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Chapter 135: Snap 6

Costa Mansion, 3rd floor.

Wesley and 6 women were inside a room waiting in the living room.

The room itself had five rooms -- the living room, two bedrooms, a recreational room, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi that could fit 8 people.

Among the women that were with Wesley, two were Caucasians serving as his guards. They were the same ones that left the hallway earlier with him and were still dressed in full-gear.

Meanwhile, the other 4 were dressed in elegant clothing. They were women from different races -- one Caucasian, one black, one Asian, and one mixed race. All of them were extremely beautiful and were handpicked by him to be part of his harem.

Outside the room and the entire floor, there were men guarding.

Wesley was sitting on a sofa in full-gear while being served by his harem of beautiful women.

The Asian woman was in charge of pouring him drink, while the other 3 were massaging him -- the Caucasian woman was massaging his shoulders, and the black and mixed-raced were massaging his legs.

His hands trembled as he reached out for the glass on the coffee table in front of him and drank it one go.

Gulp... gulp... gulp...

He put down the glass.


The Asian woman grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured him another drink.

"Master Wesley, I think we should make a move before it's too late," said one of the female guards.

Wesley looked at the guard.

Her name was Gianna.

"Master Wesley, I think we should go back and provide back up to Master Walter," said the other female guard.

Her name was Eula.

Wesley frowned and said, "Shut your mouth, the both of you. Whatever the situation, dad always finds a way to put things to his advantage. Everything will be the same as always."

Although he said those words, a hint of fear could be heard from his tone.

"But Master --" said Gianna.

Wesley quickly grabbed the glass on the table and threw it against the wall.


It shattered.

"We shall wait here until dad returns! Open your mouth again and I will see to it that you will be sent to the barn!"

The two female guards didn't say anything after that. As much as they wanted to do something rather than just wait here and do nothing, in their group, Walter held the highest position and Wesley, his son, was second in command.

The Asian woman who was part of Wesley's harem got up to get another glass and placed it on the coffee table before pouring him another drink.

"Master, it's going to be okay," said the Asian woman as she presented the glass of whiskey to him.

Wesley looked at the Asian woman and squinted his eyes.

His mind recalled the scene in the hallway.

'That 2.2m-tall Asian man looked straight at me back there, not at dad. Is he somehow related to this woman? But he didn't look like a Yeppunian. He looked more like a -- Oh what the hell, who cares what shithole of a country that person is from.'

The Asian woman in front of him was none other than Hae-won.

"Master?" said Hae-won.

Wesley closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

'It doesn't matter. I'm sure dad will work things out as usual.'

He opened his eyes and reached out for the glass.

As his fingers were about to touch the glass, he suddenly heard screams and noises coming from outside the room.










All of them stared at the door.

The two women who were acting as his guards looked at Wesley and said, "Master Wesley!"

Wesley looked at the two female guards, they already had their weapons out and were ready to engage in battle.

Meanwhile, his harem of women stopped what they were doing and retreated to a corner.

Wesley's eyes were wide and he looked down at the floor.

His hands trembled so he clenched his fists to came himself down.

'Where is dad?! What's taking him so long to come here?! The enemies have already reached the 3rd floor!'

Before the zombie apocalypse, Wesley grew up a bit spoiled because his mother died when he was still young and his father never remarried, raising him on his own.

And although Wesley was Level 22, had a great set of equipment and skills, and a number of potions at his disposal, his fighting skills were way below average or close to non-existent.

Thanks to his father's powers and influence within the group and the alliance that they formed with the other groups back at Cram city, he didn't have to participate in any life-threatening battles. He only had to sit back and wait for the spoils to be handed to him.

The screams and noises continued outside. And based on the sounds, the enemies were getting closer.






"Master Wesley, we should escape now," said Gianna.

"No, it's too late. And plus, have you seen that person we encountered on the first floor? For all we know, there could be other people as powerful as him. Our best chance to try to negotiate with them," said Eula.

However, Wesley was still trapped inside his own thoughts.

'Dad could never lose! Impossible! That's simply impossible! He's a Chosen One and those Blood Beasts of his are deadly!'

Seeing Wesley's reaction, the two female guards looked at each other but didn't say a word.

They only had to look at each other's eyes in order to understand each other's thoughts.

Truth be told, their hands were as bloody as the male members in their group because they too participated in some of the torturings here in Corn town and also back at Cram city.

However, when they participated in torturing people, the main reason they did it was to avoid being ostracized by the group, especially when the groups finally took over the Eastern Government Shelter at Cram city.

Moreover, despite already being members of the group, there were times that they still had to present themselves to Walter and Wesley without any hesitation.

Just like everyone else, they simply wanted to survive.

But at this moment, given how things turned out, they had to rethink where their loyalty lies.

And with that, they had two main issues to consider.

One -- Whether Walter is still alive or not.

Two -- Whether the assailants tonight were here to rescue the people of this town or to take over.

After talking to each other with their eyes, Eula approached Wesley.

"Master Wesley."

He didn't give any response. His eyes were still staring down at the floor and his mind was trapped in his own thoughts.

Eula knelt in front of him and place her hand on Wesley's shoulder.

She nudged him and said, "Master Wesley."

Wesley finally broke free from his own thoughts and raised his head.


Seeing Wesley's state, Eula didn't show any expression on her face. However, in her mind, she finally reached a decision.


She suddenly threw an upper-cut at Wesley.

The couch tumbled back along with Wesley and he was knocked out cold.

The women who were part of Wesley's harem screamed out in surprise from the sudden turn of events.

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In the short time they've spent with Wesley, as far as they knew, all of the people who defied or annoyed him have suffered a terrible fate.

One time, one of the helpers of the mansion was cleaning the room and she accidentally annoyed Wesley who happened to be there. And the reason why he got annoyed by the helper was because the air became dusty, causing him to sneeze. So he ordered the guards to send her to the barn and they never saw her again.

And ever since then, whenever the helpers were cleaning a room and Wesley enters, they would immediately leave and clean another room or busy themselves with whatever other tasks that were part of their responsibilities.

So to see him being hit was a big shock to them.

Eula looked at Gianna and they both nodded at each other.

Eula immediately started stripping down Wesley.

Gianna, on the other hand, searched for something to tie him up. She pulled down the curtains to use it to tie Wesley.

They've decided to gamble.

If they could join this new group and not be treated badly, they would choose it. But if not, with the horrific things they've done, they might as well just commit suicide to save themselves from the torture that they will no doubt be facing and send themselves straight to hell where they were definitely headed.


The door swung open and a 2.2m-tall man wearing black-colored equipment entered.


Author's thoughts:

Hi, sorry for keeping you waiting. I was busy rewriting chapters 3-8 of Volume II. I seriously didn't like them. But after trying to rewrite them 3 times and failing miserably because I still wasn't satisfied, I finally decided to just let it go and stick to which rewrite was the best out of all of them and focus on how I can forcefully shove the things and information I was planning to give to Nathan in that arc.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

To those people who voted with their power stones, I would like to thank these Power Immortal Voters:

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By the way, I reposted the draft of [Chapter 3] to [Chapter 8] of Volume II there and also added [Chapter 9] to [Chapter 13].

With that, I want to give my special thanks to the Immortal Patron(s) for May 2020:

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This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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