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25.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 45: Terrorize 2

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Chapter 45: Terrorize 2

Derek and his group arrived at the location where Nathan was last seen.

Just like the previous scenes, this was also littered with corpses.

There were other groups as well.

A man was talking to the radio while the others were waiting for orders.

"How many people must die before the boss will act?!"

"Orders remain the same. Continue to search for the target and inform him that we have his cousin and the leader wants to speak to him. Out," the radio replied.

The man gripped the radio so hard before finally calming down and putting it away.

He looked at his teammates. Although some of them held a stoic expression, their eyes were filled with a mixture of anger and fear.

He looked over to his shoulder and saw Derek heading towards him.

"Isaac," Derek nodded.

"Derek," Isaac replied with the same greeting.

Isaac was the captain of Team 5 out of the 10 Scavenger Teams.

People part of Scavenger Teams are different from the guards in charge of patrolling Haven Town. They are in charge of heading out to search for food, supplies, survivors and other things. They will only assist in patrolling or defending the town if there's an emergency.

As a Chosen One, Derek was also a member of one of the Scavenger Teams. He was part of Team 8 with the late Lester as the captain and him as the lieutenant.

"Any good news?" Derek asked.

Isaac shook his head.

"I believe you heard my conversation earlier. The higher-ups are sticking with their orders. I really don't know what they're actually planning or what they're waiting for. All we can do is follow this trail of dead bodies," Isaac said while looking at the corpses.

The leader of Red Dust ruled Haven Town with an iron fist.

The rules she set in the camp must be followed. Those who disobeyed will either be killed or turned to a slave. Although such acts were atrocious, it was a necessary evil to keep everyone in check under the zombie threat and the power that the System brought.

'But what's happening right now is…' Isaac thought as he cast his eyes on the corpses.

But of course, Isaac was also aware that there were some people within the organization that the leader of Red Dust gives some special privileges and treatment due to how loyal and vital they are in the group. As a captain of one of the Scavenger Teams, he, himself, was treated quite well.

"Forget about the orders. I got a plan. Let's set an ambush and kill the motherfucker once and for all," said Derek.

Isaac turned to Derek and raised an eyebrow.

Derek continued, "We don't have time much time. I have a few guesses where the target is headed. Based on the trail of corpses, he's moving away from the manor and is likely headed either Northeast or to the East gate."


Isaac's expression darkened.

The Northeastern part of Haven Town was where most of the people living in Haven Town resided.

"What's your decision?" Derek asked.

Isaac pondered. He had to follow the orders. But on the other hand…

"I agree," Isaac replied and then looked at everyone around him before returning his gaze back at Derek, "I believe all of us here agree."

Everyone on Isaac's side nodded, but the same can't be said with the people on Derek's side.

"What's your plan?"

Derek then told them his plan.


On the streets of Haven Town – Northeast.

'Please God! Please save me! Don't let him get me!' prayed a teenager who was running away for his life as if he was being chased by the Devil himself.

"Where are you going? I just wanted to talk to you~" A voice called him out from behind with a teasing tone but he chose to ignore it and continued to run as fast as he good.

His heart was racing and his thoughts were in disarray. His body solely driven by his desire to live.

The teenager was among the guards who were patrolling the streets and also heard about orders given by the higher-ups. He wasn't aware of Derek and the others' plans about the ambush. He was just another guard following orders given by the higher-ups.

Just a couple of minutes before getting chased, he and his fellow guards were patrolling the street in search for the target.

When they heard gunshots from afar, they started to worry. However, since there were no new orders given, they had no choice but continue to perform the task they were assigned with.

It was then he heard one of his fellow guards near him cry out like a squealing pig.


When he turned to look, he saw his fellow guard cut into two from the waist.

They also saw the person responsible who immediately disappeared into thin air.

A chill ran down his spine and his mind blanked out.

He was only 15 years old and wasn't a violent person to begin with. But because of the zombie apocalypse and after witnessing firsthand the horrors it brought, he knew that if he wanted to have any solid chance of surviving this hell with dignity and also protect his loved ones, he had no choice but to apply as a guard. He was also currently in training to become a member of one of the Scavenger Teams one day.

The other guards tried to talk to the assailant but they were met with a cold, hard steel.

After three more guards were killed, the teenager somehow returned to his senses and found himself running away with no weapon on his hands and his pants soiled.


Nathan was chasing a guard who had a baby face and was quite tall, close to his own height.

He wasn't using his full speed and decided to play with his prey for a little bit because out of all the people he killed tonight, this was the only one who had the guts to ran away (excluding the ones he killed in surprise).

Moreover, based on his experience these past few days, those who run away from a fight right from the get-go are usually the ones who are quick to cooperate once they're caught.

Whether he would spare this guard or not, that depends on what information the guard can give him.

Up ahead, there was a row of houses.

Nathan could see the guard running towards the direction of one of the houses.

He squinted his eyes.

'Is he leading me to a trap?'

Nathan increased his speed to stop the guard.

The guard was already just a few feet away from the front door when Nathan was finally able to grab the back of the guard's collar with his left hand, causing him to lose his invisibility.

He pulled the guard back and shoved him to the ground.

"Ahhhhh!" The guard shrieked.


"Didn't you hear me? I wanted to talk to you~"

Nathan stepped on the guard's chest and pointed his sword at his face.

"Plus, I'm getting a bit tired and thirsty from all this running. It's not easy being a one-man army. Haha~"

"Meemaw!" The guard cried out with a high-pitched voice and tears welled up in his eyes.

Nathan looked at the guard with disgust and slapped his cheek with the blade of his sword.


Although Nathan tried his best not to cut the guard's cheek, there was a small cut about an inch on his cheek.

"Quit crying out like a bitch or I'll drive this sword down to your throat!"

The guard forced himself to stop crying and calmed down.

"Okay, that's good. Do you –"

All of a sudden, the front door was opened by an elderly woman.

"Carl!" shouted the elderly woman as she ran towards Nathan's leg that was stepping on the guard's chest and embraced it.

"Please, sir! Please don't hurt my grandson! I beg you, sir! He and his little sister are the only family I have left!"


He looked at the elderly woman and then turned to the guard named Carl.

'This guy seriously ran to his own house?'

Nathan laughed and shook his head in disbelief.

However, he then remembered some of the stories that his family members used to tell him so he stopped laughing.

Back in his home country, Nathan has an uncle who used to be in the military and lived in the countryside in the mountains. He joined the army when he was only a teenager in the mid-80s and served for almost two decades before finally retiring.

His uncle wasn't the type who likes to share war stories. It was only on the rare occasions where he drinks and gets drunk, which are both once in a blue moon, that he would share some of his war stories.

One time while drinking with his uncle and both of them getting drunk, his uncle told him that it wasn't rare to see injured or terrified soldiers calling out for their mothers in the frontlines.

Was his uncle telling the truth or was it the alcohol just talking? Nathan couldn't tell. Nevertheless, he didn't dare to laugh or rebuke his uncle. He just sat there and listened out of fear and respect.

His uncle was known to be one of the toughest motherfuckers in town even before he joined the military. He often used to joke that his left fist could send a man to the hospital, while his right fist could send a man to the cemetery.

One time he saw his uncle confront a guy and asked while holding out his fists, "I'm going to let you choose. Hospital or cemetery?"

Nathan found the scene so hilarious and cool because the guy had a heart attack right after his uncle asked the question.

He squinted his eyes as he looked at the grandmother and grandson duo.

'I guess this is what my uncle was talking about or something close to it…' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nathan kicked his leg away from the elderly woman's embrace.

"Annoying old wrinkly shit!"

"Ahhhh!" The elderly woman groaned and fell to the ground.

"Meemaw! No!"

He never killed an elderly person before and doesn't have any plan to. But at this moment, for the first time in his life, partnered with the bloodlust from all the killing he did tonight, the desire to do so overwhelmed him.

He raised his sword.

As he was about to strike down the elderly woman who crawled over to cover her grandson with her wrinkled body, he suddenly heard the cries of an infant coming from inside the house.

"Uwaaa! Uwaaaah!"

Hearing the cries of the infant, some sense of clarity appeared on Nathan's eyes, causing him to hesitate.

The cries of the infant was like an alarm clock that awoken his sleeping morals.

He looked at the grandmother and grandson pair lying on the ground, sobbing with their eyes closed and hugging each other while crying out, "Please... Please don't, sir. Please have mercy on us."

A sense of disgust, not towards the two, but to himself crept into his heart.


There were too many things swirling inside his head. One of them was –


A bullet shot right through Nathan's chest and out of his back.


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