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100% The Boy in the All-Girls' Chat Group / Chapter 16: Girls' Talk!

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Chapter 16: Girls' Talk!

After Genos turned off his phone and when the girls in the group saw that he was not replying anymore, they thought that he was not looking anymore. But just to be sure they called Diana. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";-chat-group_14193558006667205/girls&apos;-talk!_38304413315554763">;-chat-group_14193558006667205/girls&apos;-talk!_38304413315554763</a> for visiting.

DemonLordLiza: @LazyKnightDiana!

FairyChymbee: @LazyKnightDiana!

FrostQueenErika: @LazyKnightDiana





They mentioned her for a few times and after several moments, Diana was finally annoyed as her phone keeps on vibrating that she can't sleep well.

LazyKnightDiana: WHAT!!

DemonLordLiza: HAHAHA I think she's mad.

FairyChymbee: You think so?

FrostQueenErika: It's obvious that she's mad.

LazyKnightDiana: What do you want? I was already sleeping!

DemonLordLiza: OHHH, Are you sleeping together with Genos?

FairyChymbee: Are you?

FrostQueenErika: Are you? +1

DemonLordLiza: Are you? +1

WorkaholicMageHelen: Are you? +1

Diana felt like everyone doesn't trust her, and was even mad when she saw that even her best friend Helen joined in with the others.

LazyKnightDiana: @WorkaholicMageHelen, you traitor!

LazyKnightDiana: @WorkaholicMageHelen, I'm not talking with you anymore!

Helen was a pitied Diana for a bit but curiosity got the better of her so it can't help if she also wants to know if they are sleeping together.

As all the girls in this chat group had never been in close proximity with a man before and no man had ever dared to court them because of their high status. Diana was even the number one among them who they thought that would never be approached by a man.

But they were wrong as she was even the first one to be close with a man and it was no ordinary man as it was even their admin.

DemonLordLiza: @LazyKnightDiana, don't change the topic. Are you sleeping with Genos?

FairyChymbee: Yes, we also want to know. Is he handsome?

FrostQueenErika: Is he strong?

WorkaholicMageHelen: Did you two have sex already?

LazyKnightDiana: What are guys even talking about!? He's just helping me stop the invasion and we are not sleeping together. And what's up with that question @WorkaholicMageHelen? Do you want me to beat you up?

FairyChymbee: You still haven't answered me though, is he handsome?

LazyKnightDiana: I don't know.

FrostQueenErika: Is he strong?

LazyKnightDiana: I don't know.

DemonLordLiza: Are you going to sleep with him?

LazyKnightDiana: I don't know.

WorkaholicMageHelen: Are you going to have sex with him?

LazyKnightDiana: I don't know.

LazyKnightDiana: @WorkaholicMageHelen, just you wait!!

LazyKnightDiana: I have enough with you guys, I'm sleeping now.


Diana's face was bright red at the moment as she began to think of what could possibly happen if Genos and her sleep together. Thinking about it, her face turned even redder and there was even some smoke coming out of her ears.

'No! What am I thinking about? No one would like a guy like him!'

'He is just kind...handsome...strong...a-and'

'Kyaaa! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.'

Diana began to toss around left and right inside her tent, which made it also move. Genos who was looking at her tent move left and right thought.

'She's very lively.'

He then ignored what she was doing inside the tent even though he still can't help it but imagine that she might be doing something naughty. Luckily though, he had a fearsome will and was able to suppress his little fellow not to stand up.

Diana was still tossing around but she then suddenly stopped.

"Even if I like him, it's not like he will stay here forever. He doesn't belong to this world."

She murmured as she looked sad. Though she was not sure what she was feeling she knows that it would really hurt her if Genos is not around anymore. As because of the days she had spent with him, she was already used to his presence.

Even though they were only together for almost two days, but for Diana, these two days were the longest days in her life.

'This is the first time I hate that I belong to this world.'

And with that, she went to sleep.


Genos was feeling very bored staying on guard, there was not a single monster or demon that attacked them so there was nothing for him to do. Though he could use this time to train, that would only be a bad thing as he should preserve his energy more.

He was thinking that is he still growing in this world? Then what would happen if he stayed here for so long? Would Kaith even recognize me?

Genos thought about various things that were bothering him for a long time already. He never got the change to think about things as he was too busy with writing novels that he even hardly have time to eat.

But now that he was given such a long time to think about things, he realizes that there were many things he had missed.

One of those things is that his sister is already old enough but she was still dependent on him. He had no idea why but she seems to stuck close to him in every moment that she would get.

Genos had read about this in some novels but apparently, there are siblings that loved each other more than siblings but rather as lovers.

He had read about this novel where there is a sibling that is a bro-con and a sis-con and when they accidentally got into a situation where they have to pretend that they are lovers. But it ended up with them being honest to themselves and they end up becoming real lovers.

It was a good novel and he also likes it but he would never do that to his sister. He was not a sis-con but he is overprotective of her. Though he is not sure if she is a bro-con or not but he thinks that she must not be as she is only reliant on her only family.

So as long as he can make her be independent, then she would gradually be open to others and would eventually find a man she loves.

What Genos didn't know is that Kaith already found a man she loves a long time ago and was just waiting for him to return her love.

Genos suddenly got curious as he looked at the conversation but when he saw what they were talking about, Genos put his phone back and decided to brainwash himself that he saw nothing.


Note: By the way, are guys satisfied with the last member of the chat group?


LazyTiany LazyTiany

So here's the thing. I got a part-time job and I will be starting tomorrow so there will be only one chapter once ever two days as long as I have time but if not, then I will try my best to release it on the next day. You guys must have already realized it but I keep my promises so there is no need to worry. Even if I am lazy, I still need some money to live so please understand guys.

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