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13.33% The Black Mist Enchantress / Chapter 18: I am Warning You, Stay Away From Him

I am Warning You, Stay Away From Him - The Black Mist Enchantress - Chapter 18 by adharsha25041994 full book limited free

Chapter 18: I am Warning You, Stay Away From Him

"No, he doesn't know my identity yet. I told him about my real family but not what happened to them. Even though I befriended him as my task but now he is my good buddy. I searched for his lover sincerely but it is as if she has completely disappeared from the earth. He had strong negative feelings towards all Esbertrazians guards. If he comes to know that I am one of them, then he will become hysteric."

"How can I be hysteric towards my best buddy huh!" Alex and others had heard Janet's concern when they came back to call them.

"Alex… I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how to tell you about me. I'm sorry man." Jordan felt relieved when he saw Alex was actually not angry when he knew the truth. Mike was getting nervous watching both his brother and Jordan.

"Look, there are few things I want to clear with you guys. My love life was a secret that only three people knew in this whole wide world. The whole plot of engagement was faked by me, to divert the attention of the Esbertrazian Shadow elders. I had to throw them a bait in order to safeguard Mia."

"Wait, Brother, who is Mia? What do you mean by fake engagement? you loved the eldest princess of Agnartic family, right!." Mike couldn't understand the plot and so did the others except for Emmy.

"Mia... She is the girl for whom I fell. Her real name is Lamia Shagues. An ordinary girl living near the mountains which are in the border of the dark clan territory. She used to come to our market, it was there I saw her first. Our meetings became regular and then one day, she confessed her feelings for me. I couldn't reciprocate to her feelings at that time as I needed to terminate the betrothal with that wict...sorry, Lady Vilmon. I couldn't find a way to progress things until Agrona spotted us together. Then it was Agrona's idea to fake an engagement in front of our families. But I don't know, how on the engagement day at our palace, Mia confronted me and lashed out. I had once mentioned my betrothal and I think she thought I was getting engaged to that woman. She was enraged and left me. I didn't follow her as various eyes were on me that day. After that day, I searched for her everywhere but couldn't find her. The next thing I heard was both Agrona and Lady Vilmon went missing."

"I thought that the Esbertrazian guards had killed Mia as they gave me the pendant she usually wore and that was the reason for my enmity towards the whole dark clan. However, today Emmy struck me with few doubts which enlightened me. There was only Agrona other than me, who knew Mia's identity, so how could the dark clan guards find Mia unless ... "

"Unless your childhood friend betrayed you and showed them your real lover. " Janet completed Alex's doubt.

" The idea of breaking the engagement with Lady Vilmon was yours but the fake engagement scheme was Agrona's. She suddenly pops up into the story and disappears, it is really suspicious. Is your engagement with her still valid?"

All were waiting for Alex to answer Juliet's question, but Alex himself had neglected this fact. While he was searching for his beloved, he didn't pay attention to Agrona's behavior at all. The chances of her disappearance with Lady Vilmon and his beloved connected to the dots of her betrayal.

The weekend plan had deepened the bonds of their friendship and with lots of questions to solve, the gang returned to their hostel. After returning, there was a shift of rooms now, the respective couples decided to stay together and they dumped Alex to Emmy's room. All were happy as everything was becoming correct, till Jordan was called upon by the master Rotrigues.

"Having fun with your enemies and even getting in love… have you forgotten about your past? Remember that you are an alpha guard and your task, for now, is to safeguard Emmetina. but you delivered her straight to the enemy's place."

" Master, Alex is not our enemy. There are some misunderstandings about the incident with our Miss and himself. He has never seen our Miss, so how could he play with her emotions and break her down. It was Emmy's idea to let Alex stay in her room."

" You all are innocent before his cunning eyes, but he cannot escape me. I will definitely punish him for inflicting pain on my daughter. He has to pay for what he did years ago, I have seen Miss crying that day. I will never forgive him, ….never… ever..." Rotrigues closed his eyes in anger but the memory of that final day flashed by.

Jordan felt a sudden pressure drop in his surroundings and when he turned to face his master, the chair where the master was sitting just seconds ago was empty.

Meanwhile, in Emmy's room, Alex was listening to music and Emmy was sketching in her book. Even if Alex was a stranger, for whom she felt extreme aversion at first, now she was feeling a sense of care from him. She started to trust him more than anyone and it was the same for Alex too. Her presence made him calm and he knew he was wrong before.

All of a sudden, the peaceful room tensed up. The door was kicked open, and Alex who was laying on the bed got thrashed to the floor. Alex's forehead started to bleed profusely but he felt his whole body stiff. An immense amount of pressure was forced on his body and with great effort, Alex raised his head to see the culprit.

The great master Rotrigues had his foot stamped on Alex's body and his strength was no match for unskilled humans.

"I told you to stay away from her but what did you do, huh. Do you think that you can fool everyone with your lousy act? Kid, I gave you one chance but not anymore." The master strengthened the force on his foot which made Alex choke.


"Get your foot off him right now."

A thunderous voice was heard inside room 54, this time Rotigues got stuck with words and took away his foot, freeing Alex from the pressure. Emmy then quickly helped Alex who was gasping for breaths. The cold chill feeling emanating from Emmy froze Alex also.

"You are our master, but you cannot trample your students as you wish. Whatever your personnel vengeance is, do not take it out here in front of me. I know you are my elder, my father's closest kin, however I won't let you hurt Alex in any way. I warn you, stay away from him." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The stunned master was looking at Emmy as if he had seen a ghost, he could not fathom the aura which Emmy had when her emotions broke out. Although her father, Shawn, was a shadow guard, it doesn't account for Emmy's powerful aura.

"My child, he is not what you think he is. He is taking you for granted. He wants his revenge for killing his fiance. Please clear your mind for once and think properly."

"Master, I know what you are implying but I trust my intuitions more. Please calm down and return to your quarters now."

Emmy tried to calm down her master but the rage in her eyes was still shining. When she saw blood from Alex's forehead, all her rationality flew out of the window.

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