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83.33% The blood king and I / Chapter 5: The quiet before the storm

The quiet before the storm - The blood king and I - Chapter 5 by purple_wolf full book limited free

Chapter 5: The quiet before the storm

I arrived home with Lily, Drago was in the kitchen on the phone. "I'm going to talk to Drago for a moment if that's okay?" lily said looking at me as if She doesn't want me to hear the conversation "sure, I'm going to lay in the sun for a while" I say she hugged me as I was walking out to the garden. I lay on the sun longer and relax not long after I hear Drago grunting, "are you sure?" He said in an annoyed tone. "Damn it!" That's definitely Drago, I wonder if I should go see what's up? I get up and see him talking to lily still, as soon as I walk in she bows and leaves "We'll continue this later". "Everything okay?" I ask wondering what's happening, "nothing baby, come let's go to bed. Don't think I forgot about our conversation this morning" crap! I forgot. Drago wants me to drink his blood! A deals a deal. "Okay, let's go." I take his hand and lead him upstairs, I get him to sit on the bed. I climb onto him looking him in his eyes "are you sure you want this?" I ask my eyes pleading for him to say no.."of course, I'm a strong dragon. A little bite isn't going to kill me love" that's what he thinks, if I lose even a small amount of control I could suck him dry. Okay here goes.

I start to kiss him, stroking my hands through his hair. He kisses me back, deeper into the kiss he opens his mouth and our tongues entwined. He starts to get excited, I feel his rock hard cock pushing through his jeans onto my ladyhood. Right day to wear a dress, I can really feel his shaft through his jeans.oh god. With a little moan I know it's time, I move my mouth kissing along his jaw down to his neck. I gently lick over the sweet spot,"hmm" he moans, I can tell he's ready. My teeth elongate and I gently push them into his skin, a thick wash of blood hits my mouth. Oh my god, his blood is divine! I drink more and more, only heightening his sexual pleaser that my venom causes for its victims. It's like have a warm hot chocolate after being in the snow and rain for hours. It's so moorish and simply extraordinary. I need to stop, I'm drinking a little too much. I start to withdraw my teeth "NO!" Drago grunts "CONTINUE" "if I continue, I could seriously hurt you." I withdraw my teeth and lick over the mark to heal it. Drago lays on the bed looking like I've zapped him of his energy, suddenly he grabs me and climbs on top of me. "That was outstanding, From now on you only drink my blood. If I catch you drinking anyone else's blood I will kill them" he said with a darkness in his eyes that tells me it's the truth. "Now my little vixen, I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll need to drink blood to stay awake" Drago removes his top revealing his amazing body, I start to stroke his body, pulling him towards me greedily. He removes my dress, pulls down his trousers and pants. His kisses my breasts while making his way down my body until he reaches his destination, he's starts to suck on my clitoris every now and again he give it a small nip. My god the pleasure, before I have a chance to come he stops and rams his ginormous cock into me. I squeal in shock but this time it isn't painful, it's purely pleasurable. He pounds deep into me, taking some of his weight on his arms but leaving enough of it to put pressure on my body. "Faster" I cry, wanting him to smash me into next week. He obliges and picks up the speed, biting my body as he goes "I'm close" i whimper "come for me then baby, we'll come together" I relax and let the orgasm wash over me, that familiar feeling of Ecstasy washing over me like waves against the sea shore. We both collapse enjoying the moment of pure bliss, it didn't last long as soon Drago broke the silence "from now on, you are not to leave without a dragon escort you." What! "Why? Am I a prisoner here?" He looks at me apologetically "no baby it's just a precaution" as I opened my mouth to protest dragos phone rang in a ringtone I haven't heard before. "Shit" he grunts as he gets up to answer, "I'll be back soon, Wait here." He instructs as he walks out. I wonder what that is about? After a few minutes of waiting I'm bored so I decide to go find Drago, I tip toe to the door and listen.nothing. I open the door a peek my head out, he must be in his room. I walk to the door... come to think of it, I've never been in his room. "Yes I know I can't, not until the blood moon!" Blood moon, why's he talking about the blood moon for? "Well why not just kill her then?" That's not dragos voice, I don't recognise it. "She's my friend, you're not killing her!" That... that sounds like Lily. It couldn't be though, she's just a maid in dragos eyes. "Calm down both of you, I've already decided. She's mine. I will keep her!" "Drago you can't keep her! She's a retched blood sucking leech, besides we will kill the rest of her family still right?" They're talking about me! "No!" I scream i turn to run. "What was that Drago?-" I gotta go!" I could hear in the background but I was out before I could hear anymore, the house was far behind in my view.

Tears streamed down my eyes, what an idiot! Of course he was playing you! Why would you think he cares for you? Because you slept together? I mean I haven't even seen his bedroom, I haven't seen his dragon form. I don't even know the man! And I fell for it. What a loser! I need to tell my father what's happening, he can't catch me. I can hear dragon roars in the background, booming. I ran for what felt like hours "AWOOOOOO" I know that sound it's werewolves, the only creature who can run nearly if the the same speed as us. Depending on the wolf and vampire of course, born vampires a a heck of a lot faster than most born vampires and werewolf's but an alpha who's in a long line of them can rush just as fast as born vampires. I smell them, there's gotta be at least 50 different wolf smells. I gotta keep going. Suddenly I see a few jump out in front of me, I take a leap, hopefully I make it. I land hard, cracking the ground beneath me, I continue to run. "AWOOOO" I see quite a few chasing me but they seem to be keeping their distance, suddenly a huge black wolf jumps out. Crap! It's an alpha, he's much bigger than the rest, the back coat is really rare! He must be a really strong wolf. I try to zig zag to confuse them, nothing. I have to escape, I jump from tree to tree hoping to avoid them as wolves can't climb trees. But all of a sudden it feels like I've hit a brick wall! Pain. Pain in my back, I..I... darkness..... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting..

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