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Chapter 13: Water

He finally got to his apartment and also remembered that he forgot to bring his keys before leaving his morning.

'Damn… Is this the sign of aging? I'm only 24 years old.'

He knocked.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Ashleigh? It's me, Nathan. Open up. I left my keys."

The door opened and it was Ashleigh.

"Nathan," she said. Her face brightened. It was clear she was very worried.

He stepped inside and put down the shopping basket and his backpack.

"Any news from Amir?" he asked.


'I should at least reach level 8 before dinner time. And tomorrow I should go to where Amir works at,' Nathan thought.

He sat down on the sofa and started removing his magazine armor.

'This armor was totally useless. I hope I can loot a set of armor on my next hunt.'

"I prepared lunch," she said.

He looked at her and said, "Go ahead. I'll shower first."

As she was about to head to the kitchen, he said, "Wait up. How's your phone? Does it still have juice?"

"It died an hour ago."

'I need to charge the phones. I'll just find a neighborhood that has electricity.'

He stood up and headed to the bathroom.

As he was stripping down, a thought suddenly came to his mind, 'Wait, is the water even safe? What if it goes to my eyes or I accidentally drink it, will it turn me into a zombie?'

He panicked.

'I remember in the novel [God and Devil World] they needed to boil the water for 10 minutes before drinking it. Wait, was it 10 minutes or 20 minutes?'

Why Nathan is basing it from [God and Devil World]? Only god knows why. He should conduct his own experiments instead. To be specific, human experiments.

He put on a towel to cover his lower body and rushed out.


She was currently eating.

"How many minutes did you boil the water?!"

"What?" she was confused. Boil water for what? Coffee? Tea?

"Don't drink the water from the faucet. In fact, don't even wash with it. It could be contaminated."


When she heard that, she dropped her spoon and fork.


"I… I…" she started crying.

"You… What did you do?" he asked her and was already thinking about finding his swords.

"I… I…" she continued stammering.

He ignored her and looked for his weapons at the living room. When he found it, he picked up the Training Sword.

When he came back to the kitchen, she was sitting on the floor and crying.

"Tell me what did you do," he said.

Seeing him with a sword on his hand, she started crying loudly.

"Tell me," he coldly said.

"I… I washed my feet this morning."

"Just that?" he didn't believe her.

"I boiled hot water to wash my face. I… I like to use hot water when washing my face. It's part of my beauty regimen."

"What else? What about the food you cooked?"

"I haven't washed the dishes yet since this morning. As for the food I cooked, I… I only know how to fry hotdogs – they're my favorite."

"What about the water you drank?"

"I only drink bottled water so… I went to my apartment to get some."

When she mentioned that she went to her apartment, she got more afraid remembering that Nathan instructed her not to go out.

He almost vomited blood.

'What kind of [Plot Armor] is this?! It's like she just does things and everything conveniently just works out fine for her!

Wait, I remember I drank a cup of coffee this morning. What water did I use? Did I follow my usual routine?'

The truth is, Nathan always uses cold water from the refrigerator to boil whenever he makes coffee because he's too lazy to get water from the faucet. This morning was no different.

'Dammit! I didn't expect taking a bath and drinking water could this be this much of a hassle during a zombie apocalypse! Imagine not taking a bath for 2 days while constantly sweating. Your scalp is going to be itchy as fuck!'

Thinking about the situation, he calmed himself down and said to Ashleigh with a reassuring tone, "Don't worry about it. You'll be fine. Just avoid using the water from the faucet at any costs from now on, okay? For now, just eat the food that I brought with me."

He was depressed.

'Wait! There's a plothole! If the water is indeed contaminated, how come the apartment building isn't infested with zombies yet? I don't believe everyone could be that meticulous. There's bound to be some people in the building who decided to use the water from the faucet. Or perhaps it really hasn't yet been contaminated? I can't make any wild guesses. I need to think this through.'

"Nathan, can you open this for me? I can't find the can opener. I have one at my apartment, but you told me not to go out," she meekly said while holding a canned food.

His mind was elsewhere. He just looked at her for a moment, took the canned food and went to the kitchen to find a knife and opened it.

After opening it, he gave it to her and sat on the sofa.

'I need some test subjects,' he thought.


His status chart appeared right before him.


Level: 5

Experience Points: 12.5%

Strength: 18

Agility: 13

Vitally: 16 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Intelligence: 13


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will be increased by 1.


'So this is my current status, huh?'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He suddenly heard a series of loud noises followed by people screaming. With each loud noise, the building shook.

'System off.'

He got up and went straight to the window.

'What the hell is happening now?'

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

For this part, I had no choice but to address the water plothole.

I mean, it really doesn't make sense because it's been about 12 hours already since the zombie apocalypse so the water from the faucet must be contaminated already.

I already have an idea to fix this plothole, but I don't know if you guys will like it. But I hope you guys do.

Thanks for reading.

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