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16.66% The CEO's Secret Arrangement / Chapter 10: Burning The Dance Floor

Burning The Dance Floor - The CEO's Secret Arrangement - Chapter 10 by Mayla Dinelli full book limited free

Chapter 10: Burning The Dance Floor

“Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re actually here!” Brianna was ecstatic in front of the imposing facade of the nightclub.

“Yeah, neither am I…” Chloe said faintly.

She was not feeling comfortable with those high heels and that short black dress.

“Let’s have fun tonight!” Brianna was way too excited.

As they had special invitations, they didn’t wait in line. Brianna went straight to the bar, ordering two Cosmopolitans.

“Do you know how much does it cost?” Chloe asked worried. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-secret-arrangement_18098568205258805/burning-the-dance-floor_48582974966395027">;s-secret-arrangement_18098568205258805/burning-the-dance-floor_48582974966395027</a> for visiting.

“I don’t care! It’s my first night out in years!” Brianna simply said and Chloe glanced at her with a half-smile.

After minutes walking around the place, Chloe could feel the alcohol effect in her body. She was not drunk obviously, just happier. They were laughing and dancing when Brianna saw Tyler coming in their direction.

“Hey girls!” Tyler said with a broadly smile. “You came! Are you enjoying the place?”

“Of course! Is there a possibility to not have fun in a place like this?” Brianna joked and they laughed together.

“Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Preston.” Chloe said.

“Just Tyler, please.” He said humbly. “Do you girls want to join me in the VIP room? It’s not that noisy and you can have a great view from the entire club.”

“No way! You just said VIP? I’m on my way!” Brianna was really excited and Chloe could bet her friend was drunk already.

Tyler leaded the way to the VIP room. When they got there, Chloe could not believe who was seated comfortably on the sofa.

“Mr. Bailey” she murmured, petrified.

Brianna followed Tyler to the private bar and Chloe was standing in the same place with her eyes locked on his.

Mr. Bailey was staring at her, with a glass of whiskey in one of his hands. His gaze was so intense that made Chloe sigh. He examined her body with a sly look; then he got up and made his way towards her.

“Good evening, Chloe.” his voice came out hoarse.

Chloe swallowed hard.

“What a coincidence to find you here.” Mr. Bailey smirked.

Chloe could not answer because she was shocked. Of course she knew she could find him tonight, but she was not prepared to see a sexy Mr. Bailey wearing black jeans.

Evan, on the other hand, could not believe how lucky he was. Chloe was so hot, wearing a mini dress that was teasing his mind.

“Chloe! You won’t believe what Tyler just said!” Brianna interrupted that awkward moment and brought her friend to Earth again. “Mr. Bailey?” and then the blonde-haired woman realized her boss was in the room.

“In person.” Mr. Bailey mocked.

“No way!” Brianna was shocked. Chloe was still quiet looking at Evan. ‘What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry about me. I won’t stay long. Please, enjoy your night.” Mr. Bailey said and turned around, sitting on the sofa again.

“Come on Chloe, let’s grab a drink. It’s free of charge!” Brianna ignored the presence of her boss, but Chloe could only think about it.

A few hours later, Chloe was seated at the bar, with another colored drink between her fingers. Her eyes scanned the room looking for the one who inhabited her thoughts.

There he was. Mr. Bailey was standing on his feet, with an imposing stance while he watched the world outside through the glass window. She could not see his face, but his hand was squeezing the glass so tightly that it caught her attention.

Chloe kept watching Evan until she realized he was facing a couple on the dance floor. Jill, the ex-fiancée. She was dancing sensually with a middle-aged man whom looked proud to have her.

Chloe was speechless and her heart missed a beat. When she looked back to Evan, he was staring at her with tired eyes. Suddenly Chloe wished she could hug and comfort him. She was feeling so bad for him at that moment.

Keeping her eyes on his, she left her drink, got up and walked in his direction. His tired eyes became surprised. When she was two steps away from Evan, she said firmly:

“Come with me. Let’s go dancing!” She grabbed his hand and both left the VIP room in a hurry.

Evan was more confused than ever. That mix of feelings was bothering him. First, he saw Chloe in a way he had never seen before and that teased his mind in so many ways. Then, he saw Jill on the dance floor. With Victor.

He could not control his anger. How he couldn’t realize Jill’s intentions before?

When he turned around to forget that scene, he saw Chloe. She was staring at him as if she could read his soul. Although that looked weird, it warmed his heart and that anger was not there anymore.

Then Chloe came in his direction, with her eyes shining with… anger? Was that possible? He didn’t have so much time to think about it because she was grabbing his hand and taking him to the dance floor.

“Come on Evan, show me your best moves!” Chloe was shaking her body among all those people when she stopped in a place close to Jill.

As Evan realized that there was no easy way out, he faced the problem. He pulled Chloe and put their bodies together while he said in her ear:

“That’s not my favorite place to show my best moves, Ms. Rodriguez.”

Chloe shivered. She didn’t know if that was the alcohol or that Greek God holding her body, but she felt alive. In a way she had never felt before.

After a few minutes dancing, teasing each other and enjoying the moment, Chloe needed some air and a drink. Evan held her hand and they went to the bar.

“A bottle of water, please.” he ordered.

“No! I want a beer!” she corrected him to the waiter.

Evan raised his eyebrows in surprise as he glanced at her. Chloe gave a soft smile.

“Look who I found here!” they both turned around to pay attention.

“Victor.” Evan said dryly.

“It has been a while, Bailey.” The middle-aged man said. “How are you doing?”

“Fine.” the cold CEO was back.

“I can see that. I’m doing pretty fine too.” The man said while grabbed Jill’s waist, just to expose her.

Jill was clearly uncomfortable. Chloe looked at her and then at Evan. He had a clenched jaw, with those glacial eyes on Victor.

“And who’s that?” Victor asked glancing at Chloe.

“I’m Chloe, the girlfriend. His girlfriend.” Chloe would not let that ridiculous couple play with them two.

Evan looked at her surprised. Chloe wrapped her arms around his body and glanced at Jill, who was staring at them without blinking, with her mouth half-open. Victor gave a naughty smile while he said:

“You don’t waste your time, kid.”

“I just didn't go faster than you.” Evan embraced Chloe and pulled her to walk with him. “Let’s get out of here.”

Chloe had an ice-cold beer mug in hand and when she was leaving, she stumbled and “accidentally” spilled beer on Jill.

“You b**ch!” Jill screamed while she raised her hand to slap Chloe.

“Come on, try it!” Chloe challenged the ex-fiancée.

Both women were staring at each other with anger.

“Stop it! You two!” Evan ordered rudely.

“Tell me Evan, which side are you?” Jill asked angrily.

Chloe looked at him waiting for his response.

Would he still be able to defend his ex?

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