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3.54% The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter / Chapter 16: Destined Encounter At the Waterfalls

Destined Encounter At the Waterfalls - The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter - Chapter 16 by ellezar_g full book limited free

Chapter 16: Destined Encounter At the Waterfalls

'F*ck! Who is she? A Mountain Goddess, A Waterfalls Nymph or A Forest Fairy??!'

Tristan stared in amazement at the beautiful maiden, standing just a few meters away from him. He stayed frozen in his spot with his mouth and eyes open wide.

What made him more surprised was that she was naked but she didn't feel shy nor nervous even though she saw his presence.

Tristan couldn't take his eyes off her. He saw lots of good-looking women but this one was top-notch. The beauty among all the beauties. He eyed her from top to bottom, gawking at this perfect masterpiece.

Her long golden-brown hair flowed over her shoulder down to her waist. It was glistening in the sunlight, swaying back and forth in the blowing wind.

The woman started to approach the water going to his direction. She walked over, slowly dipping her naked body into the water.

'She's coming.' He thought to himself, his eyes still wandering at her body.

When he looked up he saw a set of dazzling halo-white teeth gleam as she broke into a smile, her enticing ocean-like blue eyes gazing at his face.

Tristan yelped inwardly upon meeting her gaze. He felt like there was a magnet pulling him into her. Reflexively he moved his feet towards her.

'D@mn, she has a mesmerizing smile.'

Badum! Badum!

His heart began to pound rapidly inside his chest. He was spell-bound by her captivating beauty.

After a few seconds, they closed the large gaps between them. He only had to take one step and their bodies would touch each other.

She was more breathtakingly alluring up closed. As his eyes lingered on her body, he noticed that she had flawless and glossy skin. She looked softer and more delicate because of her light and a fair complexion.

Half of her body was hidden in the water but Tristan still managed to see her narrow waist which looked like he could easily wrap one arm around it.

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'Oh… she has a curvaceous body. So hot and sexy.' Tristan groaned inwardly.

Then his gaze moved upward. His eyes glittered darkly with lust as he looked at her round breasts. They were just the right size, not too big and not too small.

His eyes lingered on her twin peaks for a while. Just seeing her rosy nipples made him ache inside, yearning to caress and lovingly touch them. They were like ripe cherries begging to be plucked.

Tristan felt something hardened underneath between his legs.

'F*ck! I am getting h*rny!' He cursed himself.

He could no longer fight it. He was overwhelmed by the need to touch her so he raised his hands as he brought them to her face.

He caressed her face using his fingers, then his hands involuntarily moved down her neck, trailing down her shoulders. He was tracing every part of her body using his bare hands.

'I am not dreaming. She's real. But why she is not stopping me? Does she like the feeling of my touch?' Tristan marveled at that thought since he didn't see any resistance coming from the lovely maiden standing before him.

He placed his hands on her waist moving upward, tracing the curves of her sexy figure. He was touching her all he wanted, no one stopping him.

Then his hands stopped on the sides of her twin peaks. Tristan gulped lustfully. He had the urge to squeeze her voluptuous breasts and their crowns.

'D@mn! No more fighting. I am not a saint. I want to take advantage of this. Besides, she is not protesting.'

Finally, his hands found her breasts, gently squeezing them. His thumb and forefinger gently pinched her nipples.

"They are soft like a pillow." Tristan murmured.

Meanwhile, the woman was just watching Tristan, her eyes following his every move. There was a hint of confusion and curiosity in her eyes.

She felt strange. The moment the man had touched her, she felt like there was an electric current traveling all throughout her nerves. It felt so good and she liked it.

But how things ended up like this?

She could remember vividly her memories in the past- her father, her mother, and the fight in the mountain. She also knew her name. Her parents called her Zhen-Zhen.

She was put in a deep slumber and the moment she woke up, she found herself wandering in this mountain. She walked and walked, searching for her Fa-Fa and Mo-Mo, until she reached the waterfalls.

Somewhere in her subconscious, it seemed like she had seen this place before. Then she saw the man swimming in the water. Suddenly, a vision flashed in her mind. It was a scene where her father met her mother in the waterfalls.

The man emerged from the water. He saw her and Zhen- Zhen met his eyes. With the recollection of her mother and father, Zhen-Zhen's lips turned up into a bright smile as she walked towards the man.

She wanted to know him and ask him whether he saw her mother and her father. The man also moved, slowly approaching her.

She was about to speak up when suddenly she felt the man's warm hands touching her face. Later on, his hands moved to the different parts of her naked body, exploring and caressing her.

She had no idea why he was doing that. She just watched him with her curious eyes. She didn't know what she was supposed to do.

Later on, Zhen-Zhen also moved her hands, bringing them closer to the man's handsome face.

With that action, Tristan was awakened from his lustful thoughts. He retreated his arms which were holding her breasts a while ago. He gazed up to look at her face.

Tristan felt strange as he saw her expression. Her eyes were so pure and innocent as if she was like a kid not yet tainted by this sinful world.

This was not the kind of look he was expecting to see from her. He was used to seeing women drooling over his body, gawking at him with their eyes filled with lust and desire. But this woman was different.

Then he felt her hands moved, tracing his body the same way he did to her just a while ago.

'What the hell? Is she mimicking my action?!' Tristan thought to himself, disbelief and bewilderment surfacing in his eyes.

A suppressed groan escaped his mouth as he felt her delicate warm hands all over his body.

'F*ck! F*ck! Stop! Before I committed a sin against you!' He groaned inwardly. He was on the brink of losing his self-control.

"Something is weird about this girl. She is not normal. D@mn! I can't have s*x with her. It's against my rule. Though I am a playboy I won't take advantage of a woman who doesn't know what she is doing!'

With that resolve, Tristan caught her hand to stop her.

"Hey….who are you?" He asked her with intrigue.

"Zhen- Zhen, that's my name." She promptly responded to him.

'D@mn, even her voice! She has a soothing voice.'

"Did you see Fa-Fa and Mo-Mo?" She asked him.

Tristan: "..."

'EH??? Fa-Fa? Mo-Mo? Who are they??!'

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