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66.66% The Blue Descendant / Chapter 4: Contract Signing

Contract Signing - The Blue Descendant - Chapter 4 by Lara_Park_4189 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Contract Signing

In an elegant living room full of paintings, gray sofa with 2 gray couches that looks chic with the black marble tiles that shines with the light that pass through a big elegant window where Diana is looking at the city while sitting on a black two chairs table having her hot matcha she made herself

Today is the day, she will be signing the contract, Diana is deep into her thoughts thinking about the contract signing when her phone starts vibrating making her go back to reality

"Hey Bro" She answered warmly

"I heard from Mom, good luck Sis" Rafael, her older brother said

"Thanks bro, busy on your businessES" She teases stressing the word

"Well, what can I say? I handle business like racing" Rafael boasted

"Whatever bro, take care of yourself don't be too workaholic please" Sounding like she's begging

"Yeah sure don't worry" Her older brother assured her before they hung up on each other

She took a deep breath "Diana kore des! (This is it) " She muttered and stood up and head yo the bathroom

After taking a bath she look at herself in the mirror wearing red and black checkered long sleeve polo shirt while sleeve tucked until elbows and denim jeans and white shoes along with her black hair

"Simplicity is beauty they say, I won't wear make up" She said to herself then grab her black sling bag and left her house

Went to her black Tesla Alloy car model S drive to SW entertainment

Before she head to the parking lot of SW entertainment a guard stop her

"Good Morning Ma'am sorry to bother you but only authorized people can park here, may I ask what is your purpose here Ma'am?" The guard politely ask her

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know that, I am here to make a deal, I deeply apologize, I didn't bring my car yesterday so I wasn't informed-"

"Oh, are you going to be a trainee?" The guard ask her again

"Most likely yes officer" Diana answered her kindly

"Well then you may enter Ma'am" The guard said gladly letting her to go in

"Thank you very much" Diana thanked her delightfully and continue to head inside

After parking she opened her door and slightly felt the heat of the parking lot making her feel warm a little bit from the cold she got from her AC in her car and head towards the entrance when she bumped into someone that nudge her a bit

"I'm sorry" They both said to each other

Diana look at the man and saw Alex the youngest member of MET at his back are some other members Nathan, Harry, Sam, Kyle and the other 2 members she met yesterday Logan and Peter

Diana quickly bow down a little to show respect

"Oh? Diana right?" Logan asking for confirm as he recognize her

"Yes" Diana answered smiling a bit

"You guys know each other?" Harry ask Logan

"She's the girl with the other trainee right Logan?" Peter said and the other members face Logan

"Yeah, good to see you here again" Logan happily greeted her avoiding his members teasing looks

"Me too" She look at her her watch and her eyes opened wide seeing there's only 15 minutes left and she's gonna be late

"Sorry, but I need to go" And starts running but suddenly stop and turn around and saw the puzzled looks of the MET boys "Umm, do you know which floor Ms. Chanel's office is?" she ask them

"16th floor to the left" Alex answered and smiled at her

"Thank you" She said enthusiastically and try her best not to run but walk fast

"I think she's going to be a trainee" Sam guessed Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Well that's awesome" Logan exclaimed

The boys look at him and started teasing him

"Not like that" Logan defending himself

"We didn't say anything" Sam said sarcastically and they all laugh and head inside company

Diana looked at her watch before she knock at the door and see that she was 5 minutes early that made her sigh in relief and knock on that door

"Come in" A sweet voice said

Diana opened the door and saw a huge office with a wide tv screen on the left side wall with two big speakers on each side of the tv white pentagon pattered tiles that makes a big shape of a pentagon in the middle.

A little far from the middle is a white table with little bunch of papers 2 chairs on each side in front and a beautiful woman with white blazer smiling at her widely.

"Oh Diana Lee, please sit" Ms. Chanel said gesturing at the chair in the right side in front of her

"Good Morning Ms. Chanel" Diana greeted her and sat down as she's ordered

"So, you know my name" Ms. Chanel said and smiled at her

"Um a friend I met yesterday told me" Diana said

"A friend?" Ms. Chanel ask

"Wendy Quinn um we met at the SW cafe yesterday and she told me she saw me with you yesterday" Diana explained

"Oh I see, well I guess what I planned for you is your fate indeed. You will be training with her and the others, you see Ms. Lee we are find the last person for the other girls including Wendy you just met to debut and your skills proved that you are that person. I already announced to the girls that they're debuting in less than 2 months and you know what that means right Ms. Lee?" Ms. Chanel looked at her warmly

"I can only train for less than 2 months" Diana said

"Precisely, so are you willing to sign the contract and can you do it? I know you can, don't worry I'm sure the girls will help you and I heard you have a house but if you want to dorm with the girls just tell me and I'll tell the girls" Ms. Chanel said and reassured her

Diana bite her lip and smiled at her "I am willing Ms. Chanel I've been practicing my whole life and I am confident I can debut like I've been training for years, I won't let you down. Oh and yes, I would be very happy to dorm with them"

"Wonderful" Ms. Chanel happily said and glance at her looking delighted as she hand the contract to Diana

While Diana is reading the contract Ms. Chanel continue to speak and explain to her

"I will have your room ready to day and you can move tomorrow, there are certain rules that you can see there like if you may expected you must have a proper diet but looking at your body you won't need much, no cellphones while practicing and I will give you your schedule after you sign your contract 7am-11am dance lessons, 11-12pm vocal lessons, 12-12:30pm is your lunch, 12:30-2pm you will be having rap lessons but that will end if don't have the ability and 2pm-6pm dance lessons"

Diana nods looking not surprised as she expected this the moment she audition

"But after a few days, this schedule might change, you will have a coach don't worry Monday - Saturday, it's up to you if want to practice after 6pm or on Sunday, you might also have etiquette classes but seeing you, your behavior and family background you won't be needing to, I talk to you mother and there was no problem with her" Ms. Chanel said

Diana was a little startled hearing that "My mother?"

Ms. Chanel smiled and nodded "She called me and ask to take a picture of the contract and we talk about everything you need to know and she needs to know in case you won't be reading the contract and I seeing you obeyed her for reading the contract It won't be necessary for you to have etiquette classes" explaining to her

"Oh" Diana said and signs the contract

She handed it back to Ms. Chanel and got her schedule

"Welcome to Star World Entertainment Diana Lee" Ms. Chanel said

"Thank you for this opportunity Ms. Chanel"

And the both shake hands while beaming at each other

Diana turned around and was about to leave

"Oh and Diana about your power" Ms. Chanel remembered

"You must know blue flame is extremely rare, I suggest you control and learn your capabilities because you might introduce it when the day comes" Ms. Chanel warned her

"I understand Ma'am thank you again" Diana said

"See you around" Ms. Chanel last remarks before Diana closed the door behind her

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