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37.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 66: Second Phase

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Chapter 66: Second Phase

11:55 pm.

Nathan was inside his room on the third floor of Haven Manor.

He was in the living room sitting on a sofa and there was a coffee table in front of him.

On top of the table was a glue gun, glue stick, scissors, transparent plastic bags, and bottles of [Small] Healing Potions.

He was making healing packets and already made 14 pieces.

He was making the last one.

Including the ones he had last night, he will have a total of 20 healing packets.


The 15th healing packet was done.

He put down the glue gun and lit a cigarette. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"3:00 am, huh."

He checked his watch.

11:56 pm.

"Three hours to go."

Twitch visited him a while ago to give him an update about the mission.

At 3:00 am, he will be escorted to Cram city by Rose along with a group of people that she personally handpicked.

At 3:30 am, he will infiltrate the enemy base, head off to where Harry sleeps and take his head with him.

Once Harry was dead, he will contact Rose via the radio and give her his head.

From their on, she will personally take over.

As for why she wanted Harry's head, he doesn't know nor did he bother to ask.

Nathan suspects that she was probably going to use it to scare the members of that group into submission by showing them the severed head of Harry.

But regardless of whatever her reason was, it wasn't a problem to him anyway, because if he carries a severed head and activates [Coward's Way], he and along with the head will be invisible.

As for the 3 survivors his team saved earlier, there were no issues. Everything went well.

11:58 pm.

"Hmm… What to do… What to do…"

Nathan was bored.


If he was going to sleep, he wouldn't sleep here. He would choose a secret location and activate [Coward's Way].

"Watch TV?"

Putting aside that there were no channels and streaming sites available, there were two things he could do: play a video game or watch a movie from the blue-ray collection available.

But he wasn't in the mood for any of those.

"Cook? Nah… Too early."

He planned to cook at 1:00 am and have his meal at 1:15 am so that he will have at least 30 minutes to digest his food for energy.

"Call another prostitute?"

He recalled his experience with Akane last night.

Thinking about it, lustful desires surfaced inside his heart. However, he wanted another partner.

Getting attached to someone other than his family was the last thing he wanted to do.

His heart had been ripped apart before and he learned a few life lessons.

And speaking of life lessons, he wasn't sure which of the life lessons he learned before would still be useful in this zombie apocalypse era.

Back then he was just another average useless human that's part of the rat race.

Now that the world was currently in a zombie apocalypse and he was a Chosen One, some of the views he knew or believed in should be obsolete and need to be updated or discarded.

He resumed pondering about what woman he wanted to sleep with tonight.

"Hmm... White-skinned pure Asian or a half Caucasian and half Asian woman, or a half black and half Asian woman?"

He sucked his cigarette and blew the smoke in the air.

"All three? Or both? Or just one?"

He closed his eyes and thought about it deeply.

"I will be cooking at 1:00 am so I only have one hour. With that, the best option would be to choose one."

He continued.

"With that one hour, let's say it will take 10 minutes for her to come here, so I can divide each round for 25 minutes each. But is 25 minutes enough? Foreplay is also needed…"

Unfortunately for Nathan, old habits die hard.

Despite him being a Chosen One now with high vitality, he still had some of the insecurities that most (or probably all) average men have.

One of them is satisfying a woman in bed.

Back before the zombie apocalypse, an average man has to perform well in bed so he has to go the extra mile if he wants a next time.

If that man can't satisfy the woman and considering the fact that she has so many dating options, especially for a woman in a progressive country like Womania, she could easily replace him with another partner just with the snap of her finger.

However, him being replaced isn't actually the problem here. He doesn't mind that at all because his goal is only for a one night stand – His main concern here was his reputation.

Haven Town is a small town with a small population.

Sure, he views the women he is about to call as nothing more than prostitutes. But what if one of the women he slept with decides to go around town and say that he's bad in bed?

Lone wolf or not, one of the things he cares about is the reputation of his sexual performance.

Once a man gets branded by the public as a person who is bad in bed, it will take a lot of effort to change that public opinion. Unless of course, if he kills everyone who has heard about the rumor.

He slapped his head.


"I also haven't considered the possibility that there might not be a beautiful white-skinned pure Asian or a half Caucasian and half Asian woman, or a half black and half Asian woman available!"

As for the idea of ****, he still was uncomfortable with the idea.

In his mind, if he was going to **** a woman, he's going to make sure that the woman he's going to **** is really, really, really worth it. The woman should probably be like a beautiful virgin or something like an object for revenge.

If he's going to **** just for the sake of raping, how is that any different from admitting that he's so damn ugly, so unfuckable that he had no choice but to resort to ****?

Even though he was an average-looking man, he still had his own petty pride.

12:00 am.


That familiar bell sound whenever one level's up rang inside his head.

A message popped inside his head.

'First Phase of the zombie apocalypse has ended. Moving to the Second Phase.'

"The First Phase ended? Moving to Second Phase?"

All of a sudden, his surroundings started shaking.

"An earthquake?!"

5 seconds later, the lights went out and the emergency lights inside the manor lit up.

Nathan didn't move and remained seated on the sofa in the living room.

"If I'm going to die because of this… Lady Luck, take the wheel!"

His surroundings shook for a minute until it finally stopped.

The lights still didn't return, only the emergency lights continued to illuminate the area.

Another bell.


Another message popped inside his head.

'50 Divine Towers have appeared around the world. Enter Divine Tower to obtain unique items and even have a chance to win [Artifact] grade items. Entrance time limit is 12 hours.'

"50 Divine Towers around the world? Unique items? [Artifact] grade items? Entrance time?"

He was intrigued but he ignored the messaged for now.

His main focus at the moment was to immediately get out of the building because there was once a time he was "forced" to watch a TV drama by his ex-girlfriend where one of the male protagonists explained that if a building is still standing after a strong earthquake, it wasn't safe and could collapse at any minute.

But of course, there are things to consider:

One - Was the building designed to resist earthquakes? He doesn't know whether Haven Manor was designed to resist earthquakes or not.

Two- How strong was the earthquake? Earthquakes weren't a common thing back in his home country and they weren't as strong compared to other countries. So with his limited experience with earthquakes, as long as the ground was shaking, he would still be fearful.

Regardless of whatsoever, he wasn't taking any chances.

He quickly grabbed the healing packets on the coffee table and his items, both System and non-System, before jumping out of the window and breaking the windows in the process.



His room was on the third floor. And just like last time, his landing was far from safe and graceful.

But this time around, he didn't dislocate any of his joints. He only sprained an ankle and rolled over a few times.

He got up and took out two [Small] Healing Potions instead of a healing packet.

After drinking the potions, he surveyed his surroundings.

It was dark. Only a handful of the area was lit.

Many people were also walking around with flashlights and emergency lamps, checking any damages or anyone that was injured.

'Heh~ Is this the end of electricity?'

He activated [Coward's Way].

He had his goggles attached to his [Grade D] Leather Cap.

The pair of goggles was the one the things that were gifted to him last night along with the 5 hand grenades and handgun bullets.

However, he didn't use it for now because it required batteries and its battery life only lasts about 5-6 hours according to the manual. But the best thing about this pair of goggles is that it features both night and thermal vision.

Nathan thought about the messages earlier sent by the System.

The first message was about the end of the First Phase and the start of the Second Phase.

'Will there be a new wave of monsters coming or something?'

As for the second message, it mentioned about 50 Divine Towers around the world, unique items, and [Artifact] grade items. It also mentioned about an entrance time limit of 12 hours.

A strong desire to head to one of the Divine Towers welled up inside of him.

'But where do I find this Divine Tower?! 50 Divine Towers 'around the world' with an entrance time limit of 12 hours? I don't even know where to start and it's fucking dark! Fucking useless System! At least give me a fucking map or a hint of where to find it!'

Frustrated, he decided to walk around. There was no way he was going to stay inside Haven Manor. For all he knows, it could collapse due to the earthquake from earlier.

After walking a couple of steps, he noticed something strange.

Many armed people were running towards Haven Manor.

He quickly went to the side to avoid bumping them and losing his invisibility.

Their expressions were mixed. Some were still sleepy, others afraid, and a few were calm.

As time passed, more and more people were gathering in front of the manor and Nathan eventually decided to move further away.

The people gathered in front of the manor reached close to three hundred and consists of normal guards and people from the Scavenger Teams.

He even saw the members of Team 5, including Germaine.

Finally, Rose appeared and was accompanied by Derek and Ashleigh.

They came out of the main entrance of Haven Manor and were fully geared.

'Am I missing something here?'

Unfortunately, Nathan forgot to bring his radio nor was he at his room so no one wasn't able to tell him the reason for this assembly.


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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By the way, I also just added the draft of [Chapter 71] there.

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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