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72.72% The Celestian Wizard / Chapter 6: Into a Goblin Cave...

Into a Goblin Cave... - The Celestian Wizard - Chapter 6 by CarloskingWrites full book limited free

Chapter 6: Into a Goblin Cave...

"Then let's go save him." Karu looked off into the woods. 'I can still sense the Mana from the Goblin brute, so it can't be that far.' Karu takes a step to the woods. "Look kid, I know you want to be the hero, but I don't think that there's a chance that Ryuu is going to be alive." Fushu walks over to his javelins.

"It does not matter if Ryuu is or isn't alive..." Karu turns to Fushu, "...What matters is making a difference in the world." Fushu picked his javelins, "Where was all that determination? Don't tell you were hiding it until now."

"Honestly, I do not know myself, but what I do know is that we need to help Ryuu." Karu turns around to the woods, still having the sense of the Goblin brute's mana. Fushu walked over to Karu. "Then let's go, we may not be able to return once we head out so are you ready?" Fushu looked out into the woods.

"Ready when you are... friend." Karu smiled at Fushu. Fushu was taken back but then smiled back, "Then let's go!" Karu sprinted into the woods. Fushu followed Karu the best he could, 'Damn since when can a wizard be so fast?'


-A few minutes later-


"Fushu, I found something!" Karu looks around at the face of the cliff. Vines are growing on the cliff, but the thing that sticks out is a giant hole in the cliff. Fushu pants as he arrives, "Jeez, couldn't you tell me that you were fast? I was tripping over logs trying to keep up."

Karu makes a flame appear and throws it inside the hole. The flame continues illuminating before disappearing into the darkness. "It's a cave." Karu mutters. "Perhaps that's where the goblins are hiding." Fushu stands up straight after catching his breath.

Karu: 'The Goblin brute came over here, so this must be it.'

"Then let's go." Karu took a step forward and leaned as he was ready to sprint inside but Fushu put his hand on Karu's shoulder, "Please can we just walk? I don't want to trip over rocks as well." Karu looks back at Fushu, "Sorry."

As Karu and Fushu walked into the cave, the sound of dripping water ringed around the cave. Their visibility is limited to Karu's lantern. "This doesn't seem like a normal cave..." Karu looked at the walls of the cave. "What makes you say that?" Fushu glances at Karu. "The walls seem to be mined, but who could've done this?" Karu looks at Fushu.

"It could've been an old mine or a quarry. Who knows about the lore of this cave." Fushu looked at the walls of the caves. "But from what I gathered, it reeks in this place." Fushu sighs. Karu notices a light glimmering. Karu lowers the hood of the lantern.

"There's some light." Karu takes out his spellbook and Ryuu's shortsword. "Could it be goblins?" Fushu notices the light and takes out his longsword. "Possibly." Karu takes a step closer to the corner. "Say, do you even know how to use a shortsword?" Fushu follows Karu.

"What? Do you expect me to be just like any other wizard? Haven't you seen my Elven chain when you got my stuff?" Karu whispers as he peeks the corner. Two goblins are praying to a statue of a human. The human wears something like a traveler, but it has weird symbols and for a cape, it's a whole rug. He's wielding a greatsword on his right and an unknown staff on his left.

Karu: 'Who is that man? He doesn't seem to be the goblin's god, wait do goblins even have a god? And why are they praying to him?'

Karu signals Fushu to follow him. They sneak up to the goblins and Karu stabs a goblin. The second goblin is shocked by Karu but then loses its head by Fushu's longsword. Fushu wipes of the goblin blood and looks at the statue, "Who the hell is that?"

"I don't know also, He didn't show up in any history books that I've read..." Karu spins the shortsword with a magical force holding on to it. "...If they're worshiping someone that's like a god to them, this could mean trouble."

"Meh, it won't really matter who's that guy..." Fushu chuckles. "...Because we'll be there if he tries to do anything." Karu peeks around the corner and sees more goblins, "Guess we'll have to stealth around here..."


-After many goblins have been slain-


Karu and Fushu come up to a giant door. Karu opens the door and peeks around. The goblins are chanting something as there's an even bigger statue of the man. "Hey let me go!" Karu hears a familiar voice, then he sees them. "Ryuu is still alive." Karu whispers to Fushu. "Well..." Fushu unsheaths his longsword and his battleaxe, "...I'm ready to rumble."

"Then let's give 'em trouble." Karu takes out Ryuu's shortsword. With a swift kick and a magical force, Karu sends the door flying towards three goblins who were busy chanting than standing guard. The rest start freaking out as some of them don't have anything to defend.

Fushu hacks and slashes through most of them and Karu stand back, firing fire bolts and slashing at any goblins that come close to him. "That looks to be the last goblin." Karu stabs at a goblin's heart. "Well, they died pretty easily." Fushu looked at the corpses of the goblins.

Karu walks up to Ryuu and cuts the rope that was restraining him. "...Thank you." Ryuu smiles at Karu. Karu nods. But before they could leave, they saw the Goblin brute at the doorway. "Stay over there, don't make any noise!" Karu moved Ryuu in a corner and moved the door to block it.

"Then our rematch shall begin sooner than we thought, beast..." Fushu gripped his longsword and battleaxe. "...This time, I won't let you overpower me!" Fushu runs up to the goblin brute, but he doesn't aim for his legs. The Goblin brute slams its hand at Fushu, But Fushu dodged and cleaves its hand with his battleaxe.

The goblin brute yells at it grips onto its arm. 'This thing's hide is thicker than wood, no wonder I couldn't cut through it when I wasn't raging.' FUshu leaps to the side to dodge the Goblin brute's leg, then he grabs a javelin and throws it at its eye.

The Goblin brute screams in pain and rolls out of the doorway. "Now that I'm enraged, you are nothing but a big chunk of goblin meat." Fushu grabs his longsword back. 'Well that happened, don't know why I was scared...' Karu sighs. But then he gets a vision...

A person leaping above the goblin brute... Fushu battling the person... Then Karu falls to the floor...

Karu: 'Another foresight? What is happening?'



A person is praying at a shrine that they built. "The plan has worked, their presence seems to be near..." The person chuckles to themself, "And I can feel the boy's Mana all the way from here... Master is going to be so proud." The person puts on his plate armor and straps on a shield. Before leaving, he grabs his greatsword and a staff.



Karu: 'I can feel another sense of Mana, and it's coming fast... Could it be the figure? But how? Is the figure a sorcerer? But how would a sorcerer be approaching us at that pace?'

"Fushu watch out!" Karu yelled at Fushu. But the figure leaped over the goblin brute. Fushu gasps, 'Is that...' The figure readied his greatsword to slam it down to Fushu, but he moved to the side at the last second. "It's been a long time Fushu." The person laughed maniacally as he stared at Fushu. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's you..."

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