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7.14% The Broken Love, For Sake Our Quadruplets / Chapter 3: Make her give up earlier

Make her give up earlier - The Broken Love, For Sake Our Quadruplets - Chapter 3 by Happyending14 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Make her give up earlier

"Auntie Feng, get me glass beer." The young man who earlier mercilessly broke with his girlfriend come back after Su Rong left.

Auntie Feng come with a glass beer and putted it on the table.

"Aya, you, young people are really different. I don't like interfering in your business were really harsh earlier. You only not punish her but also punish yourself. Hhhh...." auntie Feng looked at the lifeless man before her can't help but shook her head.

Song Tinglui pulled the noodles, Su Rong ordered but left without eating it, he ate without stopping.

Tears fell from the eyes of his who were covered by the black glasses. He felt really bad. His heart was tearing apart.

He heard everything when she cruised and yelled angrily after he left. He didn't left, he has heard everything she said. He was just hiding for a moment how could he have a heart to leave after losing the woman he loved the most.

Even her words were from anger and sadness and he knows the words weren't from her heart but he, he can't help but feel sad when she mentioned other man. He knows she will have another man in her life except him after all he won't live long so after him there will be someone who will accompanying her but he doesn't want to witness such scene when he is still alive.

He understood how much she was hurt by his behaviour, words, deeds.....because only because he heard her say 'man goes, man come' he felt sharp pain in his heart not to mentioned if she does the same as he did then he would reallly...huh.

Yeah. He knows and loves her more than himself and he also knows that there is no turning back since she gave him a last chance to speak but he didn't said anything instead he used his harsh words to made her hate him. Then with her stubborn personality there will be nothing to change and that is way he deliberately made her sad by using the words she didn't want to hear and fear so she will never look at him and will forgot him. Even it may be impossible to let go but it got a nice ending, didn't? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was the only way he can come up with. Better made her give up earlier than make her found his corpse later.


"Babe, why are you crying?! Tell me, which bastard bully you! This lord will tear him apart!" Qing Huang clenched her hands into fists seeing the strong friend of her is now crying.

Her best friend, Qing Huang, the second Miss of Qing family and best friend of Su Rong she has learned material arts from her grandfather together with Su Rong. Although Su Rong leads Qing Huang at learning the skills and techniques even grandpa Qing said Su Rong is a genius girl and wanted her to inherit his clan but Su Rong rejected because even she is good in it but she really isn't interested in material arts also Qing Huang is the most suitable one because she is not only his own granddaughter but because she is more righteous and stronger than her.

"Angel, I broke with Tinglui." Su Rong cleaned her tears and looked at the shocked friend of her.

Angel is the name Su Rong gave to Qing Huang, because one day Qing Huang helped her out when her mother wants to punish her. That is way she always believes Qing Huang is her angel after all only an angel is stronger than her mother's demon.

"Hahahah....! Babe, this is the worst joke I heard from you." Qing Huang didn't believe what Su Rong said because it was the only impossible thing she can't believe after all who didn't know the love of those couple. They crossed many love rivals and parents's approval now she is saying they broke up it must be a prank.

"I am not kidding....." Su Rong told her everything what happened to her including the pregnancy since Qing Huang is her best and trusted friend she has nothing to hide.

"That fucking bastard! How dare he! I will beat him up until the whole city laugh at him." Seeing the temper of Qing Huang awake Su Rong laughed and said, "Enough! You know you can't beat him."

"And you, babe, why didn't you tell him that you are pregnant? He has to take the responsibility. If he has an ability to make you pregnant he should be aware he can't never leave you. Why didn't you speak to him?" Qing Huang knows how much Su Rong likes children so she didn't ask why she didn't aborted it and wanted to give a birth in her earlier age. But she really wanted to tell her that parents's role is really important to children if they don't have a father nor a right identity then...

"I don't need his responsibility. I wanted to keep this child is my choice and he wanted to break up is his choice. We don't own each other and we have both our own ways to live." Su Rong eyes weren't as weak as earlier. She indeed moved on but her heart didn't.

Qing Huang knows Su Rong's stubborn personality so she didn't have anything else to say except to worry about what Su Rong's family will say.

"What about your family? Will they accept the result?"

Hearing the question that she was afraid to face Su Rong felt worried. Her father and siblings love her so much but can they accept the result of her being pregnant before marriage and what more she even broke up with her boyfriend and didn't want to abort the child.

Her mother is unexpected one, because Su Rong knows her mother won't accept her pregnancy. Because her mother is a strong woman who care about future and reputation.


At the Su family's mansion everyone including her siblings who were always busy have come because grandpa Su forced him to show up after all today is Sunday and everyone have no work to do so grandpa Su asked him to come.

Su Rong sat on the corner heisting wether to tell them or not since she was so nervous Qing Huang patted her shoulder and smiled at her.

"Grandpa, dad, mom, big brother, big sister, second brother, third brother, since you are all here then I will tell you something please don't be shocked." Su Rong looked at her family.

If her grandma was alive she would have told her first because their relationship was much closer that with anyone from this family, it is pity her grandma has already dead from an old illness.

"Rong'er, what do you want to tell us?" Grandpa Su smiled friendly as always but that smile of his is really scary to the people who know him well.

Su Rui, Su Rong's big sister who has already married to Fu family, Fu Ling, she is 28 and a good housewife for her husband.

After her marriage with her lover she has became now more mature like a woman so Su Rong could only seek help from her and her brothers because her mother, Jin Feng, is known as a tigress while her father is nothing in front of her mother. Jin Feng is a businesswoman who made city J's business in chaos at her age so even men respected don't say women who doesn't know much about business only scared from her aura and bow their head to her.

As for grandpa, only keeping distance is the best way for her to survive after she said what she wanted to. Because this man is really a harmless man with smile in the daytime and a ruthless cunning wolf in the nighttime.

Maybe he was also a man who faced many good and bad, he is like Jin Feng the most afraid man in Su family.

Happyending14 Happyending14

“Why do you think our male lead broke up with her since he loves her so much?!”

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