immediately opened his mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.



Karen's mother slapped Nathan on the face.

Nathan didn't react. He suppressed his anger and wore an apologetic expression.

In Nathan's mind, although he pushed Karen away, it was self-defense. And plus, the source of the conflict were Karen and Vincent. He was the victim here!

He hated those traitors so much that he wished he could kill them. But after thinking about the law, he tossed the idea right away. As much as he hated them, he loved freedom more.

"I trusted you! I trusted you with my daughter, you animal!" Karen's mother cried out as her husband held her.

"Krishna, dear, please calm down," Karen's father said.


Her eyes were burning with hatred as she stared at Nathan.

'My father is here. Are you sure you want to say those things in the presence of a police officer? Oh wait, my father doesn't give a fuck about me. Silly me,' Nathan thought.

"Kristoff, I'm very sorry about your daughter. I feel so ashamed of what my son did. I hope someday we can return as good neighbors," Nazul said.

"Just make sure you honor our deal," Kristoff said with a dismissive tone.

They were really serious about pressing charges against Nathan.

"Of course," Nazul said.

"GET OUT OF HERE! LEAVE! DON'T EVER COME BACK!" Krishna shouted as she charged over to Nathan and tried to slap him.

Nathan was able to dodge for a second but Nazul grabbed him from behind so he ended up getting slapped.



Kristoff immediately pulled his wife away as she continued to cry out.

"Please leave," Kristoff said.

"Okay," Nazul said and dragged Nathan away by the arm.

"Nathan," Kristoff called out.

Nazul stopped and slapped the back of Nathan's head. "You're being called!"

Nathan turned and looked at Kristoff.

"Never go near our family again. I swear to God I will do everything I can if you ever hurt my family again," Kristoff said with a cold tone.

Although Nathan was swirling with so many negative emotions inside of him right now, he maintained an apologetic expression.

"I'm very sorry for hurting your daughter," Nathan said.

Nazul dragged Nathan away.

As they continued walking, Nathan and Nazul could hear Kristoff and Krishna's voices.

"I never should've allowed Karen to date a person from the South! They're all barbarians!" Krisha said.

"Dear, please calm down. It's already been settled. Let's go inside," Kristoff said.

In the country of Muwin, there's this hate between the North and South that's been going on for years, mainly due to religion.

In the North of Muwin, the dominant religion is Trinity. Meanwhile, on the South is Iklas. And in terms of strictness between the two, Trinity is the lenient one.

In the eyes of South Muwinians, they see the North Muwinians as weak and sinful people because they aren't too strict when it comes to religious beliefs and practices.

On the other hand, in the eyes of North Muwinians, they see the South Muwinians as rigid and barbaric people due to their zero-tolerance attitude when it comes to religious beliefs and practices.

But of course, there are also some Muwinians that refuse to be part of this hatred. Unfortunately, only a handful of them exists because the hate has already been part of their culture for many, many years.

When they finally got outside of the hospital, Nazul immediately drove Nathan to his apartment and have him pack his things before heading to the airport.

The agreement was to have Nathan leave Latif City as soon as possible. He wasn't even able to say goodbye to his mother.

His father already bought him a plane ticket headed to the South of Muwin at Banya City. And from there, he will travel by boat to go to Liit Town, a small town on a tiny island which is the hometown of his grandfather from his father's side.

Nazul accompanied Nathan to the airport.

He wanted to make sure his son boarded the plane and take off. The last thing he wanted was Nathan refusing to honor the deal they made and remain in Latif City because of his feelings for Karen.

Although this may seem unfair to Nathan, Nazul concluded that this was the best course of action for his son.

Whether Nathan was innocent or not, it doesn't matter.

Muwin's culture was a strange one.

In this country, you can say it's a patriarchal and conservative society, especially in the South region. But when it comes to the justice system, it's tilting towards more in the favor of women, especially if it's violence against women.

So if they decide to fight it out in court to prove Nathan's innocence, there's a high possibility that he will be convicted.

There's also the issue of the cost a lot of money if they were to hire a good attorney and the other fees as well.

At least this way, although their family's pride was driven to the dirt, his son was free.

To Nazul, although he wasn't much of a father to Nathan, he would rather see his son with a broken heart and pride than behind bars.

After seeing Nathan board the plane and it took off, he pulled out his phone to call his long-time best friend, a man, before leaving the airport.

"Are you free right now…?"


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