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88.88% The Bloodstained Bear / Chapter 16: Chapter 15

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Chapter 16: Chapter 15

Arthur and Sana both traveled through the wilderness together to find the group of 'slayers' that Sana had located earlier. Along the way, they came across a small town that had spiked wooden walls built around it. There was a single guard located at the entrance as he checked the small carriages carrying goods through.

In front of him was a large carriage lead by four horse-looking animals. Behind the carriage was a massive metal cage carrying humans. They looked malnourished and sick. They were wearing nothing but dirty cloth and had chains on their ankles to prevent escape if they were able to anyway. The guard examined the slaves and sent the slaver through the gate allowing him to pass.

"Are those prisoners?" Sana asked quietly.

"No those are slaves."


"Humans sometimes capture other humans and chain them down, forcing them to work and treating them as items."

"Ah, I see."

Arthur didn't feel any sympathy towards human slaves due to him no longer being or feeling human anymore. Sana didn't feel anything towards them either.

They continued their journey towards the slayers sent to hunt monsters like them down. As they made their way, Sana signaled for them to stop.

"They're a couple of miles ahead of us," she whispered.

"What do we do?"

"You run in and catch them off guard. While they have their attention focused on you, I'll attack from the trees. Be sure to cause as much chaos as possible."

While the strategy seemed reckless to Arthur, it did make some sort of sense as he agreed with the plan.

"Okay. When do we begin," asked Arthur.

"How's your vision at night time?"

"I can see well enough."

"Then we attack at night."

The two beasts rested, waiting for night to come. As soon as the sun fell from the horizon, Sana nudged Arthur out of his thoughts.

"Let's go!"

Together they ran with Sana taking the lead.


In front of Sana was a small makeshift camp. They rested in a small cavern with a single torch illuminating the interior. Outside the cavern was a guard, resting his back against the rocky wall, lightly kicking a rock on the ground, most likely bored.

He looked young, yet had burn scars on his face, giving the impression that he was a battle-tested warrior. He wore expensive-looking leather-like armor on his torso, leather cowboy-like boots, metal-plated guards on his forearms and front thighs, and a loose chrome finish chain mail under his armor that hung down like a medieval knight's tabard. He had a sheathed sword on his left hip and a small knife tucked into the front of his armor.

Inside the cavern, with their sensitive evolved senses, Arthur and Sana could pick up chatter and light laughter emanating from the interior. The two apex predators looked at each other and nodded. The rest of their bountiful level ups were inside the cave. Even though they were using a small amount of light and had a guard outside, they didn't drop their guard. From their perspective, they were hunting a beast and didn't expect the monster to find them first. However, the fact that they even had their guard up while believing that their prey was far ahead of them, signaled that they were experienced with hunting monsters.

As Arthur maintained a distance from the entrance, he hid behind the bushes, waiting for Sana to do her thing. After a couple minutes of observing, she quietly retreated back to Arthur to brainstorm ideas on how to go about this.

"What do you think?" asked Arthur.

"Hmmm...I know that they're strong, so I guess it'd be suicidal to still ask you to storm inside that little cavern. Let's draw them out. I'll take out the guard and let out a loud roar. As soon as they come out they'll see me in front of them. I'll then sprint into the forest, hoping to bait them in. That's when you'll come in. The last thing they'll expect is two completely different beasts working together." explained Sana, slightly excited about the upcoming fight.

"I don't know. They look pretty smart, so maybe they'll see through your plan."

"Alright then. If they do see through it and don't follow me, we'll just wait them out. They can't stay in there forever."

"Sounds like a decent plan to me," said Arthur.

Arthur waited behind a large tree that obstructed his large size and peeked his head out to observe the outcome.

Sana climbed the trees like a natural and quietly jumped from tree to tree as she made her way towards a position near the unlucky slayer stuck on guard duty. She then squatted down on the branch, preparing for her leap onto the guard.

Then, like a leopard pouncing onto its prey, she lept off without even shaking the branch or leaves onto the guard's back. She dug her claws into his bare shoulders and ripped the right side of his neck off as blood spurted out like a fountain. He dropped to the ground with Sana still on his back, ensuring that she killed her target. The guard laid on the dirt as his body shook from a large amount of blood loss until his body was pale and lifeless.

Sana then sprinted to the entrance as the chattering inside died down. She let out a large roar and fell back to keep her distance from the incoming humans. She stood there and watched as shadows from the cavern started moving.

Out from the cave came a large looking man. He was a monstrous human standing close to seven feet tall. In both of his hands was a large war axe. His face was free of scars but had a large braided beard down to his neck. His hair was long and tied into a ponytail while the sides of his head were shaved.

He casually walked out and calmly stared at the dead man next to him, presumably his teammate, and looked back towards Sana with an expressionless face. As the man stared at Sana for a few seconds, which felt like minutes for Arthur, he smirked.

"So you killed this guy?" he asked the leopard in front of him.

"..." Sana didn't say anything as she prepared to flee.

"Oi, don't play dumb with me monster. No lowly beast could instantly kill this man. Though he was a weak and arrogant little shite, he was still a monster slayer. SPEAK! It will be the last time you can!" he bellowed.

"...Yes?" Sana was surprised.

As a monster living in the wilderness, she never knew how much these humans have learned about beasts like her. There weren't many of her fellow intelligent companions at the Shelter that would knowingly converse with humans. The fact that some humans were aware that a minority of beasts could speak could only mean a few things. One, this man somehow made friends with someone from the shelter. Two, they successfully capture one of them alive. Three, an overconfident member of the Shelter talked to him, thinking that he was going to kill the human anyways, yet was killed instead. If the third option was true, then this human was much stronger than his already intimidating appearance gave off.

"Ha! Then let's end this fight fast. YOU! ACCOMPLICE OF THIS ASSASSIN! COME OUT OF YOUR HIDING PLACE!" he yelled towards Arthur.

'FUCK! He saw through my stealth?!' Arthur thought. 'Oh wait, I'm not good at hiding anyways.'

Arthur walked out of the trees and strolled up to stand next to Sana. Arthur could tell she was nervous and appalled that this man had the balls to call out Arthur. While Sana expected the human to be nervous at the sight of Arthur's size, he instead let out an even larger grin.

"HAHAHA! Well, well, well. Looks like our bounty came to us instead! It seems the reports were right, you really are a cocky beast!" the man said.

He then pulled his hands towards his mouth and let out a sharp whistle. Within seconds, four more humans tiredly strolled out of the cavern. There was a man dressed in decorative blue armor that covered his whole body. He held a large shield matching his armor and a short silver sword in his hand. Behind him was an older woman in her late 20's or 30's dressed in a silver cloth tunic-like dress. She had long beautiful silver hair that was somehow still clean. She held a large white ivory colored staff with carvings covering it.

Behind her was a contrasting short human seemingly suffering from dwarfism. He was well built and wore a long dark red robe. He had a leather belt on his waist accompanied by various pouches and a sheathed knife. He had short black hair with a mutton chop styled beard.

Following the dwarf was a skinny human male wearing lightweight fur armor with a small recurve bow in his hand and a quiver filled with arrows on his back. He had short brown hair and a clean-shaven face. Rather than staring at the two monsters in front of him, he quickly scanned the surroundings.

"So the furry monster made a whittle friend?! How CUTE!" exclaimed the silver-haired woman in a giddy voice.

"He's quite the interesting specimen." said the robe dressed dwarf, studying Arthur.

"HAHAH!" laughed the enormous axe-wielding man.

Seconds later, a group of average looking humans similarly organized came running out of the forest. They had looked anxious and out of breath. One held a plain-looking staff, one had a disheveled robe, another had a bow, and one had heavy armor and a shield.

"This is why I said to stick close to camp. Your companion was killed due to your incompetence." said the archer.

The amateurish group stared at their now dead friend in disbelief. One of the members threw up onto the ground seeing his mauled friend.

"Ughhh." sighed the decorative armored human. "Trainees! Watch and learn! You may not be able to watch a group of experts fight against two advanced monsters!"

While Arthur and Sana were caught completely unprepared, they slowly started falling back so as not to let them detect their retreat.

'Shit. This leopard is a moron. We walked into their trap and now were being treated as a class field trip.' Arthur thought as he looked angrily towards Sana.

"Let's begin our lesson on fighting advanced monsters!" shouted the behemoth of a human.

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