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96.29% The Beast and the Sword / Chapter 52: Once Upon A Dream...

Once Upon A Dream... - The Beast and the Sword - Chapter 52 by TenshiWarrior full book limited free

Chapter 52: Once Upon A Dream...

Threatened by a ruthless demon

Humanity was on the brink of extinction

All hope was lost till one mage stepped forward…

He was hailed as the Wizard King and his story became legend

A long time ago, there existed a race that were favored by the Gods and blessed by the mana. Though they had helped humans outside of their homeland, they had been feared and called Devils because of their incredible power. And had been hunted by many to obtain it for themselves. One day an elf had saved the life of a human--Not just anyone, it had been the Princess of Clover, one by the name of Teita.

Her brothers, King Zeid and Prince Lemiel had seen this as an opportunity to make peace with the elves, and form a peace treaty between them. The progress had been slow, but King Zeid alongside his wife, the young elf Alma, Chief of the warriors Guild had created the first village where Elves and Humans could coexist peacefully.

With the birth of their only child, the first human-elf hybrid Princess Prism Aurora Clover, and the marriage of Teita and her savoir and leader of the Elves Licht, they had been just a step away from completing the treaty.

But one day, young Princess Prism had vanished in a storm, and on the same day all of the elves had as well. .

Five hundred years passed until three villagers discovered her in the Wandering the Mist--These Villagers were Asta, Yuno and Feodora.

And though each had their own sets of goals their ideals remain clear and the same. Their hope and mission is to protect everyone and everything precious to them, whether they be a commoner, or a royal.


Here she was again.

Like she had always been before.

Surrounded in a field of dark clouds, where the very sound of the thunder had shook the sky and ground. She couldn't see what was ahead, nor could she see what was behind, but all she knew was, she just couldn't stop. She had been in a panic as she rode along Adrien's back; holding a small little bundle in her arms as she couldn't see underneath the bloodied sheets.

The raptor she rode on--Adrien, ran as fast as he could as they could feel the rain hit against them like it had been that of hail. "Keep going, bud!" She urged, "We'll push on through the clouds if we have to!"

Adrien let out a squawk of some kind as he started to pick up the pace. Suddenly they could see something through the clouds as it started to come towards them. A set of black spikes started to fall just above their heads as it came down hard and fast.


Adrien started to do just that as the spears started to hit everything but them. As he moved quick she kept firm hold on the bundle as she could hear it let out a whimper.

"It'll be okay--I won't let anything bad happen to you."

There had been a sudden blast as Adrien fell to the ground with a cry; Prism let out a shriek as she fell off his back and rolled on along the bed of grass as the bundle rolled out of her hands. As she recovered from the fall she saw the little bundle just a few feet in front of her as she could hear it let out a cry.

She could hear the sounds coming closer before she crawled over to the bundle as she picked it and held it close to her. Adrien stood as he quickly went to his partner's side, growling and hissing as the sounds had been all around them.

The little bundle cried as she gave it a comforting squeeze.

"Don't worry--I won't leave you."

Adrien soon let out a shriek as it had startled her; he fell to the ground hard as Prism looked horrified.


She went over to him as she noticed he was twitching; his mouth had been foaming as his pupils were dilated due to the fact there had been a dart embedded in it. It had vanished into dust the moment she had tried to touch it.

A voice soon cut through, the thunder and rain as it made her freeze; she held the little bundle close to her as she readied herself. She tried and tried to understand, she tried to listen--Though she couldn't as she could feel her the feeling in her chest tighten with every breath she took.

Everytime she heard a sound she jumped and turned and ready her blades. Though no matter where she turned it had always seemed to move faster then her eyes could catch her.

The air soon grew cold around her as she could feel something breath against her skin; it made her freeze and pale as she could hear but only one thing.

" MINE…!"

The moment she turned around, the last thing she had seen was piercing red eyes, before she let out a shriek just as her world turned red.


Prism awoken with a scream as she sat up in practically a cold sweat; she could feel the scars along her neck and chin and the one on her arm as she started to hyperventilate; she looked to her hands, as both of her arms were completely covered in bandages up to her elbows. Her vision had gone one and off from blurry to clear as all she could do was hug herself as she tried to steady her breathing, but she couldn't do it.

Her breathing had been uneasy and unsteady, almost like she had been drowning.

She didn't even realize that someone had stirred from their sleep.

"Hey easy." Yami groaned, as he noticed how uneasy she had looked.

Prism didn't seem to have heard him as she started to rock back and forth. "Hey." Yami said "Kid—" He soon snapped his fingers in front of her as the sound made her jump. She looked at him, completely horrified. She tried to speak but her voice had been strained.

Yami soon put an arm around her before he pulled her in for a hug. He said as he gave her a pat on the back, "Just take deep breaths. Nice and slow."

Prism could hear his heartbeat, as it had been steady, like that of a drum. It had been soothing, as she could feel the scars and her wounds hurt a little less. It was almost as if she had been pulled out of the sea as finally she felt a breath of relief come over her. Her vision became clear as she found a little light lemur staring at her; its ears had twitched slightly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She picked up the little spirit as she hugged him like a teddy bear; it spoke as it sounded like bells had been coming from its mouth.

"Bad dream…" She said softly, "... It was just a bad dream…"

"Sounds more like a nightmare if you ask me." Yami told her.

She had been taken back when Yami suddenly stood up from the bed, as he threw on the first shirt he grabbed, since he normally didn't sleep with one on. "You hungry?" He said, as he stepped to the door, "Let's get some food."

"But it's the middle of the night." Prism pointed out.

"Why do you think they call it a midnight snack?" He said before opening it, "Now come on, I'll treat you to ice cream."

Prism only tilted her head as the little spirits changed into the color of yellow, "Ice--Cream…?"



Prism had been surprised that there had even been a frozen delicacy such as this, let alone the different flavors it came in. She had been practically in awe of all the colors, almost like she had been looking at a rainbow that had been sparkling in the reflection of the lantern.

"Okay take your pick." Yami said as he took a puff from his cigarette.

"You say that like it's an easy thing--" Prism said as the little spirits around her turned to a shade of red, "--Where have you been keeping all of this?"

"That's a secret." Yami told her. "The last thing I want is for that duck to find out."

"Is it really okay for me to have this?"

"This is kind of a special case. So, pick your poison."

Prism looked among the flavors before she picked up a bowl that had looked to be white and had chocolate bits in it. "This one looks yummy." She said.

"Nice." Yami said "I'll be taking this one." he took one that was all black.

Prism had been taken back by this sort of thing, "... Doesn't that usually mean it's gone bad?"

"Not in this case for this one." Yami told her.

"Bime i elena…" She said just dumbfounded.

After putting the ice cream away, she and Yami settled on the chairs provided while they ate their little snack. Only a single candle had stayed lit as there had been silence between the two, as they enjoyed the sweet treat.

Though eventually they had both started to chat. Or at the very least, Yami had decided to spark up the conversation.

"This is probably the fifth time in the last three weeks you woke me up with your screaming." Yami said, "Must've been something if it had you shaking like that."

"So--Sorry about that." Prism said as she put a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, "I don't mean to make you lose sleep."

"Nah it's fine" Yami said with a wave of his hand, "Though it raises...maybe your dreams are telling you something important."

Prism only sighed as she set aside her spoon, "... I want to say you're right, but--Everytime I wake up from it, I'm just left with more questions then I am with answers. It just doesn't make any sense."

Yami sat back a little as he tapped his finger on the table, "So tell me again--How your dream went exactly?"

After taking another spoonful she set aside the bowl before she started to ponder. The little spirits seemed to have shifted back to yellow again. "Well--" She started to say, "--It--Never seems to want to start at the beginning. It always starts when I'm running, while I'm in the storm. I know I'm trying to get out of it, but as to what I was running from… I don't know. And--" She soon made it so it looked like she had been holding something, like a mother had been holding a baby, "--It always seems like I'm protecting something. I don't know what it is, or if it was an animal, but I remember how scared it was. Whatever was chasing us, terrified the poor thing, I just knew I couldn't leave it. The next thing I knew when it cornered us, all I saw was red and it just ends. Well that dream at least."

"Hmm chasing you huh?" Yami said as he looked to be pondering, "Well, maybe Julius will have answers for us first thing tomorrow when we go to see him."

Prism let out another sigh, "I still don't know if it's a good idea. I mean, I still don't know if I'm willing to believe that dream actually happened… Before I found myself in that tree."

"I wouldn't have my doubts about it." He said, "Julius knows a lot of things better than any other man I've known. Despite his----well quirky personality."

"But--Do you think he might have an idea on what was in that storm with me?" She asked, "Or for that matter… If it was even real?"

He replied, "if anyone can figure it out. It's him."

"I hope so…" She said as she looked a little dejected; she soon reached for the bowl of ice cream, "... The more I think about it, the more my head seems to--"


Prism and Yami had been taken back when they heard an odd sound. They looked down and were surprised to see her bowl had been empty.

"Huh?" Prism said, "I thought I still had half of it left, how can the bowl be empty?"

Yami looked around until he looked at a familiar cyan duck who was about to take away his bowl. "Addeline!?" Prism said shocked as she noticed her beak had been covered in chocolate bits and ice cream.

"QUACK! QUACK!" Addeline shouted before she tossed down a bag of charcoal before taking off with Yami's bowl.

"Addeline no!" Prism exclaimed as she managed to catch her, "You know what sugar does to you!"

Prism soon felt a familiar threatening aura; She soon paled slightly when she saw that he had drawn his sword.

"Hey Duck." Yami said "Wanna explain what you're doing here."

Addeline froze before she dipped her beak in Yami's bowl and ran.

"ADDI!!" Prism shouted before she ran after her, "DON'T TAKE THINGS THAT AREN'T YOURS!!"

Yami soon yelled as he started to chase the duck, "GET BACK HERE!" Sure enough, the whole base had started to shake by the sound of explosions.

"YAMI DON'T HURT HER, SHE BABY!" Prism exclaimed in a panic.

"QUACK!" Addeline shouted as she ate more while she ran.


"YOU DAMN RIGHT I WILL!" Yami yelled before the sound of the wall collapsing could be heard again. It hadn't been long before they heard the sound of Pluck's voice as he only shouted one thing when he saw what was happening.

"Hey what's going o--NOT THE BABY!!!"

Pluck used his Gum Gum Sticker to catch Addeline as she let go of the bowl. Pluck gave her a look as Prism and Yami stopped their chase. He soon seemed to put it together as he soon bowed his head, "I am SO sorry about her behavior."

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